March 24, 2017

Remembering Norma Alloway

March 25 marks the 95th birthday of the library's namesake Norma Marion Alloway. She was "a Christian woman who communicated her love for the Lord Jesus Christ through her writings, her speaking, and through the example of her life. In her own writings, Norma stated her desire to be used as God's servant, transformed by His love, and dependent on Him – the rock of her salvation.

Norma had an active writing career as an author and poet. In addition to writing three books, she wrote articles for numerous magazines and newspapers. In much of her writing, Norma shared informal anecdotes which related a personal faith to everyday living. Norma's ministry will live on through the great treasure reflected in her writings. However, her ministry also lives in the hearts and lives of the many people who were able to see the love of a great and powerful God in a life so willing to be His servant.

Here's an excerpt from Norma Alloway's first book Join us for coffee which profiled "some candlestick women who quietly shine."
Coffee with Yvonne Woods might well be cafe au lait, for Lausanne, Switzerland, is her home. She brightens her home with quiet eidelweiss beauty, and shares her life with many travellers, who always find an open door and friendly hospitality. Listening is one of her gifts, but her abundant inner strengths are as evident as the encircling mountains.

Home for Yvonne has not always been an apartment with a mountain view. Finding her European niche has not been without its difficulties. "For me," says Yvonne, "more difficult than acquiring a new language or coping with centigrade oven temperatures, is the ne­cessity of preparing a noontime dinner, since schools and offices close from twelve to two p.m. and everyone returns home for the big meal of the day.

"As visitors to our home became more numerous, I found it interesting and stimulating, but I felt that there was so little time for any real Christian ministry. Then one day it seemed as if God was saying: 'But this is your ministry-cooking, making beds and receiving my chil­dren.' I had never really looked at it this way before.
We are grateful for the legacy of Norma Alloway and this library which helps us look at our lives in new ways.

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