April 18, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, April 18

Here are the nine ebooks added to the collection this week. TWU login may be required to access the content of these titles.

Douglas M. Thornton wrote this book to draw attention to the extent of the unfinished task of the evangelisation of Africa. The book also includes a bibliography of 19th Century books on Africa.

Almost Hollywood, Nearly New Orleans studiesf the local and everyday experiences of the film economy in New Orleans, Louisiana--a city that has twice pursued the mantle of a movie production capital. From the silent era to Hollywood South, Vicki Mayer explains that the aura of a film economy is inseparable from a prevailing sense of home, even as it changes that place irrevocably.

City of crisis: the multiple contestation of southern European cities /edited by Frank Eckardt & Javier Ruiz Sánchez.
In this book, contributors from Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy show that the recent urban crisis is not purely a result of the budgetary problems of the nation state (»austerity urbanism«) but needs to be seen as multiple contestations. The Crisis of the City is therefore understood as a result of a changing nation state, cultural diversity, challenged urban planning and politics and a globalized economy."

John Myers brings up to date the story of the work of the Baptist Mission to the Congo, building on the account of Joseph Tritton using official BMS records.

Glances at China [electronic resource] /by Gilbert Reid.
A profusely illustrated overview of China and its people, clearly written with Christian missionary activity there in mind.

A hundred years of missions [electronic resource]: the story of progress since Carey's time /by by Rev. Delavan L. Leonard ... introduction by Rev. Arthur T. Pierson, D.D.
Although Delavan Leonard’s history of missions covers early church and medieval missions, his primary focus is in “The Great Century” following William Carey. He provides an overview of progress of the Great Commission by Continent as well as a chapter of work still to be done.

Language Shattered is both a history of poetry from the People's Republic of China and a case study of the oeuvre of a leading Chinese poet. The historical overview in Part I of this book is complemented in Part II by a discussion of Duoduo's poetry.

A prairie's not scary /written and illustrated by Paul A. Johnsgard ; produced for Spring Creek Prairie Audobon Center, Denton, Nebraska.
Twenty poems and 23 drawings illustrate the integrated habitat and denizens of the North American prairies: mammals, birds, insects, and plants.

This book will benefit specialists in the field of the education sciences. It represents significant progress in knowledge production. The content focuses on the theory behind self-directed learning, explores strategies such as cooperative learning, problem-based learning, case-based teaching and large-group teaching that enhance self-directed learning and the use of blended learning in a self-directed learning environment. The book demonstrates how self-directed learning can be enhanced in mathematics, computer-science and life-science education and through the use of student tutors for geography. This is a timely collective work authored by experts who subscribe to the approach of self-directed learning. Educators should discover new teaching and learning strategies and value the integration of self-directed learning in the classroom. 

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