February 15, 2017

New streaming media from curio.ca.

Alloway Library subscribes to the Curio.ca platform, allowing you to screen CBC and Radio-Canada content anywhere. From on campus, click on the title links below. From off campus and to see all their titles, use the link above or search for curio.ca in Alloway Library's catalogue  or find the Curio.ca link in our Articles (Databases) list

New Titles for February include:

In 2006, a Grade 3 teacher in Quebec resorted to a drastic strategy to solve a persistent problem in her class. She subjected her 26 students to a “lesson in discrimination,” in the hope that experiencing it would help them understand the distress of students who are ostracized because they are different. The resulting documentary stunned television viewers in Canada and around the world. Today the children are all grown up, but they all remember those two dramatic days. From their new perspectives as young adults, they take another look at The Lesson. All these years later, how do they feel about the experiment? Why did some of them reject the privileges that their classmates so enthusiastically accepted? And most importantly, does one ever truly heal after enduring years of abuse as a punching bag for fellow students?

Conversations with Dolphins (The Nature of Things.)
What kind of intelligence is behind dolphin communication, and will humans one day be able to have a conversation with them? Scientists around the world are asking themselves the same questions. Over the decades the focus on dolphin research has changed from asking “how intelligent are dolphins?” to “how are dolphins intelligent?”

Road to Mercy (Firsthand)
Canadian doctors and patients navigate the newly granted right to die under a broad Supreme Court decision — the first of its kind outside Europe. As we enter the farthest ethical frontier, Road to Mercy documents a new reality where doctors are allowed to take a life and where we as a country must decide on the circumstances under which they can.

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