June 27, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, June 27

Here is a sample of the 32 titles added to the collection in the past week. Click on a title for more information. TWU login may be required.

This work brings various important topics and groups in American religious history the rigor of scholarly assessment of the current literature. The fruitful questions that are posed by the positions and experiences of the various groups are carefully examined. 

Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg: a biography of the first protestant missionary in India, 1682-1719 /by Erich Beyreuther ; trans. from the German by S. G. Lang and H. W. Gensichen.

A dictionary of nursing [electronic resource] /edited by Elizabeth A. Martin and Tanya A. McFerran
This bestselling dictionary provides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of all aspects of nursing. Written by medical and nursing specialists, it provides concise entries on the theory and practice of nursing, and comprehensive coverage of the ever-expanding vocabulary of the nursing professions. As well as nursing-specific terms, there are also many entries in the fields of medicine, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, statistics, and pharmacology. Almost 100 illustrations, and 16 appendices covering the Code of Conduct 2015, the calculation of drug dosages, essential skill clusters, religion and nursing practice, recommended alcohol intake, and much more, help to make this an essential reference tool for all nursing students and professionals.
A comprehensive view of the classroom teaching and learning for the Christian educator. Whether you are a veteran teacher or you are just beginning a career in education, let Dr. Van Brummelen encourage and challenge you in your role as a Christian teacher.

This book starts by looking at, and giving reasons for, the connection and the division between Christian faith and psychiatry. The author examines the scope and use of the neuro-sciences and considers cause and effect, natural selection and determinism. He explores the overlap (and the difference) between psychiatric symptoms and religious belief, the possible association between demon possession and mental illness, and the idea that some people are intrinsically religious and some are not. Although the book is technically proficient, it is aimed at the general reader and is illustrated with stories, brief case histories and anecdotes.

This unique political and biographical document records the words of Tommy. Douglas, one of Canada's first and foremost Socialist leaders, in a series of transcribed interviews conducted in 1958 with political journalist Chris Higginbotham.

A fact-filled biography of Samuel Bronfman, who achieved mythic success in the North American liquor trade. Marrus provides a wealth of background on the entrepreneurial genius who made Montreal-based Seagram a lucrative multinational enterprise. The details of Bronfman's remarkable career sustain the lengthy narrative.1

An uphill road in India [electronic resource] /by M.L. Christlieb.
Marie Louise Christlieb [1868-1946] carried out evangelistic work in the villages of Hospet – present day Karnataka – in SW India in 1893, despite opposition from male colleagues. In this book she describes her work between 1906-1926 and is based on correspondence with a friend with whom she shared her first period of service in India.

Robert J. Adams, follows the trials of Bobby during the time Canada brought its soldiers back from the Second World War. The hardships of the time go unnoticed by a young boy more concerned with genuine moose hide moccasins, his grandfather's .22 and a Marilyn Monroe pin-up on the outhouse wall. Through this naïve youth we see a world without cynicism and harsh realities – a time when our needs were simple and laughter came easily.

The Templeton plan: 21 steps to success and happiness /as described by John Marks Templeton to James Ellison.
John Templeton shares the secrets of his phenomenal success in twenty-one principles that provide readers with solid guidelines for prosperity and happiness. Templeton maintains that the common denominator connecting successful people with successful enterprises is a devotion to ethical and spiritual principles.

Chronicles the careers of the famed real-estate developers, from the Reichmanns' escape from Nazi-occupied Europe to the tumble of their billion-dollar empire. 

In this thoughtful and informative guide for teachers, administrators, and policymakers, Douglas B. Reeves casts a critical eye on professional learning that is inconsistent, unfocused, and ultimately ineffective, and explains why elaborate planning documents and "brand-name" programs are not enough to achieve desired outcomes. Discover how to move toward a system that gives educators the learning experiences they need to make a measurable difference for their schools and their students.

Trench warrior /Ron Pegg.
Ron Pegg's Trench Warrior will encourage you to continue to fight the good fight of faith every day! This testimony of one man's fight, his refusal to let his adversary overtake him and his trust in the orders of his Commanding Officer, will inspire and challenge you to let God use your life to accomplish great things for Him.

An astonishing account of one of the darkest chapters of American business, from the flamboyant high-rollers whose boardroom antics grabbed the headlines to the underlying issues and their profound impact on the economic future.

Under eight flags /by Anthony F. (Tony) Winstanley.
A vivid description of life aboard trampships, passenger ships and tankers before and during the Second World War. The excitement of being pursued by a German raider and aboard a torpedoed tanker are among the many scenarios vividly described. From Turkey to Argentina, from cruise ships to tramp steamers, Under Eight Flags is an exciting and informative look at mid-century life at sea

The author attacks American liberals as naive and disingenuous in their dealings with the world, accusing them of rewriting history to portray themselves as "Cold Warriors" along with conservatives.

A searing expose of how American Express used ruthless tactics to destroy the reputation of its competitor, Swiss banker Edmond Safra. It is a riveting true crime story of corporate espionage and dirty dealing in the powerful world of international banking. 

This is the story of the 19th century pioneering adventurer Norman McLeod who led his congregation of Presbyterians from the moors of Scotland to a new home, twice. Showing the desperation, vigour, devotion and achievement of the Scottish exiles.

The Woods Hole Cantata: essays on science and society /Gerald Weissmann ; foreword by Lewis Thomas.
A scientist's remarkable attempt to transcend the fragmentation of a society of specialists. Dr. Weissmann explores the social, cultural, and esthetic ramifications of contemporary biomedical research, placing the sophisticated insights of the highly specialized laboratory into a broader context of intellectual history. The essays draw on his wealth of experience and cover topics ranging from funding of AIDS research to copper cures for arthritis, from William Osler's Aequanimitas to medical journalism in Berlin. Throughout, Dr. Weissmann demonstrates how the scientist's faculties of logical thought and close observation can enrich his perception of society and be brought to bear on a wide range of social and humanistic issues.

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