December 06, 2016

New Titles Tuesday, December 6

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The Acadians[electronic resource] /Caroline-Isabelle Caron.
After a brief overview of the French (1604‐1713) and the English (1713‐63) colonial periods which ended with the Deportation, the long, protracted Acadian communities’ reconstruction in the Maritimes (1763‐1900) will be  addressed, before discussing the Acadian economic and political development until the 1960s. In conclusion, the focus will turn to the Acadians in the modern day and their ongoing challenges. This booklet also contains a list of complementary readings, including the best survey books on Acadian history

Celebrating Charlotte Brontë: transforming life into literature in Jane Eyre /Christine Alexander and Sara L. Pearson. TWU AUTHOR. PRINT
Invites the twenty-first century reader into Charlotte Brontë's material world, both the world of the author and the world she created in her most famous novel. Providing detailed commentaries and lavishly illustrated with objects and images from the author's own life and times, this book explores Charlotte Brontë's accomplishment in imaginatively transforming her lived experience into a fictional masterpiece

A concise introduction to mental health in Canada /Elliot Goldner, Emily Jenkins, and Dan Bilsker.
A unique contribution to the mental health literature. It covers the full spectrum of mental health issues in Canada, incorporating insights from both the physical and social sciences to expand the way readers think about mental health. Interdisciplinary and reader-friendly, this book introduces students to a wide range of topics. This engaging text provides a superb grounding for students of medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, and public health.

Evangelical beacon [electronic resource]
The Evangelical Beacon was the official magazine of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Containing news articles, biographies, editorials, testimonials, and more, the Beacon sought to inform its readers about the world through the perspective of the Free Church. The Evangelical Beacon started publication in 1931; in 2010 the Beacon was rebranded as EFCAToday.
This book examines the new knowledge that has been gained from the objective monitoring of habitual physical activity by means of pedometers and accelerometers. It reviews current advances in the technology of activity monitoring and details advantages of objective monitors relative to physical activity questionnaires. It points to continuing gaps in knowledge, and explores the potential for further advances in the design of objective monitoring devices.
Smith of Wootton Major and Farmer Giles of Ham /by J.R.R. Tolkien ; illustrations by Pauline Diana Baynes. PRINT
Two bewitching fantasies by J.R.R. Tolkien, beloved author of THE HOBBIT. In SMITH OF WOOTTON MAJOR, Tolkien explores the gift of fantasy, and what it means to the life and character of the man who receives it. And FARMER GILES OF HAM tells a delightfully ribald mock-heroic tale, where a dragon who invades a town refuses to fight, and a farmer is chosen to slay him.

Volume 74 Including Papers presented at the Fifth British Patristics Conference, London, 3-5 September 2014

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