September 26, 2017

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August 16, 2017

Three new Cambridge Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture Ebook Titles

 The Cambridge companion to the problem of evil / edited by Chad Meister & Paul Moser.

"For many centuries philosophers have been discussing the problem of evil - one of the greatest problems of intellectual history. There are many facets to the problem, and for students and scholars unfamiliar with the vast literature on the subject, grasping the main issues can be a daunting task. This Companion provides a stimulating introduction to the problem of evil. More than an introduction to the subject, it is a state-of-the-art contribution to the field which provides critical analyses of and creative insights on this longstanding problem. Fresh themes in the book include evil and the meaning of life, beauty and evil, evil and cosmic evolution, and anti-theodicy. Evil is discussed from the perspectives of the major monotheistic religions, agnosticism, and atheism. Written by leading scholars in clear and accessible prose, this book is an ideal companion for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, and scholars across the disciplines.'"-- 

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 The Cambridge companion to ancient ethics /edited by Christopher Bobonich.

"The field of ancient Greek ethics is increasingly emerging as a major branch of philosophical enquiry, and students and scholars of ancient philosophy will find this Companion to be a rich and invaluable guide to the themes and movements which characterised the discipline from the Pre-Socratics to the Neo-Platonists. Several chapters are dedicated to the central figures of Plato and Aristotle, and others explore the ethical thought of the Stoics, the Epicureans, the Skeptics, and Plotinus. Further chapters examine important themes that cut across these schools, including virtue and happiness, friendship, elitism, impartiality, and the relationship between ancient eudaimonism and modern morality. Written by leading scholars and drawing on cutting-edge research to illuminate the questions of ancient ethics, the book will provide students and specialists with an indispensable critical overview of the full range of ancient Greek ethics.'"

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 The Cambridge companion to religion and terrorism / edited by James Lewis.

"There is currently much discussion regarding the causes of terrorist acts, as well as the connection between terrorism and religion. Terrorism is attributed either to religious 'fanaticism' or, alternately, to political and economic factors, with religion more or less dismissed as a secondary factor. The Cambridge Companion to Religion and Terrorism examines this complex relationship between religion and terrorism phenomenon through a collection of essays freshly written for this volume. Bringing varying approaches, from the theoretical to the empirical, to the topic, the Companion includes an array of subjects, such as radicalization, suicide bombing, and rational choice, as well as specific case studies. The result is a richly textured collection that prompts readers to critically consider the cluster of phenomena that we have come to refer to as 'terrorism,' and terrorism's relationship with the similarly problematic set of phenomena that we call 'religion.'"

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July 04, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, July 4

Here is a small sample of the 23 items added to the catalogue in the past week. Click on a title for more information. TWU login may be required

BC elders' guide[electronic resource] /SeniorsBC, First Nations Health Authority.
The First Nations Health Authority and Province of B.C. are pleased to share the 2014 BC Elders’ Guide. The purpose of the Guide is to make sure that Elders, their families, and caregivers have access to information about the programs, services, and resources they need.

BC seniors' guide[electronic resource].
In this guide, you will find information and resources on benefits, healthy living, health services, housing, transportation, personal security, finances, and other services. In addition, there is a listing directory at the end of the guide, and questions in each section to consider as you plan to remain as healthy and independent as possible as you grow older.

The Biblical Qumran Scrolls[electronic resource]: transcriptions and textualvariants /edited by Eugene Ulrich ; based on the identification of fragments by Frank Moore Cross ... [et al.] and on the editions of the Biblical Qumran Scrolls by Maurice Baillet ... [et al.].
This single volume collects all the Hebrew biblical manuscripts from Qumran-a transcription of each fragment in biblical order plus its textual variants. These manuscripts are the most authentic witnesses to the Scriptures at the birth of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism.

Through discussions of Christian hypocrisy, megachurches, and the blurring of boundaries between law and religion, Tyler Stevenson offers an analysis of where the American church finds itself.

Set in a Northern town, where right-wingers are determined to stir up hatred and racial prejudice, Caught In The Crossfire is about six teenagers whose lives are woven together by a series of shocking and tragic events. A British Muslim brother and sister, two Irish brothers who take different sides, and two lads out looking for trouble: all of them get caught in the crossfire. Inspired by the Oldham riots and the events of September 11th, this is a chilling account of what is happening in Britain today, but as always Alan Gibbons writes with humour and understanding.

Curriculum leadership: readings for developing quality educational programs /[edited by] Forrest W. Parkay, Eric J. Anctil, Glen Hass.
a selection of readings that presents the knowledge, skills, and alternative strategies needed by curriculum planners and teachers at all levels of education, from early childhood through adulthood. The book offers a variety of learning experiences for students with wide-ranging interests, learning styles, and backgrounds.

Ecotherapy: theory, research and practice /edited by Martin Jordan and Joe Hinds.
In this thought-provoking new book, Martin Jordan and Joe Hinds provide a comprehensive exploration of this emerging area of practice. Divided into three parts, the book offers a unique examination of a range of theoretical perspectives, unpacks the latest research and provides a wealth of illuminating practice examples, with a number of chapters dedicated to authors' own first-hand experiences of the positive psychological effects of having contact with nature.

Bridging the ever-widening gap between popular coverage and specialized literature, Finding Jerusalem provides a comprehensive tour of the politics of archaeology in the city. Through a wide-ranging discussion of the material evidence, Katharina Galor illuminates the complex legal contexts and ethical precepts that underlie archaeological activity and the discourse of "cultural heritage" in Jerusalem. This book addresses the pressing need to disentangle historical documentation from the religious aspirations, social ambitions, and political commitments that shape its interpretation

Hokum! is the first book to take a comprehensive view of short-subject
slapstick comedy in the early sound era. Challenging the received wisdom that sound destroyed the slapstick tradition, author Rob King explores the slapstick short's Depression-era development against a backdrop of changes in film industry practice, comedic tastes, and moviegoing culture. Each chapter is grounded in case studies of comedians and comic teams, including the Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, and Robert Benchley. The book also examines how the past legacy of silent-era slapstick was subsequently reimagined as part of a nostalgic mythology of Hollywood's youth.

Hollywood worldviews: watching films with wisdom & discernment /Brian Godawa ; foreword by Ralph Winter.
In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of his popular book, Brian Godawa guides you through the place of redemption in film, the tricks screenwriters use to communicate their messages, and the mental and spiritual discipline required for watching movies. Hollywood Worldviews helps you enter a dialogue with Hollywood that keeps you aware of your culture and awake to your faith.

The Pitfalls of Protection, based on research conducted in Afghanistan between 2009 and 2015, locates the struggles over gender violence in local and global power configurations. Torunn Wimpelmann finds that aid flows and geopolitics have served as both opportunities for and obstacles to feminist politics in Afghanistan. Showing why Afghan activists often chose to use the leverage of Western powers instead of entering into either protracted negotiations with powerful national actors or broad political mobilization, this book examines both the achievements and the limits of this strategy.

This book examines how we can foster reconciliation with Indigenous people at individual, family, community and national levels.
Storytelling in early childhood: enriching language, literacy and classroom culture /edited by Teresa Cremin, Rosie Flewitt, Ben Mardell and Joan Swann.
A captivating book which explores the multiple dimensions of storytelling and story acting and shows how they enrich language and literacy learning in the early years. Foregrounding the power of children's own stories in the early and primary years, it provides evidence that storytelling and story acting, a pedagogic approach first developed by Vivian Gussin Paley, affords rich opportunities to foster learning within a play-based and language-rich curriculum.

 overview of the early years of Syria, King Hussein's struggle for British recognition of Arab land, and King Faisal's disappointment with both the British and French machinations over treaties, agreements, mandates, and borders. Time frame covers WWI and the Paris treaties after the war. Some coverage of the rebellions, Palestine, and Iraq. (1)

In this scholarly, carefully researched paper Borden demonstrated the temporal precedence of typical Eskimoid traits on the lower Fraser, and suggested northward diffusions of ulus, ground slate, labrets and possibly other items of typical arctic culture.

June 27, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, June 27

Here is a sample of the 32 titles added to the collection in the past week. Click on a title for more information. TWU login may be required.

This work brings various important topics and groups in American religious history the rigor of scholarly assessment of the current literature. The fruitful questions that are posed by the positions and experiences of the various groups are carefully examined. 

Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg: a biography of the first protestant missionary in India, 1682-1719 /by Erich Beyreuther ; trans. from the German by S. G. Lang and H. W. Gensichen.

A dictionary of nursing [electronic resource] /edited by Elizabeth A. Martin and Tanya A. McFerran
This bestselling dictionary provides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of all aspects of nursing. Written by medical and nursing specialists, it provides concise entries on the theory and practice of nursing, and comprehensive coverage of the ever-expanding vocabulary of the nursing professions. As well as nursing-specific terms, there are also many entries in the fields of medicine, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, statistics, and pharmacology. Almost 100 illustrations, and 16 appendices covering the Code of Conduct 2015, the calculation of drug dosages, essential skill clusters, religion and nursing practice, recommended alcohol intake, and much more, help to make this an essential reference tool for all nursing students and professionals.
A comprehensive view of the classroom teaching and learning for the Christian educator. Whether you are a veteran teacher or you are just beginning a career in education, let Dr. Van Brummelen encourage and challenge you in your role as a Christian teacher.

This book starts by looking at, and giving reasons for, the connection and the division between Christian faith and psychiatry. The author examines the scope and use of the neuro-sciences and considers cause and effect, natural selection and determinism. He explores the overlap (and the difference) between psychiatric symptoms and religious belief, the possible association between demon possession and mental illness, and the idea that some people are intrinsically religious and some are not. Although the book is technically proficient, it is aimed at the general reader and is illustrated with stories, brief case histories and anecdotes.

This unique political and biographical document records the words of Tommy. Douglas, one of Canada's first and foremost Socialist leaders, in a series of transcribed interviews conducted in 1958 with political journalist Chris Higginbotham.

A fact-filled biography of Samuel Bronfman, who achieved mythic success in the North American liquor trade. Marrus provides a wealth of background on the entrepreneurial genius who made Montreal-based Seagram a lucrative multinational enterprise. The details of Bronfman's remarkable career sustain the lengthy narrative.1

An uphill road in India [electronic resource] /by M.L. Christlieb.
Marie Louise Christlieb [1868-1946] carried out evangelistic work in the villages of Hospet – present day Karnataka – in SW India in 1893, despite opposition from male colleagues. In this book she describes her work between 1906-1926 and is based on correspondence with a friend with whom she shared her first period of service in India.

Robert J. Adams, follows the trials of Bobby during the time Canada brought its soldiers back from the Second World War. The hardships of the time go unnoticed by a young boy more concerned with genuine moose hide moccasins, his grandfather's .22 and a Marilyn Monroe pin-up on the outhouse wall. Through this naïve youth we see a world without cynicism and harsh realities – a time when our needs were simple and laughter came easily.

The Templeton plan: 21 steps to success and happiness /as described by John Marks Templeton to James Ellison.
John Templeton shares the secrets of his phenomenal success in twenty-one principles that provide readers with solid guidelines for prosperity and happiness. Templeton maintains that the common denominator connecting successful people with successful enterprises is a devotion to ethical and spiritual principles.

Chronicles the careers of the famed real-estate developers, from the Reichmanns' escape from Nazi-occupied Europe to the tumble of their billion-dollar empire. 

In this thoughtful and informative guide for teachers, administrators, and policymakers, Douglas B. Reeves casts a critical eye on professional learning that is inconsistent, unfocused, and ultimately ineffective, and explains why elaborate planning documents and "brand-name" programs are not enough to achieve desired outcomes. Discover how to move toward a system that gives educators the learning experiences they need to make a measurable difference for their schools and their students.

Trench warrior /Ron Pegg.
Ron Pegg's Trench Warrior will encourage you to continue to fight the good fight of faith every day! This testimony of one man's fight, his refusal to let his adversary overtake him and his trust in the orders of his Commanding Officer, will inspire and challenge you to let God use your life to accomplish great things for Him.

An astonishing account of one of the darkest chapters of American business, from the flamboyant high-rollers whose boardroom antics grabbed the headlines to the underlying issues and their profound impact on the economic future.

Under eight flags /by Anthony F. (Tony) Winstanley.
A vivid description of life aboard trampships, passenger ships and tankers before and during the Second World War. The excitement of being pursued by a German raider and aboard a torpedoed tanker are among the many scenarios vividly described. From Turkey to Argentina, from cruise ships to tramp steamers, Under Eight Flags is an exciting and informative look at mid-century life at sea

The author attacks American liberals as naive and disingenuous in their dealings with the world, accusing them of rewriting history to portray themselves as "Cold Warriors" along with conservatives.

A searing expose of how American Express used ruthless tactics to destroy the reputation of its competitor, Swiss banker Edmond Safra. It is a riveting true crime story of corporate espionage and dirty dealing in the powerful world of international banking. 

This is the story of the 19th century pioneering adventurer Norman McLeod who led his congregation of Presbyterians from the moors of Scotland to a new home, twice. Showing the desperation, vigour, devotion and achievement of the Scottish exiles.

The Woods Hole Cantata: essays on science and society /Gerald Weissmann ; foreword by Lewis Thomas.
A scientist's remarkable attempt to transcend the fragmentation of a society of specialists. Dr. Weissmann explores the social, cultural, and esthetic ramifications of contemporary biomedical research, placing the sophisticated insights of the highly specialized laboratory into a broader context of intellectual history. The essays draw on his wealth of experience and cover topics ranging from funding of AIDS research to copper cures for arthritis, from William Osler's Aequanimitas to medical journalism in Berlin. Throughout, Dr. Weissmann demonstrates how the scientist's faculties of logical thought and close observation can enrich his perception of society and be brought to bear on a wide range of social and humanistic issues.

June 20, 2017

New Titles Tuesday, June 20

Here’s a sample of the nearly 500 titles added to the collection in the past week. Click on the title for more information. TWU login may be required.

The library now has 223 Oxford Handbooks which offer authoritative and up-to-date surveys of original research in a particular subject area. From Abrahamic Religions to World Philosophy the handbooks are specially commissioned essays from leading figures in the discipline give critical examinations of the progress and direction of debates, as well as a foundation for future research. Oxford Handbooks provide scholars and graduate students with compelling new perspectives upon a wide range of subjects in the humanities and social sciences.

Rodin sculptures /selected by Ludwig Goldscheider ; photographed by Ilse Schneider-Lengyel ; introduced by Sommerville Story.

Understanding curriculum as phenomenological and deconstructed text /edited by William F. Pinar and William M. Reynolds.
Along the frontier of American curriculum studies are two traditions of scholarship and research: phenomenology and post-structuralism. In Paris in the late 1960s, post-structuralism replaced phenomenology; while their history in North American curriculum studies is quite different than it is in France, there are solid intellectual reasons for linking the two, as the editors explain in their introduction.

Voices of war: stories of service from the home front and the front lines /edited by Tom Wiener ; introduction by Max Cleland ; afterword by Chuck Hagel.
This collection of stories of service from the home front and front lines will provoke memories and thoughtful reflection and truly celebrate the sacrifices made by the millions of veterans who have fought to defend America's freedom.

Among the Inklings, Lewis was at the forefront of writing on human pain, suffering, devilry, miracles and the supernatural, with books like The Screwtape Letters and more. It is no surprise, then, that he provides the main focus of this book by expert Inklings writer Colin Duriez. J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy offers another rich resource with much to say to the World War II era and beyond. Other Inklings writings and conversations come into play as well as Duriez explores the writers' considerations of evil and spiritual warfare, particularly focused in the context of wartime. Delving into the interplay between good and evil, these pages enlighten us to the way of goodness and the promise of a far country as we explore the way out of the shadow of evil.

Shenzhen: a travelogue from China /Guy Delisle ; translated by Helge Dascher.
The follow-up graphic novel to the acclaimed Pyongyang: A Journey to North Korea. Shenzhen is entertainingly compact, with Guy Delisle's observations of life in a cold urban city in southern China that is sealed off from the rest of the country by electric fences and armed guards. With a dry wit and a clean line, Delisle makes the most of his time spent in Asia overseeing outsourced production for a French animation company. Yet he never forgets to relay his compassion for the simple freedoms that escape his colleagues by virtue of living in a Communist state.

Presents clear and honest survival strategies for dealing with the blues while teaching women to cope with circumstances around and within themselves.

Thirty course-altering events are brought to life by consummate storyteller Alton Gansky. Spanning twenty centuries of history, this lively book will entertain and educate readers who love history and who want to know why the church is the way it is today.

The altars where we worship: the religious significance of popular culture /Juan M. Floyd-Thomas, Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas, Mark G. Toulouse.

Drawing on Scripture, entrepreneur Jonathan David Golden helps readers discover their own passion and dares them to have the courage to pursue it.
Becoming simple and wise /Joshua A. Kaiser
 By tracing Bonhoeffer's understanding of moral discernment throughout his writings, and especially in his Ethics, Kaiser demonstrates the importance of discernment for Bonhoeffer's vision of Christian ethics and explores how his view combines elements of simple faith and rational reflection. While the results of the study will be significant for those interested in Bonhoeffer, they will also be relevant to all who struggle along the path of Christian discipleship.

Each chapter offers cantors who pray and sing the psalms a better understanding of the role of the psalms in shaping faith. Becoming the Psalms showcases material exploring the relationship between praying the psalms privately and praying them liturgically, as well as the function of the responsorial psalm as proclamation.

Defining prayer simply as ""calling on the name of the Lord"", Millar follows the contours of the Bible's teaching on prayer. In this New Studies in Biblical Theology volume, he shows how prayer is intimately linked with the gospel and how it is primarily to be understood as asking God to deliver on his promises.

C. S. Lewis and Christian postmodernism: word, image, and beyond /Kyoko Yuasa ;  foreword by Bruce L. Edwards.
Employing a postmodernist literary approach, this book identifies C. S. Lewis both as an antimodernist and as a Christian postmodernist who tells the story of the gospel to twentieth- and twenty-first-century readers.

What you are about to read comes from the heart of the Apostle Paul, that great missionary theologian of the first century AD.

This book explores some of the "difficult" sayings of Jesus. This study explores both how the church through its history has handled these sayings and what these sayings may say to us today.

Disaster ministry handbook /Jamie D. Aten and David M. Boan.
Jamie Aten and David Boan, codirectors of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, provide this practical guide for disaster preparedness, filled with resources for emergency planning and crisis management plus best practices for local congregations. Filled with resources for emergency planning and crisis management, this book provides best practices for local congregations.

A highly readable but scholarly work of narrative nonfiction, The Doubled Life places Bonhoeffer's theology of love and sexuality within the context of his struggles with women, friendship, and the evils of Nazi Germany.

Frances Taylor Gench provides strategies for engaging texts with integrity -- that is, without dismissing them, whitewashing them, or acquiescing to them -- and as potential sources of edification for the church. Gench also facilitates reflection on the nature and authority of Scripture. Encountering God in Tyrannical Texts provides access to feminist scholarship that can inform preaching and teaching of problematic Pauline texts and encourages public engagement with them.

This handy, accessible guide offers a brief snapshot of the key texts, terms, and ideas that any new reader of Barth's work need to know.

Fooling Ourselves with Fig Leaves is an attempt to take the message of the Galatian epistle and apply it to today's spiritual context. In it, the author takes us through a journey of discovery and insight as he exposes the deceptive nature of religion, and highlights efficacy of justification by grace through faith.

The topics covered in the papers include new developments in the study of canon formation, the interplay of Christian Apocrypha and texts from the Nag Hammadi library, digital humanities resources for reconstructing apocryphal texts, and the value of studying late-antique apocrypha. Among the highlights of the collection are papers from a panel by three celebrated New Testament scholars reassessing the significance of the Christian Apocrypha for the study of the historical Jesus. Forbidden Texts on the Western Frontier demonstrates the depth and breadth of Christian Apocrypha studies in North America and offers a glimpse at the achievements that lie ahead in the field.

Yaconelli eloquently expresses the reality of our situation:'We are small, sensitive creatures with short lifespans, in a world that is often chaotic, capricious, mysterious, terrible and wonderful all at the same time. Failure, disappointment, loss and other difficult experiences call us to accept our humanity, feel grateful for what has been given, receive the care of others and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit.' Using extraordinary stories from his own life and the lives of others, Yaconelli offers a narrative journey through ways in which disappointments have turned into gifts.

How John works: storytelling in the fourth gospel /edited by Douglas Estes and Ruth Sheridan.
William Dyrness brings a rare blend of cultural and theological engagement to his reflections on insider movements. Within the present ferment and conversation, Dyrness's probings and reflections open up a theological space for exploring these questions anew.

Mike Tenbusch , a Detroit native and longtime advocate for youth education, brings you into the classrooms of the toughest schools in America so you can see firsthand the hardships of surviving as a child in these settings. If you have ever wondered how you, your company, or your church can be a part of the solution to the challenge of extreme poverty, this book will inspire you to take action.

Live like you give a damn!: join the changemaking celebration /Tom Sine ; foreword by Walter Brueggemann.
Live Like You Give a Damn! declares the very good news that God is raising up a new generation, largely outside the church, to bring impressive change to the lives of our neighbors locally and globally by creating innovative forms of social enterprise and community empowerment. In this book Tom Sine offers practical ways you can join those who are creating their best communities, their best world, and in the process their best lives. S

Making Jesus attractive: the ministry and message of Young Life /Gretchen Schoon Tanis ; foreword by Pete Ward.
An in-depth look at the history and theology of this parachurch organization dedicated to ministry with young people. Beginning with the theological background of founder Jim Rayburn and moving through the decades of the ministry, this book examines not only the articulated theological statements of the organization but the lived theology as well. This book provides a thorough overview of the theological underpinnings of the Young Life organization and challenges their model of an attractive Christianity, providing insights that could be utilized by all youth ministers.

Modern psychopathologies: a comprehensive Christian appraisal /Barrett W. McRay, Mark A. Yarhouse and Richard E. Butman.
Modern Psychopathologies is addressed to students and mental health professionals who want to sort through contemporary secular understandings of psychopathology in relation to a Christian worldview. Written by well-known and respected scholars, this book provides an introduction to a set of disorders along with overviews of current research on etiology, treatment and prevention. The revised second edition is fully updated according to DSM-V and ICD-10.

This is not a book about the politics or morality of homosexuality. This is a book about how to respond with love and support during this vulnerable time for your child. With practical advice and heartfelt encouragement, Cottrell guides readers through the fear and uncertainty Christian parents of LGBTQ children often feel.

Monastic sermons /Bernard of Clairvaux ; translated by Daniel Griggs ; introduction by Michael Casey.
The sermons in the collection published here, styled Sermones de diversis (Sermons about Various Topics), lack the specific point of departure that characterizes his other sermons. This collection of sermons deals with his various pastoral concerns. Since Scripture is always Bernard's point of departure and inspiration, the sermons often read like a Scripture study, but what comes through equally is the voice of an understanding spiritual father who is a masterful student of Scripture, biblical language, and the needs of his monks.

Money and possessions /Walter Brueggemann.
Worship expert Constance Cherry offers comprehensive guidance to Christian leaders seeking a deeper, richer way to employ worship music in engaging ways for twenty-first-century worshipers. This work helps Christian leaders think theologically and act pastorally about worship music in their churches. It addresses larger issues beyond the surface struggles of musical styles and provides tools to critically evaluate worship songs. The book is applicable to all Christian traditions and worship styles and is well suited to both the classroom and the local church. Each chapter concludes with suggested practical exercises, recommended reading, and basic vocabulary terms.

This book explains the image of nakedness (gymnos) taken by Paul in the Corinthian correspondence to refer to the state of human being during death. Through an academic approach, but in simple language, the author explains the biblical monist understanding of human being. He takes the biblical experience of death and resurrection to point out his arguments. This book uncovers the ancient problem of the continuation of personal identity from life prior to death, on to resurrection. It also provides a fresh biblical approach from an anthropological and biblical perspective to the problem of what being human really is. Those who enjoy traveling through the Bible with an open mind and warm heart will find in this book a good experience.

Neither complementarian nor egalitarian: a kingdom corrective to the evangelical gender debate /Michelle Lee-Barnewall ; foreword by Craig L. Blomberg ; afterword by Lynn H. Cohick.
Michelle Lee-Barnewall critiques both sides of the debate, challenging the standard premises and arguments and offering new insight into a perennially divisive issue in the church. She brings fresh biblical exegesis to bear on our cultural situation, presenting an alternative way to move the discussion forward based on a corporate perspective and on kingdom values.

Written with academic rigor by experts in the field, this book proposes that Zionism can be defended historically, theologically, politically and morally. The authors include recommendations for how twenty-first-century Christian theology should rethink its understanding of both ancient and contemporary Israel, the Bible and Christian theology more broadly. This provocative volume proposes a place for Christian Zionism in an integrated biblical vision.

It is demonstrated that the church fathers knew the Markan ending from the very earliest days, well over two centuries before the earliest extant manuscripts. Strong indications of Markan authorship are found in the presence of specific linguistic constructions, a range of literary devices, and the continuation of various themes prominent within the body of the Gospel.

This engaging book explores why many people have been wary of Paul and what their criticisms reveal about the church and the broader culture. Patrick Gray brings intellectual and cultural history into conversation with study of the New Testament, providing a balanced account and assessment of widespread antipathy to Paul and exploring what the controversy tells us about ourselves.

Pauline parallels: a comprehensive guide /[edited by] Walter T. Wilson.

What are people for?' This book locates the starting point for answering this question in a placed perspective, and examines what G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, and Wendell Berry have to show us in this regard. These authors' rooted perspectives challenge us to see our communities and ourselves differently.

This study of six psalms with graphic language of enmity seeks to help the reader overcome shallow views of the mystery of evil, cultural blinkers of the use of language, and even personal prejudices. It attempts to recover the complete prayer book of the Church, as it once was, Israel's prayer book.

This book shows readers the formation of Q by exploring how the texts were subjected to redaction four times. As author Yoseop Ra demonstrates, the first redaction of Q conveys the words and deeds of the historical Jesus and then the rest of redactors imposed their own theological interpretation to the words and deeds of Jesus. His argument will provide readers with a fresh look on how the earliest "Jesus movement" was formed in the thirties of the first century CE.

In this riveting biography, Thoman accomplishes what few biographers have. He pierces the inner life of Francis, revealing his deepest passions, his unquenchable love for poverty, and his unshakable grip on the core of the Gospel. If you want to hear his thoughts, if you want to feel the fervor that blazed within his soul, you must read St. Francis of Assisi: Passion, Poverty, and the Man who Transformed the Catholic Church.

A myriad of interpretations surround these four verses. Expanding on Brevard Childs's brief work on Daniel, Haydon responds with a canonical approach, reading a text that is shaped to include future generations of faithful interpreters.

The silence of God during the passion [electronic resource] /Daniel Bourguet ; foreword by Bob Ekblad.

In this work, Dr. Swafford opens up the wisdom of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters.

Incisive essays from a master wordsmith This collection of occasional essays brings us David Bentley Hart at his finest: startlingly clear and deliciously abstruse, coolly wise and burningly witty, fresh and timeless, mystical and concrete — often all at once. Hart's incisive blend of philosophy, moral theology, and cultural criticism, together with his flair for both the well-told story and the well-turned phrase, is sure to delight.

The spiritual dimension of ageing /Elizabeth MacKinlay.

The author offers practical guidance on what it means to eat alone or in community with more intention, compassion, humility, and gratitude. She also tells the story of food as it transitions from seed to table. Sidebars contain gardening and food tips, recipes, and food preservation guides. End-of-chapter questions for individual and group use are included.

Immink offers thoughtful theological reflection on the religious practice of worship services in the Protestant tradition. He develops a theology of worship with a clear focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as he explores the meaning of worship, the mystery of Christ, the sacraments, prayer, and preaching. Ultimately, he says, something dynamic happens when a church congregation speaks and acts: it is touched by the sacred, by a very encounter with the living God.