November 01, 2016

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Four chapters addressing the current issues facing intellectual property, innovation and development policy in Brazil. Each chapter examines a policy area that significantly impacts access to knowledge in Brazil. These include: exceptions and limitations to copyright, free software and open business models, patent reform and access to medicines, and open innovation in the biotechnology sector.

Are South Africans free? /Lawrence Hamilton.
Lawrence Hamilton is an internationally-known political theorist, who has
spent ten years teaching in South African universities. In this unique book he brings ideas - political and philosophical - to the fore to understand a contemporary political conundrum. He outlines the persistent, unresolved problems characterizing contemporary South Africa. Hamilton argues that freedom as power in South Africa does not depend on good will, charity or duty, and it goes beyond the complete realization of the political and civil liberties currently safeguarded in its constitution.

This book challenges predominant understandings of the historical linkages
that make up the (post-) colonial world. The author goes beyond both the domination of the Atlantic viewpoint, and the correctives now being offered by South Pacific and Indian Ocean studies, to look at how the Atlantic ecumene is refracted in and has influenced the Pacific ecumene. The book is empirically rich, using extensive interviews, participation and archival work and focusing on the politics of Black Power and the Rastafari faith. It is also theoretically sophisticated, offering an innovative hermeneutical critique of post-colonial and subaltern studies.

This book considers the social and economic damage wrought by neo-liberalism, in Britain and beyond. Paul Taylor analyses the effects of the increasing inequalities of income and wealth in recent years, concluding that a wide range of problems for the middle sections of society can be traced to the appearance of a class of the 'über-rich', the example they set and the demands they make. He takes the view that what has happened is the opposite of the much vaunted 'trickle-down effect'; there is actually a 'trickle-up effect' not only in the distribution of wealth but also in the ownership of property and access to education, medicine and the law. The book is highly relevant to the current crisis in the global financial system, especially with regard to its effects in the UK and USA, but it places that crisis in the context of wider developments.
Censorship in varying forms has been part of human experience for 2,500 years and has proved to be a recurring presence for political thought, whether as active repression, a shaping context for expression, or as itself a subject for analysis and argument. Censorship Moments provides short, accessible and stimulating essays on a variety of these responses. Each chapter pairs a textual ‘moment’ of writing on censorship by a past writer with analysis by an expert current scholar.

Climate protection and development /editors, Frank Ackerman, Richard Kozul-Wright, Rob Vos.
This is not a story of gloom and doom, of inevitable climate catastrophe. On the contrary, this book spells out, in more detail than usual, what can and should be done to avert the real risks of disaster.  Climate Protection and Development summons us to an endeavour worthy of the resources and ingenuity of the twenty-first century - towards bold initiatives with big costs, and much bigger benefits.  It presents a challenging agenda, and highlights the needs and perspectives of developing countries which may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable to readers in high-income countries. T
James D. Boys sheds new light on the evolution and execution of US Grand Strategy from 1993 to 2001. He examines the core components of the strategy (National Security, Prosperity Promotion and Democracy Promotion) and how they were implemented, revealing a hitherto unexplored continuity from campaign trail to the White House. Covering the entire duration of Clinton’s presidential odyssey, from his 1991 Announcement Speech to his final day in office, the book draws extensively on newly declassified primary materials and interviews by the author with key members of the Clinton administration to reveal for the first time the development and implementation of US Grand Strategy from deep within the West Wing of the Clinton White House.

This book offers a rich description and analysis of the emerging participatory, co-creative relationships within the videogames industry. Banks discusses the challenges of incorporating these co-creative relationships into the development process. Drawing on a decade of research within the industry, the book gives us valuable insight into the continually changing and growing world of video games.

Forty years for Labrador /by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.
Forty Years For Labrador is an expanded and updated version of Wilfred Grenfell’s earlier autobiography, A Labrador Doctor.

In this study, I examine the life narrative of a female factory labourer, Elsa Koskinen (née Kiikkala, born in 1927). Elsa’s life touches upon many of the core aspects of 20th-century social change: changes in women’s roles, the entrance of middle- class women into working life, women’s increasing participation in the public sphere, feminist movements, upward social mobility, the expansion of the middle class, the growth of welfare and the appearance of new technologies.

A history of the Oxford mission to Calcutta /originally written by George Longridge and now completed with an additional chapter down to 1909 ; with a Preface by Edward Stuart Talbot ; rev. and abridged for the 2d ed. by W. H. Hutton.
George Longridge’s original history of the Oxford Mission to Calcutta was revised and abridged by W.H. Hutton [1860-1930] for the 2nd edition in 1910.

There are many books about how the internet is changing business or the workplace or government. But this is the first book about something much more fundamental: how the internet is transforming the nature of our collective intelligence and how we understand the world. Reinventing Discovery tells the exciting story of an unprecedented new era of networked science. This is a book for anyone who wants to understand how the online world is revolutionizing scientific discovery today--and why the revolution is just beginning

This book is based on material drawn from all over the world and analyses both traditional true riddles and contemporary joking questions. It introduces the reader to different riddling situations and the many functions of riddles, which vary from education to teasing, and from defusing a heated situation to entertainment. In addition to providing a survey of international riddle scholarship, the book has a comprehensive bibliography with suggestions for further reading.

Words as Events introduces the tradition of short, communicative rhyming couplets, the mantinádes, as still sung and recited in a variety of performance situations on the island of Crete. Recently, these poems have also entered modern mass media and they are widely being exchanged as text messages by Cretans. Focusing on the multi-functionality of the short form, Sykäri demonstrates how the traditional register gives voice to individual experiences in spontaneous utterances. In this interdisciplinary study, the reader is invited to become familiar with the current folklore theory of oral poetry, which has a long tradition in Finland. The author combines the results of earlier folkloristic and anthropological insights, and extends the theoretical concerns further to address questions of spontaneity and individual agency.

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