January 31, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, January 31

We are listing more titles from the 1700 items added to the catalogue last week.  Click on a title for more information on these eBooks. TWU log in may be required.

The book explains how to energize projects, create momentum, and achieve success by talking and listening to staff members. Moreover, it teaches how to effectively communicate project status and requirements to executive management.

Featuring a global showcase of 100 of the craft's most exciting and influential practitioners, Low-Tech Print is an exploration of hand-made printmaking techniques and how they are used in contemporary design and illustration. It examines the huge recent resurgence in the popularity of printmaking, with chapters on screenprinting, letterpress, relief printing, and other printing methods. The book shows how practitioners develop a love affair with these hand-made techniques and use them to create beautiful contemporary designs, explaining the process behind each technique and its historical context. A must-have for all design, illustration, craft, and printmaking enthusiasts.
This book explores the ways in which the organization of interior space can be developed from the initial concept through to the planning of a project. The straightforward text explains strategies, processes, and methods that can be employed to transform an initial brief into an interior that provides an appropriate response to the project's demands. This is backed up with a wealth of visual material including photographs and specially created diagrams and models. Case studies and step-by-step exercises further illustrate the application of the principles and approaches introduced in the text.

Scott confronts conventional historians and looks at the evidence, archaeological and textual, for the proposition that three centuries, roughly between 615 and 915, never existed and are ""phantom"" years. The author shows in detail how no archaeology exists for these three centuries, and that the material remains of the seventh century closely resemble those of the tenth, and lie directly beneath them.
Examines the Nazi process that resulted in the death or displacement of a significant number of Poles living in Nazi-occupied territories. Focuses on the camp in Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia, documenting both the daily operations of the camp and wider Nazi ideology and practice.

Approaches to Archaeological Human Remains in Cyprus" /edited by Demetrios Michaelides.
The 42 papers presented here cover many aspects medicine in the Mediterranean world during Antiquity and early Byzantine times, bringing together both internationally established specialists on the history of medicine and researchers in the early stages of their career.

Turkey and the Armenian ghost on the trail of the genocide /Laure Marchand and Guillaume Perrier ; foreword by Taner Akçam ; translated by Debbie Blythe.

Based on years of prestigious academic work, Professor Rosalie David cleverly presents every aspect of life in ancient Egypt through the lives of various characters, all based on mummies from the Manchester Museum. Characters hail from all walks of life, including royalty, nobles, officials, craftsmen and peasants, allowing us an insight into absolutely every aspect of everyday, ritual and religious life in ancient Egypt.

Beauchamp reconstructs the world of nineteenth-century patent law, replete with inventors, capitalists, and charlatans, where rival claimants and political maneuvering loomed large in the contests that erupted over new technologies. He challenges the popular myth of Bell as the telephone's sole inventor, exposing that story's origins in the arguments advanced by Bell's lawyers. More than anyone else, it was the courts that anointed Bell father of the telephone, granting him a patent monopoly that decisively shaped the American telecommunications industry for a century to come.

Ward identifies the challenges and proposes solutions to shaping physical collections for today's academic library.

The library innovation toolkit: ideas, strategies, and programs /edited by Anthony Molaro and Leah L. White ; foreword by R. David Lankes.
This stimulating collection offers numerous snapshots of innovation in action at a range of libraries, showcasing ideas and initiatives that will inspire librarians at their own institutions.

Start a revolution stop acting like a library /Ben Bizzle with Maria Flora.
Bizzle shows how successful libraries introduce new ideas into their presentations, web presence, and digital services. Marketing campaigns can be a challenge, and Bizzle shares universal concepts to promote a successful social media presence and increase community awareness of your library.

This guide includes lessons learned from successful efforts in providing digital continuity and recovering from a variety of situations.

Leading libraries: how to create a service culture /Wyoma vanDuinkerken and Wendi Arant Kaspar.

In a time when libraries are struggling to stay relevant, this guide helps you look more closely at how you are serving clients in ways that continue to be exciting, energizing, and value-driven. It will help you look to a future in which your library is vital in uniting your community and providing a legacy of love of learning.

Spiridion /George Sand ; translated by Patricia J. F. Worth.
An abbot's ghost searches for an intelligent monk to exhume his manuscript from a hellish crypt and learn the truth that monks lack two things: freedom of inquiry and benevolence.

This book is about the difficulty of endings, but it is also about learning from the endings that we know have gone wrong as well as those that have worked well. It sets out how the psychological therapist can help a person to live well while life is available, and to face the endings that confront all of us with honesty, and the acceptance of our human fragility


Theatrical theology: explorations in performing the faith /edited by Wesley Vander Lugt and Trevor Hart.

McGrath's objective is two-pronged. First, he wants to remind Christians that an intellectually vibrant theology is not inimical to Christian life, worship, and faith. Second, McGrath wants to point out the benefits of a theology that includes an enrichment of faith and a deeper engagement with the culture and concerns of the modern world.

Zionism and the quest for justice in the Holy Land /edited by Donald E. Wagner & Walter T. Davis.
The present volume will break the silence currently reigning in many religious, political, and academic circles and, in so doing, will provoke and inspire a new, challenging conversation on theological and ethical issues arising from various aspects of Zionism-a conversation that is vital to the quest for a just peace in Israel and Palestine.

The first historically informed, theoretically rich and empirically detailed study of what Occupy has called the 1%.

This book explores the relationship between Africa, the West and China. It notes that while Africa is a continent of diverse cultures, raw materials, human resource, indigenous knowledges, and above all the biggest recipient of foreign aid globally, it continues to lag behind all regions of the world in terms of socio-economic development. The book grapples with the important question on why this has been the case. It provides crucial critical insights on how Africa's situation could be reversed and the tapestry of its socio-economic problems eased.

The Last Taboo' makes the case against having babies despite fierce, centuries old pressure on women to legitimate themselves through motherhood.

The Romani Gypsies /Yaron Matras.

An interdisciplinary study of a diverse set of public speeches given by major literary and cultural figures in the 1950s and 1960s. Through close readings of canonical speeches by Hannah Arendt, Theodor W. Adorno, Martin Buber, Paul Celan, and others, Sonja Boos demonstrates that these speakers both facilitated and subverted the construction of a public discourse about the Holocaust in postwar West Germany. The author's analysis of original audio recordings of the speech events (several of which will be available on a companion website) improves our understanding of the spoken, performative dimension of public speeches. 

January 30, 2017

Read somebody's diary!

Each of us are given 24 hours each day: monarchs and missionaries; prisoners and pioneers; explorers and exiles.

Some of us have accounted for our days in diaries and journals.

Now on display and ready to borrow is a selection of diaries and journals from Alloway Library's print collection.  The Timeless Republic of Diaries give us a insight into the daily lives of both the famous and the obscure and the rich harvest of days from lives lived around the globe.

Talk to an Alloway Librarian or visit library.twu.ca to find hundreds more eBooks and print  diaries, journals as well as books about journaling.

January 26, 2017

Happy New Year!

Alloway Library staff have hung a constellation of lanterns and symbols to celebrate the Chinese lunar new year of the Fire Rooster which starts on January 28.
Stop by and enjoy!
(Photos by Qinqin Zhang)

January 24, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, January 24

Wow!  Seventeen hundred titles were added to the catalogue in the past week –mostly eBooks on a wide variety of subjects including a sizeable number of computer programming books.  Click on the titles of this sample for more information or search the catalogue for many more resources. TWU login may be required
Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. Written as practical recipes, Instant HTML5 Fonts and Typography How-to will enable you to use custom fonts with outstanding effects. This book is great for both professional and amateur HTML and CSS developers who are looking to use fonts in order to enhance interface design. Familiarity with JavaScript is assumed.

Instant audio processing with web audio /Chris Khoo.
Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. A concise, recipe-based approach to use Web Audio's automation functionality to produce interesting audio effects such as audio stitching and ducking. This book is designed for developers with some HTML and JavaScript programming experience who are seeking to learn about Web Audio. Experience with AJAX and web server installation/configuration is a plus but is not a necessity in order to follow the content of the book.

A unique study of a global phenomenon in which lawbreaking and profiteering prevail at the cost of human health and life..


This covers the first German campaigns in the west, the fall of Norway and Denmark, the capture of Holland and Belgium and the collapse of France.

Deaf people in Hitler's Europe /Donna F. Ryan and John S. Schuchman, editors.
This extraordinary collection, organized into three parts, integrates key presentations and important research. In an essay written especially for this volume, Patricia Heberer details how Nazi manipulation of eugenics theory and practice facilitated the justification for the murder of those considered socially undesirable.  John S. Schuchman describes the remarkable 1932 film Misjudged People, which so successfully portrayed the German deaf community as a vibrant contributor to society that the Nazis banned its showing when they came to power. Horst Biesold  confirms the complicity of teachers who denounced their own students, labeling them hereditarily deaf and thus exposing them to compulsory sterilization. Also includes the reprint of a chilling 1934 article in which author Kurt Lietz rued the expense of educating deaf students, who could not become soldiers or bear healthy children Also discusses the plight of deaf Jews in Hungary; complemented by a chapter containing excerpts from the testimony of six deaf Jewish survivors who describe their personal ordeals.

Truman and the Hiroshima cult /Robert P. Newman.


Sociolinguistic variation in American sign language /Ceil Lucas, Robert Bayley and Clayton Valli ; in collaboration with Mary Rose [and others].
Noted scholars Ceil Lucas, Robert Bayley, and Clayton Valli led a team of exceptional researchers in applying techniques for analyzing spoken language variation to ASL. Their observations at the phonological, lexical, morphological, and syntactic levels demonstrate that ASL variation correlates with many of the same driving social factors of spoken languages, including age, socioeconomic class, gender, ethnic background, region, and sexual orientation. Internal constraints that mandate variant choices for spoken languages have been compared to ASL as well, with intriguing results.

Manhattan: letters from prehistory /Hélène Cixous ; translated by Beverley Bie Brahic.
Manhattan is the tale of a young French scholar who travels to the United States in 1965 on a Fulbright Fellowship to consult the manuscripts of beloved authors.  Meanwhile, back in France, her children and no-nonsense mother await her return.

A landmark, easy to use A-Z format for studying, exploring and researching one of Ireland's most universally recognisable cultural expressions.

Miller presents a practical manual to help singers and pianists bring Robert Schumann's Lieder to life in performance. He also provides cogent suggestions for interpretation of all of Schumann's solo and duet songs, useful pointers that are grounded in a thorough understanding of Schumann's compositional style and its full historical background.

Politics is a noble, but also a dirty, business. To gain election - and retain office - in a democratic system, politicians are frequently compelled to be dishonest. They engage in benevolent lying because obstruction by stupid voters will otherwise stop them advancing the national interest as they see it. So claims the author of this eye-opening book, which straddles politics, philosophy, morality and economics.

In 'Aposynagogos and the Historical Jesus in John', Jonathan Bernier utilizes  critical-realist hermeneutics to survey historical data relevant to the Johannine expulsion passages (John 9:22, 12:42, 16:2). He evaluates the major two contemporary interpretative traditions regarding these passages, namely that they describe not events of Jesus' lifetime but rather the implementation of the Birkat ha-Minim in the first first-century, or that they describe not historical events at all but serve only to construct Johannine identity. Against both traditions Bernier argues that these passages plausibly describe events that could have happened during Jesus' lifetime.
This text brings together a wide range of scholarship to examine the relationship between Christianity and democratisation. It offers new insights into how and why this relationship had developed, and explores all the major Christian traditions including the Eastern Orthodox engagement with politics.

Philosophy, feminism, and faith /edited by Ruth E. Groenhout and Marya Bower.
Women who balance philosophy, feminism, and faith write about their lives. The voices gathered here from several different traditions -- Catholic, Protestant, Quaker, Jewish, and Muslim -- represent diverse ethnicities, races, and ages. The challenging and poignant reflections in Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith show how critical thought can successfully mesh with religious faith and social responsibility.

Philosophy of religion thinking about faith /C. Stephen Evans & R. Zachary Manis.
With over 40,000 copies in print since its original publication in 1982, Steve Evans's Philosophy of Religion has served many generations of students as a classic introduction to the philosophy of religion from a Christian perspective.

Time and relative dimensions in faith religion and Doctor Who /edited by Andrew Crome and James McGrath.


9/11 and the War on Terror /David Holloway.
This interdisciplinary study of how 9/11 and the war on terror were represented during the Bush era, shows how culture often functioned as a vital resource, for citizens attempting to make sense of momentous historical events that frequently seemed beyond their influence or control. Illustrated throughout, the book discusses representation of 9/11 and the war on terror in Hollywood film, the 9/11 novel, mass media, visual art and photography, political discourse, and revisionist historical accounts of American empire, between the September 11 attacks and the Congressional midterm elections.
The Asante Kingdom is one of several examples included in this study of human sacrifice and ritual killing on the African continent. Case studies include practices in Sierra Leone, Tanzania (Mainland), Zanzibar, Uganda and Swaziland. Through careful study of these select cases, this book highlights general features of human sacrifice which recur with striking uniformity in all parts of sub Saharan Africa, and why they persist until today.

January 20, 2017

Student dustjacket designs on display at Alloway Library

"That Covers It" is the title of an exhibit of book-covers designed by students in Josh Hale's ART 362 - Symbol & Typography Design course. Students were challenged with redesigning and prototyping a new dust jacket for a book of their choice. The focus was on combining type and image to support clear and cohesive visual communication.

The results are a suite of new looks for books held in Alloway Library's collection such as The Hobbit and The Golden Compass as well as more recent and international titles like Divergent or The Westing Game.

The display, where visitors can compare (and borrow) the library's copies with the prototypes, will remain on the library's main level until the end of January.

January 19, 2017

Year in Review: ERIC’s Highlights in 2016

2016 was a big year for ERIC, the large education-focused database that contains many useful resources for teachers.
Here are some of our major accomplishments. In 2016, ERIC:

Check out the year-in-review infographic (pdf) to see all of the highlights!

January 17, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, January 17

Over 700 titles were added to the catalogue in the past week. Here's a list of some of them sorted alphabetically by title.
TWU login may be required to access these resources.

Adam and Eve in the Armenian tradition [electronic resource]: fifth through seventeenth centuries / Michael E. Stone.
Ælfric's letter to the monks of Eynsham [electronic resource] / Christopher A. Jones.
Armenian apocrypha relating to Abraham [electronic resource] / Michael E. Stone. 
15 stories from Armenian manuscripts, in Armenian with translation into English following and critical apparatus in English.
Becoming human / Jean Vanier. PRINT
Bird by bird: some instructions on writing and life / Anne Lamott. PRINT
The broken spears [electronic resource]: the Aztec account of the Conquest of Mexico / edited and with an introduction by Miguel Leon-Portilla ; [with a foreword by J. Jorge Klor de Alva ; translated from Nahuatl into Spanish by Angel Maria Garibay K. ; English translation by Lysander Kemp ; illustrations, adapted from original codices paintings, by Alberto Beltran].
The Canadian fur trade in the industrial age [electronic resource] / Arthur J. Ray.
Chaucer's sexual poetics [electronic resource] / Carolyn Dinshaw.
Church history in plain language / Bruce L. Shelley ; revised by R. L. Hatchett. PRINT
The coming of the First World War [electronic resource] / edited by R.J.W. Evans and Hartmut Pogge von Strandmann.
Constructing and deconstructing power in Psalms 107-150 [electronic resource] / W. Dennis Tucker, Jr.
The contentious French [electronic resource] / Charles Tilly.
Courageous hearts [electronic resource]: women and the anti-Hitler plot of 1944 / Dorothee von Meding ; translated by Michael Balfour and Volker R. Berghahn.
Doing christian ethics from the margins [electronic resource] / Miguel A. De La Torre.
Evidence of editing [electronic resource]: growth and change of texts in the Hebrew Bible / by Reinhard Müller, Juha Pakkala, and Bas ter Haar Romeny.
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Roald Dahl ; illustrated by Quentin Blake.PRINT
Film as art [electronic resource] / Rudolf Arnheim.
Film noir and the cinema of paranoia [electronic resource] / Wheeler Winston Dixon.
The First World War and British military history [electronic resource] / edited by Brian Bond.
The Great War and modern memory [electronic resource] / Paul Fussell.
The Holocaust object in Polish and Polish-Jewish culture [electronic resource] / Bożena Shallcross.
The Jarawara language of Southern Amazonia [electronic resource] / R.M.W. Dixon ; with the assistance of Alan R. Vogel.
Journal of new librarianship [electronic resource]."This open journal is the result of collaborative efforts among colleagues within the field of library and information sciences. We are committed to publishing a multitude of viewpoints, encouraging dialog, and at times, provoking our readers to think and respond. /
Know what I mean? [electronic resource]: reflections on hip-hop / by Michael Eric Dyson ; intro by Jay-Z ; outro by Nas.
Letters and papers from prison [electronic resource] / Dietrich Bonhoeffer ; translated from the German edition, edited by Christian Gremmels, Eberhard Bethge, and Renate Bethge, with Ilse Tödt ; English edition edited by John W. de Gruchy ; translated by Isabel Best [et al.].
The liturgy in medieval England [electronic resource]: a history / Richard W. Pfaff.
 lives of animals [electronic resource] / J.M. Coetzee ... [et al.] ; edited and introduced by Amy Gutmann.

January 16, 2017

Dreams Matter: Resources on the life and legacy of Martin Luther King at Alloway Library

Today is Martin Luther King day in the United States of America and Alloway Library is marking the day with a display of print materials and videos on Dr. King ranging from children's letters to Dr King to weighty analysis of his theology.

All tolled there are over 200 items in our catalogue on this remarkable force for social change in the USA.