May 30, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, May 30

Here’s a sample of the 29 titles added to the catalogue this week. Click on a title for more information.  TWU login may be required.

Bolger provides detailed analyses of seven major U.S. military expeditions since the evacuation of Saigon: the recovery of the SS Mayaguez and crew in 1975; the 1980 Iranian hostage-rescue attempt; the air battle over the Gulf of Sidra in 1981; the 1982-84 Marine deployment in Lebanon; the Grenada invasion of 1983; the interception of the Achille Lauro hijackers in 1985; and the operations against Libya which climaxed with the F-111 strike on Tripoli in 1986.

Ante-Nicene exegesis of the gospels / Harold Smith, compiler

Drawing from a trove of new documents and sources as well as extensive genealogical research, Larson reveals Tubman as a complex woman - brilliant, shrewd, deeply religious, and passionate in her pursuit of freedom. Stripping away myths and misconceptions, Larson presents stunning new details about Tubman's accomplishments, personal life, and influence, including her relationship with Frederick Douglass, her involvement with John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, and revelations about a young woman who may have been Tubman's daughter. Here too are Tubman's twilight years after the war, when she worked for women's rights and in support of her fellow blacks, and when racist politicians and suffragists marginalized her contribution.
Census dictionary - census year, 2016 [electronic resource] / Statistics Canada.
The Census Dictionary is a reference document which contains detailed definitions of Census of Population concepts, universes, variables, and geographic terms, as well as historical information. By referring to the Census Dictionary, both beginner and intermediate data users will gain a better understanding of the data and how to compare variables between census years.

This volume takes a fresh look at climate change as a threat to peace and its impacts on cultural heritage and cultural diversity. It proceeds under the assumption that the impacts of climate change on cultural heritage and cultural diversity may challenge sustainable global peace.

Culinary turn: aesthetic practice of cookery /Nicolaj van der Meulen, Jörg Wiesel (eds.)
This volume investigates the dimensions of a new culinary turn, combining for the very first time contributions from the theory and practice of cooking.

eAccess to justice / edited by Karim Benyekhlef, Jane Bailey, Jacquelyn Burkell, and Fabien Gélinas.
eAccess to Justice describes the many challenges that come with the integration of information and communication technologies into our courtrooms, and explores lessons learned from digitization projects from around the world.

Elizabeth Tyler focuses on two histories:  the Encomium Emmae Reginae, written for Emma the wife of the Æthelred II and Cnut, and The Life of King Edward, written for Edith the wife of Edward the Confessor. Tyler offers a bold literary and historical analysis of both texts and reveals how the two queens actively engaged in the patronage of history-writing and poetry to exercise their royal authority. Tyler’s innovative combination of attention to intertextuality and regard for social networks emphasizes the role of women at the centre of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman court literature. In doing so, she argues that both Emma and Edith’s negotiation of conquests and factionalism created powerful models of queenly patronage that were subsequently adopted by individuals such as Queen Margaret of Scotland, Countess Adela of Blois, Queen Edith/Matilda, and Queen Adeliza

An insightful analysis of the historical legacy of 19th century colonialism, war, animal acquisition and transportation.

McCullagh of Aiyansh [electronic resource] / Joseph W.W. Moeran.
James Benjamin McCullagh served with the Church Missionary Society in British Columbia. He is notable for his translation of the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer into the Nisga’a language. As the title of this biography implies, the work was centred around the village of Aiyansh.

It is the aim of this book to appraise the global significance of Houellebecq’s novelistic visions while at the same time situating them within the context of French literature, culture and society.

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