December 27, 2016

New Titles Tuesday, December 27

Here's a sampling of the 59 titles added to the collection this week.  Click on the title for more information. TWU login may be required. (Holds placed on these print items will be filled starting January 3, 2017 -  after the Christmas break,)

Paul Goldberger.
Pulitzer Prize–winning critic Paul Goldberger’s tenure at The New Yorker has documented a captivating era in the world of architecture, one in which larger-than-life buildings, urban schemes, historic preservation battles, and personalities have commanded an international stage. Goldberger’s keen observations and sharp wit make him one of the most insightful and passionate architectural voices of our time. In this collection of fifty-seven essays, the critic ranges from Havana to Beijing, from Chicago to Las Vegas, dissecting everything from skyscrapers by Norman Foster and museums by Tadao Ando to airports, monuments, suburban shopping malls, and white-brick apartment houses. This is a comprehensive account of the best—and the worst—of the “age of architecture.”

photographs by Alan Weintraub ; text by Alan Hess ; foreword by José Eduardo de Assis Lefèvre.
A comprehensive volume on Modern residential architecture in Brazil featuring 40 houses.

Malcolm Cormack.
Presenting an in-depth survey of sporting art that is supported by catalog-style entries and corresponding color reproductions, this lavish coffee table book also represents the work of each nationality in its own section. Containing animal studies and scenes of horse racing, foxhunting and coursing, shooting and fishing, coaching and carriages, and other country pursuits, this volume also offers a major introductory essay in which the author addresses the definition of sporting art with a particular emphasis on British artists in the context of prevailing artistic trends. Including biographies of the artists found in the Mellon collections and an index, Country Pursuits is a truly handsome collection for the sporting art enthusiast.

Hans-Gert Bachmann ; with a contribution by Jörg Völlnagel ; translated by Steven Lindberg.
This engaging book reveals that the ways in which gold has shaped humanity. Each chapter is devoted to one historical epoch, explaining how people of that time mined and refined gold, and how they used it for cultural and economic purposes. Two hundred gorgeous color photographs illustrate golden objets d’art. With its authoritative yet lively text and these arresting illustrations, The Lure of Gold sets, as it were, the gold standard for books on material culture.

Jenny Newell.
Introduces the riches of Oceanic art through sumptuous images and close-ups. Using carefully selected pieces from the world-renowned Oceanic collection at the British Museum to illustrate major themes, this book evokes the hand and eye of accomplished artists and craft workers, past and present.
Edward Bleiberg.
This catalogue illustrates twenty-one mosaic panels from an ancient synagogue; remains of the first Roman-period synagogue to be uncovered in modern times. The primary subjects depicted are the Creation and Paradise, and decorative motifs include birds and fruits, with two menorahs flanking the Latin inscription. Additional works from the Museum's classical collection are also reproduced, providing a sense of context and outlining the artistic and cultural milieu in which the mosaic floor was created.

Anja Grebe ; introduction by Ross King.
Every Old Master painting that is on display in The Vatican is included in this deluxe volume with companion DVD, as well as hundreds of additional masterpieces and treasures in the Papal collection. The book is organized into 23 sections representing the museums and areas of the Vatican. Each one of the 976 works of art represented in the book is fully annotated. In addition, 180 of the most iconic and significant paintings and other pieces of art are highlighted with essays by art historian Anja Grebe on such topics as the key attributes of the work, what to look for when viewing the work, the artist's inspirations and techniques, biographical information on the artist, and the artist's impact on art history.

Debra Pearlman.
Encouraging young readers' visual and critical thinking skills, this book takes children on a journey of discovery through a selection of artworks by Jasper Johns and by artists who have inspired him. By searching for places where Johns has hidden himself in his work - some works include images of his face, profile, or his shadow - young readers are introduced to the work of this unique American artist, and Discover new ways of looking at visual art.

Simon Price and Peter Thonemann.
An innovative and intriguing look at the foundations of Western civilization from leading historians Simon Price and Peter Thonemann who present a fresh perspective on classical culture in a book full of revelations about civilizations we thought we knew. In this impeccably researched and immensely readable history we see the ancient world unfold before us, with its grand cast of characters stretching from the great Greeks of myth to the world-shaping Caesars. A landmark achievement, The Birth of Classical Europe provides insight into an epoch that is both incredibly foreign and surprisingly familiar.

Arthur Herman.
The Cave and the Light is a magisterial account of how the two greatest thinkers of the ancient world, Plato and Aristotle, laid the foundations of Western culture--and how their rivalry shaped the essential features of our culture down to the present day. Accessible, riveting, and eloquently written, The Cave and the Light provides a stunning new perspective on the Western world, certain to open eyes and stir debate.
David Dilks.
In this stimulating and original book, David Dilks presents Churchill, not only as a war leader and international statesman, but also as a private person with a rich variety of friendships and rivalries. New and penetrating light is directed on Churchill during World War II. Whether in or out of office, Churchill's influence was felt in all areas of British politics. David Dilks brings Churchill vividly to life for all those interested in modern British, military and international history.

Charles Phillips ; Consultant: Dr. David M. Jones
Uncovers the rise and fall of many different empires of Mexico and Central America- their political and military campaigns, their legends and myths, and their art, architecture and social history. Ground plans and detailed photographs explore over 20 magnificent and vitally important World Heritage sites, including Teotihuacan, Tenochtitlan, Chichen Itza, Palenque, Tikal and Monte Alban. Surveys the region's colorful mythology, including tales of creation, earth and sky; legends of the gods, goddesses and heros; and stories of fertility, harvest and afterlife.

Peter C. Mancall.
This book describes in detail the life and times of Richard Hakluyt, a trained minister who became an editor of travel accounts.  Hakluyt’s Promise demonstrates his prominent role in the establishment of English America as well as his interests in English opportunities in the East Indies. The volume presents nearly 50 illustrations—many unpublished since the sixteenth century—and offers a fresh view of Hakluyt’s milieu and the central concerns of the Elizabethan age.
Dr. David M. Jones.
This groundbreaking book separates fact from fiction, exploring the native people of Peru and the Andes, their mythologies and ancient belief systems, and the amazing beauty of Inca art and architecture. This authoritative volume combines over 1000 striking illustrations with lively and engaging text.

Anita Baker.
This beautifully illustrated collection illuminates the dark ages, telling the story of the period and key figures. Some 15 facsimile documents include the authorization of the use of torture issued by Pope Innocent IV in 1250, pages from the Gutenberg Bible, medieval maps, and illuminated manuscripts.

[compiled by] Todd Andrlik.
Now, for the first time, experience the sparks of revolution the way the colonists did-in their very own town newspapers and broadsheets. Reporting the Revolutionary War is a stunning collection of primary sources, sprinkled with modern analysis from 37 historians. Featuring Patriot and Loyalist eyewitness accounts from newspapers printed on both sides of the Atlantic, readers will experience the revolution as it happened with the same immediacyand uncertainty of the colonists. From one of America's leading Revolutionary War newspaper archivists, Todd Andrlik, and guided by scores of historians and experts, Reporting the Revolutionary War brings you into the homes of Americans and lets you see through their eyes the tinderbox of war as it explodes.

Charles Carlton.
Carlton explores the glorious and terrible impact of war at the national and individual levels. Chapters alternate, providing a robust military and political narrative interlaced with accounts illuminating the personal experience of war, from recruitment to the end of battle in discharge or death.

compiled by Benjamin Darling.
Pairs the most memorable quotations from the bard with best of the illustrations and paintings that have illuminated his works. The combination of word and imagery work together to evoke the supernatural world; Titania is regal and beautiful, the three witches are terrifying hags, and Puck, as always, brings a wry smile to the face.

Shardik PRINT
Richard Adams.
A gripping tale of war, adventure, horror and romance, Shardik, on a deeper level, is a remarkable exploration of mankind’s universal desire for divine incarnation. Shardik is a fantasy of tragic character, centered on the long-awaited reincarnation of the gigantic bear Shardik and his appearance among the half-barbaric Ortelgan people. His advent commences a momentous chain of events. Kelderek the hunter, who loves and trusts the great bear, is swept up by destiny to become first devotee and then prophet, then victorious soldier, then ruler of an empire and priest-king of Lord Shardik―Messenger of God―only to discover ever-deeper layers of meaning implicit in his passionate belief in the bear’s divinity.

edited by Vivien Jones.
This collection of essays brings together feminist critics, cultural historians and historians of publishing to provide a unique and up-to-date introduction to women's writing and its contexts in the eighteenth century. It analyses the social, legal and ideological constructions of women which female writers had to negotiate, and it explores women's writing across a wide spectrum of genres - from fiction to broadside ballads, meditative poetry to confessional memoirs - as well as women's involvement as printers, sellers and purchasers of printed texts. An invaluable overview of women and literary culture in the period.
David Hackett Fischer.
In this new volume of cultural history, David Hackett Fischer shows how these varying ideas form an intertwined strand that runs throughthe core of American life. Fischer examines liberty and freedom not as philosophical or political abstractions, but as folkways and popular beliefs deeply embedded in American culture. Illustrated in full color with a rich variety of images, Liberty and Freedom is, literally, an eye-opening work of history--stimulating, large-spirited, and ultimately, inspiring.

Kostas Vlassopoulos.
As Kostas Vlassopoulos shows, much can be learned about the practice of politics from a comparative discussion of the classical and the contemporary. His starting point is that the value of looking back to a political system with different assumptions and elements can help us think, and even shape, what the future of modern politics might be. He discusses the contrasting political systems of Athens, Sparta and Rome; the political theories of thinkers like Plato, Aristotle and Cicero; how great events like the Peloponnesian War or the Roman civil wars shaped the course of political theory; and the discovery of freedom, participation and equality as political values in antiquity.
Naomi Klein.
In her most provocative book yet, Naomi Klein, author of the global bestsellers The Shock Doctrine and No Logo, tackles the most profound threat humanity has ever faced: the war our economic model is waging against life on earth.  Climate change, Klein argues, is a civilizational wake-up call, a powerful message delivered in the language of fires, floods, storms and droughts.  This Changes Everything is about to upend the debate about the stormy era already upon us.

Jacob Neusner.
Regarded by scholars as the primary document of rabbinic Judaism, The Babylonian Talmud is now available in a 22-volume English edition. This monumental American translation features translations by Jacob Neusner, Tzvee Zahavy, Alan Avery-Peck, B. Barry Levy, Peter Haas, and Martin S. Jaffee, with commentary and introductions by Neusner. All 37 tractates are presented in an easy-to-follow analytical format; Mishnah passages are set in bold type; and passages from Aramaic appear in italics.

Joseph D. Small, editor.
Presbyterian scholars enter into conversations with the confessions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and examine the major theological themes that make the confessions such foundational commitments of faith. These conversations with the confessions found in the PC(USA)'s Book of Confessions include some illuminating commentary on why they were written and demonstrate how they can be used to address major theological issues. This important work will help scholars, pastors, and church leaders interested in studying the Reformed tradition appreciate the role of the confessions in shaping Christian life and faith today.
Norman L. Geisler.
This book challenges Christians to recognize the erosion of Christian influence in the public schools and to take part in the battle for Creationism in the classroom.

Wallace Auser.
The book analyzes different systems of looking at reality. The author discusses different emotional, political, and legal issues and to determine the source of worldviews. The author's conclusion: the theistic system (orthodox Christianity) provides the best foundation for a civil society that seeks to promote liberty and virtue together.

Philip Graham Ryken.
Within these pages, the four essential Christian beliefs that pluralists find most troublesome are explained in clear, everyday terms. Ryken argues not only that Jesus is the only way, but also why this must be true.

Michael A.G. Haykin ; with Aaron Matherly and Shawn J. Wilhite ; series editor: Michael A.G, Haykin.
Michael Haykin's masterful biography of Patrick's life and faith will show you how you can follow God's call in your life  and relates the magnificent impact that this saint of the early church made for our world today.

Gilbert I. Bond.
"In this wide-ranging study Bond argues that Paul’s mystical transformation can be understood in terms of modern theories of phenomenology of religion drawn primarily from the insights of Edmund Husserl and William James. He approaches Paul from the so-called “New Perspective” in that he (1) rejects the psychological readings of Paul advanced by Augustine and Luther and (2) seeks to make sense of Paul in the context of his religious community as a Diaspora Pharisee." Society of Biblical Literature

Catherine L. Kelsey.
This introduction to Christology traces the broad outlines and nuances laid out by the father of modern theology--Friedrich Schleiermacher. In straightforward language, Catherine Kelsey moves back and forth between the groundbreaking thought of Schleiermacher and a series of helpful exercises which enable readers to spell out their own responses to the central question of Christian theology. This book offers a truly unique approach to Christology.

Richard Cohen.
Presents a chronicle of humanity's historical, mythological and scientific relationship with the sun, drawing on various world cultures to explore such topics as the religious beliefs of Ancient Egypt, Galileo's early discoveries of sun spots and the modern world's efforts to address global warming.

Janice M. Hughes.
The history, habits, life and lore of a resourceful and iconic bird. The book covers anatomy, feeding habits, mating rituals, habitats, caring for the chicks, migration and seasonal movements. A special section is devoted to cranes in myth and folklore. Species profiles are included, along with range maps and conservation status.

Kate Carter.
Written for novice naturalists and everyday plant admirers alike, this pocked-sized guidebook contains beautiful color photographs throughout and written descriptions of more than 200 wildflowers growing in and on Cape Cod and the Islands, from Cape Cod Canal to Provincetown.

edited by Camilla Rockwood.
With its delightful mix of scholarship and eccentricity, it is a must for every twenty-first-century bookshelf. This flagship title in the Brewer's series was first published in 1870 to supply readers with material that was both entertaining and enlightening. This new edition is filled with hundreds of new facts, from designer babies to New York's sewer-dwelling alligators, and brings back more than 200 classic entries, such as magic garters and poison detectors. 

Rerioterai Tava, Moses K. Keale, Sr.

Now, for the first time, the rich cultural history of the island is presented—folklore, myths, legends, chants, place names, poetic sayings. Includes map, index, photographs and historical appendices.

December 23, 2016

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December 20, 2016

New Titles Tuesday, December 20

Here is a sample of the forty-three titles that were added to the collection this week ; just click on a title for more information. TWU login may be required.

English graphic /Tom Lubbock.[PRINT
English Graphic is a book of essays on the subject of illustration, with the focus entirely on English artists using graphic media; drawings, prints and watercolours. The historical span of the book is broad - from the Uffington White Horse to the Winchester Psalter Hellmouth to Harry Beck’s London Underground Map and beyond. The high point of English Graphic art in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century makes up the heart of the book. The fifty or so images range from the visionary to the empirical, from folk art to caricature. Connecting and overlapping ideas on line and shape run through the book; maps, islands, clouds, swarms, wombs, skins, dots, contours and boundaries. Energetic, coherent and strange, English Graphic presents an electrical storm of ideas and illuminations provocatively argued by one of our most brilliant writers on art.

a critical reassessment of this important neo-avant-garde movemen offers an interdisciplinary account of the work and challenges the ideas of Restany, who mandated a "direct appropriation of the real." Cabañas posits that, for the Nouveaux Réalistes, realism engaged performative practices to produce alternative social meanings.
Richard Strauss: an owner's manual /David Hurwitz. [PRINT]
This "owner's manual," accompanied by a full-length CD, surveys all the major works with orchestra: symphonies, concertos, tone poems, operas, ballets, suites, and songs. Many of them will be new even to listeners familiar with the popular pieces, part of a vast legacy of immaculately crafted, beautiful music that deserves to be rediscovered and treasured.

TWU’s President Emeritus bring together recollections from various partners to tell the story of our university’s recent history.

A groundbreaking comparative study of the dynamics and pathologies of war in modern times. Pulitzer-winning historian John W. Dower examines the cultures of war revealed by four powerful events--Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, 9-11, and the invasion of Iraq in the name of a war on terror. The list of issues examined and themes explored is wide-ranging: failures of intelligence and imagination, wars of choice and "strategic imbecilities," faith-based secular thinking as well as more overtly holy wars, the targeting of noncombatants, and the almost irresistible logic--and allure--of mass destruction. Dower also sets the U.S. occupations of Japan and Iraq side by side in strikingly original ways. He offers comparative insights into individual and institutional behavior and pathologies that transcend "cultures" in the more traditional sense, and that ultimately go beyond war-making alone.

Across 1000 pages The Encyclopedia of Warfare presents the reader with more than 5000 entries - arranged chronologically - on wars, campaigns, empires, rebellions and counter insurgencies. From battles fought with spears to the latest drone technology, The Encyclopedia of Warfare features an immense range of conflict. Each war narrative, where appropriate, includes descriptions of its campaigns, battles and sieges. All this is easily accessed via an extensive index. Featuring 600 full color maps created specifically for this volume, The Encyclopedia of Warfare is written in a style accessible to both the student and the general enthusiast, and reflects the latest thinking among military historians - an authoritative compendium of almost five millennia of conflict.

This comprehensive book provides a historical insight into all aspects of day-to-day life during the Middle Ages. It also delves into the subjects of commerce and finance; private lives and pastimes; justice and punishments; food and hunting; cultural customs and costumes and much more.

Stroll through the splendid ruins; hear the history of the great Achaemenid empire; contemplate the exquisite reliefs. 

Who's who in the Greek world /John Hazel. [PRINT & eBook]
This is a biographical guide to the Greek and Hellenistic world from 750 BC to the end of the Roman Empire.

Baker encyclopedia of Christian apologetics /Norman L. Geisler. [PRINT]
This comprehensive A to Z reference covers key issues, persons, and concepts related to the defense of Christianity-giving you powerful responses to arguments against the faith. Topics include philosophical systems, contemporary issues, difficult Bible passages, classic apologetic arguments, and more!

For over 100 years, the International Critical Commentary series has held a special place among works on the Bible. It has sought to bring together all the relevant aids to exegesis-linguistic and textual no less than archaeological, historical, literary and theological-with a level of comprehension and quality of scholarship unmatched by any other series. No attempt has been made to secure a uniform theological or critical approach to the biblical text: contributors have been invited for their scholarly distinction, not for their adherence to any one school of thought.

Liturgical works /James R. Davila. [PRINT]
Davila provides an introduction, translation, notes on the original Hebrew, and line-by-line commentary for each of the Qumran liturgical works. Davila's excellent translation work combines overlapping fragmentary manuscripts into a single, smoothly flowing text, and his commentary includes numerous fresh insights and observations on these writings. Giving full attention to parallel texts found in the Hebrew Bible and other Jewish and Christian writings through late antiquity, Davila firmly situates the Qumran liturgical works in their historical context in Second Temple Judaism and discusses their significance as background to the Jewish liturgy, Jewish mysticism, and Christian origins.

Prayer: does it make any difference? /Philip Yancey. [PRINT]
Philip Yancey explores the intimate place where God and humans meet in Prayer. Writing as a fellow pilgrim, Yancey tackles the tough questions and in the process comes up with a fresh new approach to this timeless topic. .

December 14, 2016

From Artstor: now available: 32,000 new images in the Larry Qualls Archive of Contemporary Art

Artstor and Larry Qualls have released approximately 32,000 images of contemporary art exhibited in the New York area in the past three decades. This release joins the more than 100,000 images already available in the Larry Qualls Archive, making it our largest survey of contemporary art, and completes the collection in the Digital Library.

The Larry Qualls Archive includes all of the major figures equated with contemporary art from the 1980s to the present. Subscribers are able to see the development of such world-renowned artists as graffiti-inspired painters Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat; Neo-Geo practitioners Peter Halley and Jeff Koons; controversy-courting photographers Nan Goldin and Robert Mapplethorpe; Young British Artists Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin; relational artists Rirkrit Tiravanija and Carsten Holler; interdisciplinary artists Matthew Barney and Coco Fusco; and current headliners Ai Weiwei and Marina Abramovic. The collection also includes retrospective showings of veteran heavyweights such as Abstract Expressionists Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, pioneer Pop artists Larry Rivers and Roy Lichtenstein, and minimalist sculptors Richard Serra and Carl Andre.

Qualls has been writing about and documenting the arts in New York for most of his career, and his extensive archive, now housed at Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, surveys work exhibited in the New York area from 1988-2012. Qualls views this contribution to Artstor as an important source for future art studies. He says, “Not only will my work be preserved for generations to come, but the digitization will make the images available widely and in better and more stable form than could ever have been possible with film technology.”

Explore this collection in the Artstor Digital Library

Watch streaming media on Castro, Kim's and the bioblitz

TWU students and employees have access to CBC's streaming media site using this link and their TWU login.

Click on the titles for more information about these new releases

The secret path.
This powerful animated film tells the story of Chanie Wenjack, a 12-year-old Ojibwa boy who died of exposure in 1966 while running away from Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School near Kenora, Ontario. The story is told through music by Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie and illustrations by graphic novelist Jeff Lemire. The Secret Path acknowledges a dark part of Canada’s history — the long-suppressed mistreatment of Indigenous children and families by the residential school system — with the hope of engaging all Canadians in the reconciliation process.

 Set in a Korean convenience store in Toronto, this adaptation of Ins Choi's award-winning Canadian play features a fiery Korean patriarch struggling with changes within his business, family and their local community.

Castro in the eyes of his loved ones. 
Fidel Castro, who recently celebrated his 89th birthday, was one of the most visible and polarizing figures of the latter half of the 20th century – a symbol of Third World revolution for some, an oppressive dictator for others. But behind the image and fiery speeches, who really was this man who survived over 600 assassination attempts? That’s what we find out in this compelling documentary, where people close to him reveal how he experienced key moments in his career, from the early days of the revolution, through the Cuban Missile Crisis, to the moment he signed his provisional resignation in front of the camera of filmmaker Roberto Chile. They also give us a glimpse of what Castro is like in private – his convictions, his doubts, his family life, and his extraordinary charm.

Every living thing: Experiencing the bioblitz.
 In this the United Nations Decade of Biodiversity (2011-2020), Every Living Thing follows a 20-year biodiversity research project to identify and catalogue as many species as possible in the province of New Brunswick.

December 13, 2016

New Titles Tuesday for December 13

Forty-four titles were added to the collection this week. Here are some intruiging titles; click on a title to find out more information.

Action/abstraction: Pollock, de Kooning, and American art, 1940-1976 /edited by Norman L. Kleeblatt; cultural timeline by Maurice Berger ; essays by Debra Bricker Balken ... [et al.]
Drawing on recent critical, historical, and biographical work, this lavishly illustrated book offers a sharp new focus on a pivotal art movement. It also presents an extensive commentary on the two most influential critics of postwar American art--Clement Greenberg and Harold Rosenberg--whose powerful views shaped perceptions of Abstract Expressionism and other contemporary art movements. In addition, the book features a magisterial essay by eminent critic Irving Sandler and a copiously illustrated cultural timeline by Maurice Berger.

A full-color photographic survey of beautiful early mailboxes, highlighting those of the grand art deco period, together with a brief history of the innovative mailbox-and-chute system patented in 1883 Art Deco Mailboxes features dozens of the best examples of this beloved, dynamic design's realization in the mailboxes of New York City as well as Chicago, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and beyond.

 This catalogue was issued in 1906 by the company's English subsidiary

Birth of Impressionism: masterpieces from the Musée d'Orsay /project curated by Guy Cogeval, Stéphane Guégan, and Alice Thomine-Berrada ; additional contributions by Krista Brugnara ... [et al.]
This dazzling collection of one hundred works by the masters of nineteenth-century French painting tells the story of the beloved Impressionist movement, focusing on the tumultuous period of the 1860s and 1870s and the emergence of the New Painting out of the Paris Salon. Lavish reproductions of masterpieces of French painting from the monumental canvases of Bouguereau to the landscapes and peasant scenes of Millet and Courbet set the stage for a rich visual narrative that recounts the incubation and evolution of the Impressionist movement.

Cézanne: a life /Alex Danchev.
With brisk intellect, rich documentation, and eighty-eight color and fifty-two black-and-white illustrations, Danchev tells the story of an artist who was originally considered a madman, a barbarian, and a sociopath. A special feature of the book is a remarkable series of Cézanne's self-portraits, reproduced in full color. Cézanne is not only the fascinating life of a visionary artist and extraordinary human being but also a searching assessment of his ongoing influence in the artistic imagination of our time. A stunning portrait of a monumentally important artist, this is a biography not to be missed.

This handsomely designed book, published in association with the Art Gallery of Sudbury, traces Pratt's development as a painter and printmaker from his early watercolors through to the iconic paintings of his mature years. It features more than 100 works, all beautifully reproduced, many of which have never been published before.

Little has hitherto been written about George Devey, yet his contribution to the vernacular revival which took place in the 1860s was important and innovative. His interest in the use of local materials directly contributed to the emergence of the Arts and Crafts Movement and thereby to the model for British middle-class housing up to the Second World War. Includes over 100 illustrations as well as comprehensive catalogue of all Devey's works, both executed and projected.

Iran /Inge Morath; texts by Monika Faber and Azar Nafisi ; edited and with a preface by John P. Jacob.
In this body of work, Morath's subjects range from politics and religion to work and commerce, from the shah's palace to the nomad's tent to Zoroaster's sacred shrine. She photographed Iran with the keen vision of an anthropologist, examining religious rituals, costuming, work, sport, music, art and theater in order to document "the continuity--or lack of it--between past and present," as she later put it. Retrospectively, Inge Morath: Iran recalls a land and a culture that have been profoundly transformed since the Iranian Revolution of 1979. It is a window into the past that provides a singular and timely perspective on Iran in the present.

Mozart /Paul Johnson.
 In this brilliant biography, acclaimed historian Paul Johnson conjures Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life and times in rich detail, focusing particularly on the music - Mozart's genius, his extraordinary compositional output, and his uncanny gift for instrumentation. With the bracing, animated style he's known for, Johnson offers here a superbly fresh examination of Mozart and his wondrous music.

Nouveau /Henri Loyrette, general editor ; Sébastien Allard and Laurence des Cars, et al.
This complete, chronological history is illustrated by more than 400 illustrations and covers painting, sculpture, and architecture, as well as the advent of photography, its impact on painting, and its emergence as an art form of its own.

The Parthenon sculptures /Ian Jenkins ; with photographs by Ivor Kerslake and Dudley Hubbard.
A superb visual introduction to these wonders of antiquity, this book offers a photographic tour of the most famous of the surviving sculptures from ancient Greece, viewed within their cultural and art-historical context.  In particular, Jenkins expands on the irony of our intimate knowledge and appreciation of the sculptures--a relationship far more intense than that experienced by their ancient, intended spectators--as they have been transformed from architectural ornaments into objects of art.

Paul Gauguin /[Diane Cook, Yan Thomas].
A biography of nineteenth-century French painter Paul Gauguin, written as if by his daughter, Aline, while he was painting on the Pacific island of Tahiti.

The Winthrop Collection of French, British and American art includes the best group of Delacroix and Ingres drawings outside of France, the most significant group of pre-Raphaelite paintings outside of Britain, and a world-renowned collection of Sargent watercolours.

Renaissance intarsia: masterpieces of wood inlay /edited by Luca Trevisan ; photography by Luca Sassi; translated from the Italian by Marguerite Shore.
The first modern survey of a fascinating yet underappreciated art form, abundantly illustrated with new color photography. In this volume, a team of art historians trace the evolution of Renaissance intarsia through a discussion of twelve of the most important intarsia cycles.

Renoir in the Barnes Foundation /Martha Lucy and John House.
Authors Martha Lucy and John House look closely at the key paintings in the collection, placing them in the wider contexts of contemporary artistic, aesthetic, and theoretical debates. The first volume to publish the entirety of Barnes's astonishing Renoir collection, Renoir in the Barnes Foundation is also an engaging study of the artist's critical—and often contested—role in the development of modern art.

Tom Thomson, the silence and the storm /Harold Town and David P. Silcox.
Contains 177 paintings in vivid color and many more in black and white. Nearly 80 of his brilliant sketches are reproduced to their actual size, giving them an immediacy almost equal to the originals. The accompanying texts, by artist Harold Town (1924-1990) and art historian David P. Silcox, provide an aesthetic commentary and full biographical chronicle.
Tracing the transformation of the colonies into nationhood between the 1760s and the Civil War, this volume's classic paintings from America reveal the traits, ideals and ambitions of a young people. Early Federal portraits, serene landscapes and genre paintings document an ever-expanding range of issues, including the impact that industrial issues had in altering the American landscape. 

The CBR is concerned with both academic and business communities and views them as complementary to the mission of building a distinctively Christian worldview for business. To that end, the CBR  publishes research-based papers drawn from the efforts of academic professionals as well as experience-based articles that reflect the personal insights of business leaders, Christian thinkers, and commentators.

Ample Mansions is an informative and entertaining memoir of those houses which became the official residences of the lieutenant-governors of the provinces.

Atlantic Ocean: the illustrated history of the ocean that changed the world /Martin W. Sandler ; foreword by Dennis Reinhartz.
This, the first illustrated and comprehensive history of the Atlantic World, is at the forefront of an exciting new wave of study in universities and think tanks. Atlantic History is an increasingly dynamic field of scholarship based on the notion that the Americas, Africa, and Europe have composed a regional system from the late 15th century to the present. Lavishly illustrated with exquisite antique maps, period paintings and engravings, documents, political cartoons, and photographs, this unique volume is an engaging read sure to appeal to audiences everywhere.

The compelling story of a man who embodied the Victorian ideals of self-improvement, industry, and civic service, and a touching portrait of a remarkably down-to-earth visionary.
Dieppe, Dieppe /Brereton Greenhous.
Comparing Operation Jubilee with a British commando raid against Vaagso in Norway in December 1940, the author, in the light of recent scholarly research, answers many questions surrounding this controversial operation.

Brian Moynahan covers the history of France from the end of the 19th century to the present day, encapsulating French benchmarks that have changed the face of Europe and the world, from political events and scientific discoveries to sporting triumphs and cultural achievements.

In this sharply drawn history, Professor Elizabeth D. Leonard reveals the aspirations and achievements as well as the setbacks and disappointments of African American soldiers. Along the way, Leonard offers a nuanced account of black soldiers’ involvement in the Indian Wars, their attempts to desegregate West Point and gain proper recognition for their service, and their experience of Reconstruction nationally, as blacks worked to secure their place in an ever-changing nation. With abundant primary research, enlivened by memorable characters and vivid descriptions of army life, Men of Color to Arms! is an illuminating portrait of a group of men whose contributions to American history need to be further recognized.

Stories of plots, sham plots, and the citizen-informers who discovered them are at the center of Rachel Weil's compelling study of the turbulent decade following the Revolution of 1688. Most studies of the Glorious Revolution focus on its causes or long-term effects, but Weil instead zeroes in on the early years when the survival of the new regime was in doubt. By encouraging informers, imposing loyalty oaths, suspending habeas corpus, and delaying the long-promised reform of treason trial procedure, the Williamite regime protected itself from enemies and cemented its bonds with supporters, but also put its own credibility at risk.

In his rich and learned new book about the naturalization of foreigners, Peter Sahlins offers an unusual and unexpected contribution to the histories of immigration, nationality, and citizenship in France and Europe. Through a study of foreign citizens, Sahlins discovers and documents a premodern world of legal citizenship, its juridical and administrative fictions, and its social practices. Telling the story of naturalization from the sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries, Unnaturally French offers an original interpretation of the continuities and ruptures of absolutist and modern citizenship, in the process challenging the historiographical centrality of the French Revolution.Unnaturally French is a brilliant synthesis of social, legal, and political history.

This first-ever biography of William Beckford provides a unique look at eighteenth-century British history from the perspective of the colonies. Even in his own time, Beckford was seen as a metaphor for the dramatic changes occurring during this era. He was born in 1709 into a family of wealthy sugar planters living in Jamaica, when the colonies were still peripheral to Britain. By the time he died in 1770, the colonies loomed large and were considered the source of Britain's growing global power. Beckford grew his fortune in Jamaica, but he spent most of his adult life in London, where he was elected Lord Mayor twice. He was one of the few politicians to have experienced imperial growing pains on both sides of the Atlantic, and his life offers a riveting look at how the expanding empire challenged existing political, social, and cultural norms.

The Lexum collection contains the Supreme Court of Canada judgments since its creation in 1875 and judgments in leave applications since 2006. The collection is updated within minutes of the public release of the judgments by the Court.

The Lexicographer's Dilemma shows clearly that what we now regard as the only correct way to speak emerged out of specific historical and social conditions over the course of centuries. As historian Jack Lynch has discovered, every rule has a human history and the characters peopling his narrative are as interesting for their obsession as for their erudition. Grammatical "rules" or "laws" are not like the law of gravity, or even laws against murder and theft - they're more like rules of etiquette, made by fallible people and subject to change. Witty, smart, full of passion for the world's language, The Lexicograher's Dilemma will entertain and educate in equal measure.

The culmination of Harold Bloom's life's work in reading, writing about, and teaching Shakespeare. It is his passionate and convincing analysis of the way in which Shakespeare not merely represented human nature as we know it today, but actually created it: before Shakespeare, there was characterization; after Shakespeare, there was character, men and women with highly individual personalities -- Hamlet, Falstaff, Iago, Cleopatra, Macbeth, Rosalind, and Lear, among them. In making his argument, Bloom leads us through a brilliant and comprehensive reading of every one of Shakespeare's plays.

In this first full study of the nature of Maya materials and animism, renowned Mayanist scholar Stephen Houston provides startling insights into a Pre-Columbian worldview that dramatically contrasts with western perspectives. Illustrated with more than one hundred photographs, images, and drawings, this beautifully written book reveals the Maya quest for transcendence in the face of inevitable death and decay.

Gives a new interpretation of Chinese philosopher Xunzi's ideas, which were central to Confucianism for over a thousand years. Xunzi is not absolutist or insistent upon conformity, but rather sees social roles as contingent and context-sensitive

Jonathan Bernier undertakes a two-fold task: one, to engage on the level of the philosophy of history with existing approaches to the study of the historical Jesus, most notably the criteria approach and the social memory approach; two, to work with the critical realism developed by Bernard Lonergan, introduced into New Testament studies by Ben F. Meyer, and advocated by N.T. Wright in order to develop a philosophy of history that can elucidate current debates within historical Jesus studies.
A handbook to the ticks of Canada (Ixodida: Ixodidae, Argasidae) [electronic resource] /by Evert E. Lindquist ... [et al.] ; with illustrations by King Wan Wu and Barry Flahey ; maps by Tom Naughten.
The new Handbook to the Ticks of Canada is an identification and information guide to all known active instars of the nine genera and forty species of ticks in Canada. Summaries are provided for the distribution, natural history and involvement of ticks in paralysis, and as reservoirs and vectors for a variety of pathogens  which affect humans, wildlife and domesticated animals.

Half compendium of lost opportunities, half hopeful look toward the future, Powering the Dream tells the stories of the brilliant, often irascible inventors who foresaw our current problems, tried to invent cheap and energy renewable solutions, and drew the blueprint for a green future.

Wings: Essays on Invertebrate Conservation is published twice per year in the spring and fall. Each issue features spectacular photos by leading photographers and articles by well-respected scientists and conservationists.