March 14, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, March 14

Here’s a sample of the 67 print items added to the catalogue in the past week. Click on a title for more information or to place a hold on any of these books

Big Data MBA brings insight and expertise to leveraging big data in business so you can harness the power of analytics and gain a true business advantage. Based on a practical framework with supporting methodology and hands-on exercises, this book helps identify where and how big data can help you transform your business.

Adam Gazzaley and Larry Rosen -- a neuroscientist and a psychologist -- explain why our brains aren't built for multitasking, and suggest better ways to live in a high-tech world without giving up our modern technology.

The Joy of Missing Out considers the technologically focused life, with its impacts on our children, relationships, communities, health, work and more, and suggests opportunities for those of us longing to cultivate a richer on- and off-line existence. By examining the connected world through the lens of her own internet fast, author Christina Crook creates a convincing case for increasing intentionality in our day-to-day lives. Using historical data, typewritten letters, chapter challenges and personal accounts, she invites us to explore a new way of living, beyond our steady state of distracted "connectedness."


Language files: materials for an introduction to language and linguistics /editors, Hope C. Dawson, Michael Phelan (Department of Linguistics, The Ohio State University).


The Cambridge companion to literature and the environment /edited by Louise Westling, University of Oregon.
This authoritative collection of rigorous but accessible essays investigates the exciting new interdisciplinary field of environmental literary criticism

From Homer to Harry Potter: a handbook on myth and fantasy /Matthew T. Dickerson & David O'Hara.

The Oxford handbook of Victorian poetry /edited by Matthew Bevis.
The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Poetry provides a closely-read appreciation of the vibrancy and variety of Victorian poetic forms, and attends to poems as both shaped and shaping forces  This Handbook is designed to be not only an essential resource for those interested in Victorian poetry and poetics, but also a landmark publication--provocative, seminal volume that will offer a lasting contribution to future studies in the area.

This book helps nursing and healthcare students to prepare for the challenges of working with the increasing number of patients requiring palliative care.

The ark of speech /Jean-Louis Chr├ętien.
Investigates the interplay of speech and silence in the dialogue between God and human beings, and human beings and the world. Ranging from the Old Testament and its depiction of God's creative word to the New Testament and its focus on the life and words of Jesus as the Word of the Father, the book shows how important it is for the believer to listen to God and to others in silence and devotion.

In a provocative book that explores the fascinating link between the creative and the sacred, Robert Wuthnow claims that artists have become the spiritual vanguard of our time. Drawing on in-depth interviews with painters, sculptors, writers, singers, dancers, and actors, Wuthnow includes the spiritual insights of accomplished artists who have gained prominence as Broadway performers, gospel singers, jazz musicians, poets, Native American painters, weavers, dancers, and installation artists. He profiles such national figures as novelist Madeleine L'Engle, playwright Tony Kushner, photographer Andres Serrano, sculptor Greg Wyatt, dancer Carla DeSola, and woodcarver David Ellsworth.

The Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran and the concept of a library /edited by Sidnie White Crawford, Cecilia Wassen.
Twelve articles by renowned experts in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Qumran studies. These articles explore from various angles the question of whether or not the collection of manuscripts found in the eleven caves in the vicinity of Khirbet Qumran can be characterized as a library, and, if so, what the relation of that library is to the ruins of Qumran and the group of Jews that inhabited them. 

Tracing the relationship between evangelicalism and modern art in postwar America--two entities that often found themselves at odds with each other--Anderson raises several issues that confront artists. With skill, sensitivity and insight, he considers questions such as the role of our bodies and our senses in our experience of the arts, the relationship between text and image, the persistent dangers of idolatry, the possibility of pursuing God through an encounter with beauty and more. Throughout this study, Anderson's principal concern is how Christian artists can faithfully pursue their vocational calling in contemporary culture. 

Arthur Simon takes an uncompromising look at America's wealth, reflecting what dominates the hearts and motivations of its people. He diagnoses Western civilization as sick with "affluenza," or runaway materialism, and shows readers how to reject the disease and set new priorities.

John, Jesus, and history /edited by Paul N. Anderson, Felix Just, and Tom Thatcher.

Keeping faith in fundraising /Peter Harris and Rod Wilson.

Lectures on the proofs of the existence of God /Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel ; edited and translated by Peter C. Hodgson.
The 16 lectures include an introduction to the problem of the proofs and a detailed discussion of the cosmological proof. Hegel's 1829 lectures on the proofs are of particular importance because they represent what he actually wrote as distinct from auditors' transcriptions of oral lectures. Moreover, they come late in his career and offer his final and most seasoned thinking on a topic of obvious significance to him, that of the reality status of God and ways of knowing God. These materials show how Hegel conceived the connection between the cosmological, teleological, and ontological proofs. All of this material has been newly translated by Peter C. Hodgson from the German critical editions by Walter Jaeschke.

This thought-provoking and inspiring work by popular film critic and Jesuit Richard Leonard explains how movies are today's parables and why people of faith need the skills to converse about them intelligently and productively. In Movies That Matter, Leonard views fifty important movies through "a lens of faith" and offers surprising insights on the spiritual dimension of each film.

Networked theology: negotiating faith in digital culture /Heidi A. Campbell and Stephen Garner.
This informed theology of communication and media analyzes how we consume new media and technologies and discusses the impact on our social and religious lives. Combining expertise in religion online, theology, and technology, the authors synthesize scholarly work on religion and the internet for a nonspecialist audience. They show that both media studies and theology offer important resources for helping Christians engage in a thoughtful and faith-based critical evaluation of the effect of new media technologies on society, our lives, and the church.

Prophet Harris, the "Black Elijah" of West Africa /by David A. Shank ; abridged by Jocelyn Murray.
The only comprehensive study of the thought of William Wade Harris, the Glebo (Liberia) loyalist whose prophetic mission from 1910-29 moved tens of thousands of West Africans out of traditional religion into the stream of Christianity and modernization, particularly in the Ivory Coast. It reviews that unparalleled breakthrough and thoroughly examines traditional African, Western missionary and colonial influences. The source of long-standing contentions between Ivoirian Harrists, Methodists and Catholics is uncovered in the well-intentioned but changing colonial and missionary responses to his impact.

Religion and sports in American culture /by Jeffrey Scholes and Raphael Sassower.

Walker's impressive study is the first to link Harris's background to the nature of his teachings and to discuss the dynamics of his movement's development. Harris not only articulated the confusion and desires of his followers but also created new aspirations by helping them see what they could achieve in their own society and in their relations with Europeans.

Second Corinthians in the perspective of late second temple Judaism /edited by Reimund Bieringer, Emmanuel Nathan, Didier Pollefeyt, Peter J. Tomson.

Teach us to want: longing, ambition & the life of faith /Jen Pollock Michel ; foreword by Katelyn Beaty.
Jen Pollock Michel guides us on a journey of understanding who we are when we want, and reintroduces us to a God who gives us the desires of our hearts. 

These essays are arranged according to four topics that deal with various aspects of text, language and interpretation of the Qumran War Scroll, and concepts of war and peace in Second Temple Jewish literature.

John D. Inazu analyzes the current state of the USA; orients the contemporary United States within its broader history, and explores the ways that Americans can--and must--live together peaceably despite these deeply engrained differences. Inazu not only argues that it is possible to cohabitate peacefully, but also lays out realistic guidelines for our society and legal system to achieve the new American dream through civic practices that value toleration over protest, humility over defensiveness, and persuasion over coercion.

This cogent analysis unravels the nature of the connection, disconnection, and attempted reconnection between religion and politics in the West. In a comparison of Western Europe and North America, Christianity and Islam, Joppke advances far-reaching theoretical, historical, and comparative-political arguments. This clearly argued, sweeping book will provide an invaluable framework for approaching an array of critical issues at the intersection of religion, law and politics for advanced students and researchers across the social sciences and legal studies, as well as for the interested public"--Provided by publisher.

Strangers in Their Own Land goes beyond the commonplace liberal idea that people have been duped into voting against their own interests. Instead, Hochschild finds lives ripped apart by stagnant wages, a loss of home, an elusive American dream--and political choices and views that make sense in the context of their lives. Hochschild draws on her expert knowledge of the sociology of emotion to help us understand what it feels like to live in "red" America. Along the way she finds answers to one of the crucial questions of contemporary American politics: why do the people who would seem to benefit most from "liberal" government intervention abhor the very idea?


The actor and the text /Cicely Berry ; with a new foreword by Trevor Nunn.
 These words of Cicely Berry, the voice director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, speak to anyone who needs to speak his or her piece in any arena, at sales meetings or religious revivals. Berry's book will insure that the speaker and the text gets heard accurately and with true emotional range. Never again will one be accused of simply "reading a prepared statement." Berry's exercises to develop relaxation, breathing and muscular control will literally help everyone breathe easier when confronting the printed page.

In time for the Arts Club Theatre Company's fiftieth anniversary, this anthology collects six of the most  cherished and popular plays that have captivated audiences for the past five decades.

The Library of America's definitive edition of the works of Arthur Miller. A collection of some of the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright's most definitive works includes "All My Sons," "Death of a Salesman," "The Crucible," "A View from the Bridge," and five additional plays.
Collected plays, 1964-1982 /Arthur Miller ; [Tony Kushner, editor].
This volume offers an unprecedented look at the extraordinary middle phase of an essential American dramatist. Here are fourteen plays, from Broadway hits to previously unpublished rarities, that trace Miller's evolving genius as he experimented with new forms and themes. Included are After the Fall, a tour de force exploration of guilt, responsibility, and history that shocked the public with its apparent depiction of Miller's life with Marilyn Monroe; Incident at Vichy, a devastating one-act dramatizing the roundup of Jews in Vichy, France;  and many more.
The final volume in the definitive collected edition of the essential American dramatist; here are eleven masterful, haunting, funny, and provocative later plays. Also presented are the early play The Golden Years; several shorter one-act plays and never-before-published early works and radio plays and a selection of Miller's incisive prose reflections on his art.

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