March 21, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, March 21

Here is a sample of the 50 print books and ebooks added to our catalogue this past week. Click on a title for more information. TWU log in may be required.

Set in the context of modern Danish foreign relations, and tracing the country’s responses to successive crises and wars in the region, Danish Reactions to German Occupation brings a full overview of the occupation to an English-speaking audience. Holbraad carefully dissects the motivations and ideologies driving conduct during the occupation, and his authoritative coverage of the preceding century provides a crucial link to understanding the forces behind Danish foreign policy divisions. Analysing the conduct of a traumatised and strategically exposed small state bordering on an aggressive great power, the book traces a development from reluctant cooperation to active resistance. In doing so, Holbraad surveys and examines the subsequent, and not yet quite finished, debate among Danish historians about this contested period, which takes place between those siding with the resistance and those more inclined to justify limited cooperation with the occupiers – and who sometimes even condone various acts of collaboration.

Beyond religious freedom /Elizabeth Shakman Hurd.
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd looks at three critical channels of state-sponsored intervention: international religious freedom advocacy, development assistance and nation building, and international law. She shows how these initiatives make religious difference a matter of law, resulting in a divide that favors forms of religion authorized by those in power and excludes other ways of being and belonging. A forceful and timely critique of the politics of promoting religious freedom, Beyond Religious Freedom provides new insights into today's most pressing dilemmas of power, difference, and governance.

Journey into Narnia /by Kathryn Lindskoog.


The Oxford handbook of Chinese psychology /edited by Michael Harris Bond.
The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology is the first book of its kind-- a comprehensive and commanding review of Chinese psychology, covering areas of human functioning with unparalleled sophistication and complexity. In 42 chapters, leading authorities cite and integrate both English and Chinese-language research in topic areas ranging from the socialization of children, mathematics achievement, emotion, bilingualism, and Chinese styles of thinking to Chinese identity, personal relationships, leadership processes, and psychopathology. With all chapters accessibly written by the leading researchers in their respective fields, the reader of this volume will learn how and why China has developed in the way it has, and how it is likely to develop. In addition, the book shows how a better understanding of a culture so different to our own can tell us so much about our own culture and sense of identity.  

This is the first book to examine the theme of children in major religions of the world. Each of six chapters, edited by world-class scholars, focuses on one religious tradition and includes an introduction and a selection of primary texts ranging from legal to liturgical and from the ancient to the contemporary. Through both the scholarly introductions and the primary sources, this comprehensive volume addresses a range of topics, from the sanctity of birth to a child's relationship to evil, showing that issues regarding children are central to understanding world religions and raising significant questions about our own conceptions of children today

This is an account of the beginnings of the Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society (B.C.M.S.) work in Burma. B.C.M.S. became Crosslinks in 1992.

Iconographic exegesis of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: an introduction to its method and practice /Izaak J. de Hulster, Brent A. Strawn, Ryan P. Bonfiglio (eds.).

On biblical poetry /F.W. Dobbs-Allsopp.

The Oxford handbook of the Psalms /edited by William P. Brown.

The Qumran legal texts between the Hebrew Bible and its interpretation /Kristin de Troyer and Armin Lange (eds.) ; with the assistance of James Seth Adcock.
The book consists of three parts: Part I: The Legal Texts from Qumran and the Hebrew Bible, Part II: The Legal Texts from Qumran and Second Temple Judaism and Part III: The Legal Texts from Qumran and Rabbinic Judaism.

John Brown Myers provides us with a brief biography of William Carey – “The Founder of Modern Missions”. The book includes chapters on Carey’s role as a translator, a philanthropist and a naturalist.

Polychaetes /Greg W. Rouse and Fredrik Pleijel.
After an introduction outlining the history of polychaete study, and a summary of the book's taxonomic layout, the authors proceedto discuss the methods of polychaete collection and how best to preserve them. This is followed by an overview of polychaete anatomy (with relevant terminology), and a discussion of polychaete systematics, fossils, and ideas about the phylogeny of the group. The remainder of the text is comprised of72 taxonomic chapters that provide unprecedented coverage of polychaete diversity. Lavishly illustrated with colour plates, the beauty and variety of polychaetes has nowhere been better shown.

Separate Beds is the shocking story of Canada's system of segregated health care. Tracing the history of the system from its fragmentary origins to its gradual collapse, Maureen K. Lux describes the arbitrary and contradictory policies that governed the 'Indian Hospitals, ' the experiences of patients and staff, and the vital grassroots activism that pressed the federal government to acknowledge its treaty obligations.

Case studies in sport law /Andrew T. Pittman, Texas A&M University; John O. Spengler, Texas A & M University; Sarah J. Young, Indiana University.

Routledge handbook of the philosophy of sport /edited by Mike McNamee and William J. Morgan.

Science and development of muscle hypertrophy /Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS, CSPS, FNSCA, Lehman College, Bronx, New York.

Theology, ethics and transcendence in sports /edited by Jim Parry, Mark Nesti and Nick Watson.

The actor speaks: voice and the performer /Patsy Rodenburg ; [foreword by Judi Dench].
The body speaks /Lorna Marshall.
The Body Speaks, is a fundamental rethinking of our relationship to the body and its role in performance. Lorna Marshall shows us how to recognize and lose unwanted physical inhibitions that we've learned throughout life. Marshall encourages actors in training as well as those already working on the stage to unleash our potential and express ourselves more clearly in a book destined to become a standard volume on any working or training actor's bookshelf.

Oxford handbook of early modern theatre /edited by Richard Dutton.

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