February 17, 2017

Curio.ca launches Canada 150 collection of streaming media

Looking back on Canada's first 150 years as a country provides an opportunity to look more deeply at who we are as Canadians and what's important to all of us. Our diverse stories are a springboard to a vital discussion on how we plan to face our challenges together.   Alloway Library's Curio.ca database connects you to a vast collection of Canadian streaming media from CBC and Radio Canada.
Below you'll find some wide-ranging collections to get things rolling, including media and supporting teaching resources.  Keep your eyes and ears on Curio.ca for much more Canada 150 as the year unfolds! 

From off campus please log in from Alloway Library's catalogue or database link by searching for Curio.ca

Drawing on  Curio's archive of documentaries and news reports,this collection addresses some  of the big events throughout Canada’s first 150 years. More will be added to this collection as the year goes on.  Watch now

Immigration is one of the central themes in Canadian history. While many came to Canada to pursue economic opportunity, others arrived because of an urgent need to flee persecution. Hear the diverse stories of the many who have come to Canada in search of a new home. Watch now
Putting together a list of Canadian icons is a big task, but  the archives are deep and varied. This collection will keep growing as Canada’s 150th celebrations continue throughout 2017!
Watch now

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