November 29, 2016

New Titles Tuesday November 29

Here's a selection of new additions to the catalogue. For more information about any of these print and eBooks, click on the title. TWU log in may be required.

12: the elements of great managing /Rodd Wagner and James K. Harter.
Based on the largest study of worker attitudes in the world and more than a decade of Gallup research, the authors explain the 12 Elements essential to motivating employees. The book also features the inspiring stories of 12 managers around the world who succeeded in these dimensions.
This text outlines the ten principles at the heart of the Disney business methodology, and examines each in detail by illustrating the principle at work at Disney and other such companies as, 3M, Ford, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Motorola.
Herein lies a priceless collection of inspiration-filled stories and personal testimonies that are a testament to the power and importance of self-esteem at work.

Whether you are an artist, poet, or entrepreneur, this entertaining resource is designed to help you profit from creativity at work or play. In a highly competitive and rapidly changing world The Joy of Not Knowing It All offers hope and opportunity. Ernie Zelinski inspires you to risk, be different, challenge the status quo, ruffle a few feathers, and in the process, truly make a big difference in the world. 

ABC of clinical reasoning /edited by Nicola Cooper, John Frain.
 The ABC of Clinical Reasoning covers core elements of the thinking and decision making associated with clinical practice – from what clinical reasoning is, what it involves and how to teach it. Informed by the latest advances in cognitive psychology, education and studies of expertise

Health and the media: essays on the effects of mass communication /edited by Valentina Marinescu and Bianca Mitu ; foreword by Maria Marczewska-Rytko.
Analyzing the relationship between medicine and the media from different perspectives, these new essays fill a gap in this emerging field, providing new information on approaches to health communication and important reevaluations of health literacy theories.

This guide takes you through the activities of mapping, analysing and then improving patient processes. It is a practical guide and if you are interested in some of the theory, then the annotated bibliography will provide you with a reading list. Each topic is dealt with quite briefly and most of the chapters are stand-alone.

This book reviews the latest research on the relationship between inequality and health. It provides the reader with a pedagogical introduction to the tools and knowledge required to understand and assess the issue.

Tempest-tost /Robertson Davies. PRINT
An amateur production of The Tempest provides a colourful backdrop for an hilarious look at unrequited love. Mathematics teacher Hector Mackilwraith, stirred and troubled by Shakespeare's play, falls in love with the beautiful Griselda Webster. When Griselda shows that she has plans of her own, Hector despairs and tries to commit suicide on the play's opening night.

Every man's battle: winning the war on sexual temptation : one victory at a time /Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey. PRINT
A down-to-earth, step-by-step plan to help men overcome sexual temptation deals with pornography, adultery, and other issues leading men astray

November 23, 2016

New Streaming Video from Curio

Alloway Library users have access to CBC's Curio site which provides online streaming to a variety of programswith their TWU login. Here are some of the newest additions to the Curio catalogue.

The Secret Path
Gord Downie confronts a dark part of Canada's past – the long-suppressed mistreatment of Indigenous children and families by the residential school system – with the hope of starting Canada on a road to reconciliation. Adapted from the album and graphic novel, this haunting animated film chronicles the tragic story of Chanie Wenjack, an Ojibwa boy who died running away from residential school.
Watch The Secret Path now
This is High School, a fly-on-the-wall six-part series, gives audiences unprecedented access into the world of today’s teenagers. Through internet bullying, self-image, anxiety attacks, anger management and the pressure to excel, the series follows the struggles and successes of the students — aided at every turn by tireless teaching staff. School is more than just academics. It’s about preparing emerging adults to survive in an ever-changing world.
Visit the show website

Residential Schools and Hockey (The National)
Duncan McCue explores how hockey provided an outlet for many Indigenous students in Canada's residential school system.
Watch now

Time Bombs
In the spring of 1957, 40 young Canadian soldiers were sent to Nevada on a top secret mission. These young men did not know they would be used as guinea pigs in the most important nuclear test program of the Cold War.
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November 22, 2016

New Titles Tuesday, November 22

Just two titles were added to the catalogue this week- including one by TWU faculty member Phillip Wiebe!  Click on a title for more information. TWU Log in may be required

Intuitive knowing as spiritual experience /Phillip H. Wiebe. PRINT TWU AUTHOR
This book is Wiebe's defense of the claim that a significant form of spiritual experience is found in 'knowing something we have no right to know'. He selects forty-five first-hand accounts from a data-base at the University of Wales to make his case, and, in solidarity with those people, recounts something of his own experience.

Financing human development in Africa, Asia and the Middle East /edited by Marco V. Sanchez and Rob Vos.

How much would poor nations need to invest to eliminate poverty, get all children in school and provide adequate basic health care for all? Can they afford it? Financing Human Development in Africa, Asia and the Middle East provides some clear answers to these questions. The assessments stress the importance of redesigning macroeconomic policies so as to make these more supportive of long-term economic growth and employment creation, while ensuring sufficient investments in human development in order to end poverty and overcome deep-rooted inequalities.

November 15, 2016

New Titles Tuesday November 15

This week, 19  print and ebook titles were added to the catalogue. Click on the title for more information. TWU log in may be required.

Financing for overcoming economic insecurity /edited by Susan Bruce and Katherine Smits.
In Financing for Overcoming Economic Insecurity, leading experts examine the causes and consequences of rising economic insecurity and policy measures that can be adopted to overcome insecurity. The volume contains papers addressing issues of economic insecurity pertaining to both developed and developing countries and caused by both economic factors and natural hazards. It also discusses the issues at both macro and micro levels. The volume’s focus on policy measures, such as redistribution and reinvestment of profit income in developed countries and imposition of capital control and promotion of micro insurance in developing countries, should be of much help to policymakers as well as researchers.

Feminist moments: reading feminist texts /edited by Susan Bruce and Katherine Smits.
The volume brings together texts from literary and analytical works written by women and men, and from inside and outside the Western tradition, including Mary Wortley Montagu, Anna Wheeler and William Thompson, Nazira Zeineddine, Betty Friedan, Andrea Dworkin and Luisa Valenzuela. The volume is unique in offering close readings of key passages from the selected texts, making it ideal for classroom use; its original essays, all authored by specialists, will also be of interest to more advanced scholars. In juxtaposing and analysing a wide range of texts which despite their significance are rarely discussed together, Feminist Moments provides a fascinating historical narrative of feminist thought which will be highly valuable to students and scholars.

Daughters in the house of Jacob: a memoir of migration /by Dorothy M. Peters ; with Christine S. Kampen. PRINT / TWU AUTHOR
This memoir is about two Canadian Mennonite women—a Bible professor and a pastor—and a surprising story of migration that traces their vocational calling across generations and gender, back to their Bible teaching-preaching grandfather Jacob and to their unforgettable great-grandmother Agatha. The authors interview elder-storytellers and investigate leads through a trail of letters, pictures, and documents, while reflecting on their own journeys and solving a few mysteries along the way. Warmly, and with astonishing honesty, cousins Dorothy Peters and Christine Kampen relate ‘who we are’ as women with a God-call to ministry. They draw us into the ‘surprises, secrets, and treasures’ of their wonderfully complicated family saga.
Faith and Wisdom in Science presents science as the current flourishing of a very old and deeply human story. Weaving material from the modern science of the unpredictable together with ancient biblical and historical material it takes a fresh approach to the 'science and religion' debate - taking a scientist's reading of the enigmatic and beautiful Book of Job as a centerpiece, and asking what science might ultimately be for. It makes the case for a story as human as any other - pain, love, desire, reconciliation, risk and healing emerge as surprising ingredients without which science is rootless. Rather than conflicting with faith, science can be seen as a deeply religious activity. 

Irreconcilable differences?: fostering dialogue among philosophy, theology, and science /edited by Jason C. Robinson and David A. Peck ; foreword by Brian McLaren
This book engages three academic disciplines--distinct yet sharing much in common--in a slice of conversation and community in which participants have aimed at validating the other and the way the other sees the world. The result is a collection of essays united by a thread that can be hard to find in academia. The editors are hopeful that its contributors and readers will keep looking for ways to bridge academic, social, and political gaps.

Jeanie Gilchrist  [c.1860-1903] was a missionary to what is now the country of Zambia. This book begins with the story of the dramatic conversion of her father during the 1859 Revival and ends with her death in Africa in 1903.

Missionary adventures [electronic resource]: a simple history of the S.P.G. /Georgiana M. Forde ; with a preface by Edward Talbot.
The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (S.P.G) was founded in 1701 as an overseas missionary organisation of the church of England. Georgiana Forde provides us with a short history of the mission in which 15,000 men and women served.

Best-selling author of The One-Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard, along with Phil Hodges, reveals the meaning of servant leadership modeled after Jesus Christ. Based on Blanchard's and Hodges' Faith Walk seminars, business leaders come to realize that teams are more powerful than the sum of the individuals and to recognize their people as appreciating assets.  Readers seeking to grow as leaders and business executives will find Servant Leader nothing short of life-changing.

Paul Tripp unmasks the hollow lies of this world, directing readers to the liberating power of the gospel and offering real-world advice for fighting sexual and financial idolatry.

A sound of abundance of rain  [electronic resource] /by Campbell N. Moody.
This short booklet is a report on the progress of British Presbyterian Missions in the Far East during from 1934-1936. It covers missions work in India, Singapore, Formosa (Taiwan) and mainland China.

The story of the Bible Society [electronic resource] /by Sir William Canton.
“In the following pages an attempt has been made to sketch the origin, growth, and progress of the British and Foreign Bible Society during the hundred years which began on the 7th March 1804.”

Thomas J. Comber was a missionary pioneer and leader of the Baptist Missionary Society work in the Congo.

Adrift on an ice-pan [electronic resource] /by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.
Adrift on an Ice Pan is the best known of the autobiographical accounts of Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, the famous Labrador doctor. Originally published in 1909, it has sparked much discussion over Dr. Grenfell’s character: his legendary ingenuity, evangelical faith, and love of adventure.

Down North on the Labrador  [electronic resource] /by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.
A collection of stories from Wildred Grenfell’s career as a missionary on the Labrador Coast.

The fishermen's saint  [electronic resource] /by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.
This little book is an address by Wilfred Grenfell – missionary to deep sea fishermen – on St. Andrew, the Patron Saint of fishermen.

Grenfell of Labrador [electronic resource] /by James Johnston, A.T.S. ... With portrait, map and twenty-six illustrations.
“It is twenty years since Dr. Grenfell was appointed Superintendent of the work being carried on by the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, and from the day he gave himself to the cause of the fishermen his life may be said to have been one long, ceaseless effort to uplift and help the men whose lot he has made his own, and whose perils and hardships he has ever since been sharing.

Tales of the Labrador [electronic resource] /by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.
These stories picture the lives of simple, hardy fishermen and their Esquimo neighbors, their hard fight with an always hostile nature, and the traits of sturdiness, honesty and self-sacrifice which their stern life develops. As a picture of life in a little-known part of the world the book is interesting; as it reveals the author's lore for and loyalty to the people, it commands sympathy. It is so very readable and human that it cannot fail to find a hearty welcome among Dr. Grenfell's many admirers. 

The romance of Labrador [electronic resource] /by Sir Wilfred Grenfell ; Ill. by D. Ross.
This book is an attempt to record the scientific and historic facts about Labrador, as far as they are known. It is the observations of a medical man, who has spent much of the past forty years on those coasts.

What Christ means to me [electronic resource] /by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.
Sir Wilfred Grenfell recounts the story of his conversion and how this led to him becoming a missionary in Canada.

November 08, 2016

New Titles Tuesday November 8

Here is a sample of the twenty seven titles added to the catalogue this week.  Nearly all the titles featured today are scholarly books from Bloomsbury Collections’s award-winning Academic division spanning the humanities and social sciences and featuring the latest research publications from Bloomsbury
Click on a title to learn more. TWU login may be required.
The history, development, theory, and practice of distributed denial of service actions as a tactic of political activism. Grounding the analysis historically, focusing on early deployments of activist DDOS as well as modern instances to trace its development over time, this book uses activist DDOS actions as the foundation of a larger analysis of the practice of disruptive civil disobedience on the internet.

Connected sociologies /Gurmider Bhambra.
Gurmider K. Bhambra takes up the classical concerns of sociology and social theory and shows how they are being rethought through an engagement with postcolonial studies, one of the most distinctive critical approaches of the past two decades. She also discusses the significance of the research programme surrounding coloniality and modernity that has emerged recently from Latin America.

Michael Gardiner examines the ideology of the discipline of English Literature in the light of the serious redefining work on England and Englishness that has been conducted in Political Studies in the last decade. His claim is that English Literature has lost its form since its methodology and canonicity depended so heavily on a constitutional form which can no longer be defended.

Ann Oakley has written a fascinating and highly readable account of the life and work of Barbara Wootton, but the book goes much further. It is an engaged account of the making of British social policy at a critical period seen through the lens of the life and work of a pivotal figure. Oakley tells a story about the intersections of the public and the private and about the way her subject's life unfolded within, was shaped by, and helped to shape a particular social and intellectual context.."

Darcus Howe; a political biography /Robin Bunce, Paul Field.
Examines the struggle for racial justice in Britain, through the lens of one of Britain’s most prominent and controversial black journalists and campaigners. The book sheds new light on Howe’s leading role in the defining struggles in Britain against institutional racism in the police, the courts and the media. It focuses on his part as a defendant in the trial of the Mangrove Nine, the high point of Black Power in Britain; his role in conceiving and organizing the Black People’s Day of Action, the largest ever demonstration by the black community in Britain; and his later work as one of a prominent journalist and political commentator.’

Using sociological research with dying migrants and care professionals, Death and the Migrant describes the unfolding drama and ordinary predicaments of transnational dying in British Cities.

By exploring the concept of political violence from the perspective of critical political theory, Neera Chandhoke investigates its nature, justification and contradictions. She uses the case study of Maoist revolutionaries in India to globalize and relocate the debate alongside questions of social injustice, exploitation, oppression and imperfect democracies. As such, this is an important and much-needed contribution to the dialogue surrounding revolutionary violence.

The first ever study devoted to the many deep cultural connections between dress and law.The author’s radical thesis is that “law is dress and dress is law”. Engaging with sources from The Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare, Carlyle, Dickens and Damien Hirst, Professor Watt draws a revealing history of dress and civil order and offers challenging conclusions about the nature of truth and the potential for individuals to fit within the forms of civil life.

Here stories of justice, cultural visions, society and politics interlace with stories of land and life, ecosystems and body cells, pollution and redemption. Ecocriticism and Italy reads Italy as a text - a compound text made of matter and imagination - always keeping in mind the link between the horizon of this country and the world’s larger ecology of ideas and matter. Challenging stereotypes and ambivalent clichés, this book uses ecocriticism as a way to give voice to the forces, wounds, and messages of creativity dispersed on Italy’s body, arguing that a literature, an art, and a criticism that are able to transform these unexpressed voices into stories - into our stories - are not only ways to resist; they are a practice of liberation.

Clare Saunders’ book is an important contribution to the literature on social movements and environmentalism. Using the concept of 'environmental networks', it explores the extent to which social movement theory helps us understand how a broad range of environmental organizations interact. It considers the practicalities of social movement theories and it goes on to relate them to the practices of environmental networks. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with environmental issues, politics and movements.

The book will recover a critical conception of the nexus between Europe and Africa - a relationship of significance across the humanities and social sciences. In assessing this historical concept the authors shed light on the process of European integration, African decolonization and the current conflictual relationship between Europe and Africa.

Alex Standish argues that we can only educate children about the world if we are clear about the boundaries that provide education with its moral worth. These include the boundaries between: education and political activity, public and private realms, education and training, theoretical and everyday knowledge, communities, and subject disciplines. The False Promise of Global Learning demonstrates that the nature and purpose of education has become confused with social, economic, political, and therapeutic aims, and that control over the curriculum has been taken away from teachers and communities. This is a hard-hitting work that will resonate with all who have a stake in how - and why - we educate our children.

The follow up to Chris Rojek's hugely successful Celebrity, this book assesses celebrity culture today. It explores how the fads, fashions and preoccupations of celebrities enter the popular lifeblood, explains what is distinctive about contemporary celebrity, and reveals the psychological, social and economic consequences of fame both upon the public and celebrities themselves. The book develops the framework for looking at celebrity culture which Rojek set out back in 2001, by showing how ascribed celebrity, achieved celebrity and celetoids overlap. The book gives a new emphasis to the role of the media and public relations in engineering fame, and the psychological consequences of celebrity - notably Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Celebrity Worship Syndrome. The book is a landmark contribution in explaining how celebrities dominate the social horizon and why we need them.

Families; beyond the nuclear ideal /edited by Daniela Cutas and Sarah Chan.
This book examines, through a multi-disciplinary lens, the possibilities offered by relationships and family forms that challenge the nuclear family ideal, and some of the arguments that recommend or disqualify these as legitimate units in our societies. That children should be conceived naturally, born to and raised by their two young, heterosexual, married to each other, genetic parents; that this relationship between parents is also the ideal relationship between romantic or sexual partners; and that romance and sexual intimacy ought to be at the core of our closest personal relationships - all these elements converge towards the ideal of the nuclear family. The authors consider a range of relationship and family structures that depart from this ideal: polyamory and polygamy, single and polyparenting, parenting by gay and lesbian couples, as well as families created through current and prospective modes of assisted human reproduction such as surrogate motherhood, donor insemination, and reproductive cloning.
The Oxford handbook of Roman Egypt /edited by Christina Riggs. [Print]
This Handbook is unique in drawing together many different strands of research on Roman Egypt, in order to suggest both the state of knowledge in the field and the possibilities for collaborative, synthetic, and interpretive research. Arranged in seven thematic sections, each of which includes essays from a variety of disciplinary vantage points and multiple sources of information, it offers new perspectives, featuring individual essay topics, themes, and intellectual juxtapositions.

November 01, 2016

New Titles Tuesday, November 1

Here a 
Here are 15 new additions to our catalogue. Click on the title to view any of these ebooks. TWU login may be required.

Four chapters addressing the current issues facing intellectual property, innovation and development policy in Brazil. Each chapter examines a policy area that significantly impacts access to knowledge in Brazil. These include: exceptions and limitations to copyright, free software and open business models, patent reform and access to medicines, and open innovation in the biotechnology sector.

Are South Africans free? /Lawrence Hamilton.
Lawrence Hamilton is an internationally-known political theorist, who has
spent ten years teaching in South African universities. In this unique book he brings ideas - political and philosophical - to the fore to understand a contemporary political conundrum. He outlines the persistent, unresolved problems characterizing contemporary South Africa. Hamilton argues that freedom as power in South Africa does not depend on good will, charity or duty, and it goes beyond the complete realization of the political and civil liberties currently safeguarded in its constitution.

This book challenges predominant understandings of the historical linkages
that make up the (post-) colonial world. The author goes beyond both the domination of the Atlantic viewpoint, and the correctives now being offered by South Pacific and Indian Ocean studies, to look at how the Atlantic ecumene is refracted in and has influenced the Pacific ecumene. The book is empirically rich, using extensive interviews, participation and archival work and focusing on the politics of Black Power and the Rastafari faith. It is also theoretically sophisticated, offering an innovative hermeneutical critique of post-colonial and subaltern studies.

This book considers the social and economic damage wrought by neo-liberalism, in Britain and beyond. Paul Taylor analyses the effects of the increasing inequalities of income and wealth in recent years, concluding that a wide range of problems for the middle sections of society can be traced to the appearance of a class of the 'über-rich', the example they set and the demands they make. He takes the view that what has happened is the opposite of the much vaunted 'trickle-down effect'; there is actually a 'trickle-up effect' not only in the distribution of wealth but also in the ownership of property and access to education, medicine and the law. The book is highly relevant to the current crisis in the global financial system, especially with regard to its effects in the UK and USA, but it places that crisis in the context of wider developments.
Censorship in varying forms has been part of human experience for 2,500 years and has proved to be a recurring presence for political thought, whether as active repression, a shaping context for expression, or as itself a subject for analysis and argument. Censorship Moments provides short, accessible and stimulating essays on a variety of these responses. Each chapter pairs a textual ‘moment’ of writing on censorship by a past writer with analysis by an expert current scholar.

Climate protection and development /editors, Frank Ackerman, Richard Kozul-Wright, Rob Vos.
This is not a story of gloom and doom, of inevitable climate catastrophe. On the contrary, this book spells out, in more detail than usual, what can and should be done to avert the real risks of disaster.  Climate Protection and Development summons us to an endeavour worthy of the resources and ingenuity of the twenty-first century - towards bold initiatives with big costs, and much bigger benefits.  It presents a challenging agenda, and highlights the needs and perspectives of developing countries which may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable to readers in high-income countries. T
James D. Boys sheds new light on the evolution and execution of US Grand Strategy from 1993 to 2001. He examines the core components of the strategy (National Security, Prosperity Promotion and Democracy Promotion) and how they were implemented, revealing a hitherto unexplored continuity from campaign trail to the White House. Covering the entire duration of Clinton’s presidential odyssey, from his 1991 Announcement Speech to his final day in office, the book draws extensively on newly declassified primary materials and interviews by the author with key members of the Clinton administration to reveal for the first time the development and implementation of US Grand Strategy from deep within the West Wing of the Clinton White House.

This book offers a rich description and analysis of the emerging participatory, co-creative relationships within the videogames industry. Banks discusses the challenges of incorporating these co-creative relationships into the development process. Drawing on a decade of research within the industry, the book gives us valuable insight into the continually changing and growing world of video games.

Forty years for Labrador /by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.
Forty Years For Labrador is an expanded and updated version of Wilfred Grenfell’s earlier autobiography, A Labrador Doctor.

In this study, I examine the life narrative of a female factory labourer, Elsa Koskinen (née Kiikkala, born in 1927). Elsa’s life touches upon many of the core aspects of 20th-century social change: changes in women’s roles, the entrance of middle- class women into working life, women’s increasing participation in the public sphere, feminist movements, upward social mobility, the expansion of the middle class, the growth of welfare and the appearance of new technologies.

A history of the Oxford mission to Calcutta /originally written by George Longridge and now completed with an additional chapter down to 1909 ; with a Preface by Edward Stuart Talbot ; rev. and abridged for the 2d ed. by W. H. Hutton.
George Longridge’s original history of the Oxford Mission to Calcutta was revised and abridged by W.H. Hutton [1860-1930] for the 2nd edition in 1910.

There are many books about how the internet is changing business or the workplace or government. But this is the first book about something much more fundamental: how the internet is transforming the nature of our collective intelligence and how we understand the world. Reinventing Discovery tells the exciting story of an unprecedented new era of networked science. This is a book for anyone who wants to understand how the online world is revolutionizing scientific discovery today--and why the revolution is just beginning

This book is based on material drawn from all over the world and analyses both traditional true riddles and contemporary joking questions. It introduces the reader to different riddling situations and the many functions of riddles, which vary from education to teasing, and from defusing a heated situation to entertainment. In addition to providing a survey of international riddle scholarship, the book has a comprehensive bibliography with suggestions for further reading.

Words as Events introduces the tradition of short, communicative rhyming couplets, the mantinádes, as still sung and recited in a variety of performance situations on the island of Crete. Recently, these poems have also entered modern mass media and they are widely being exchanged as text messages by Cretans. Focusing on the multi-functionality of the short form, Sykäri demonstrates how the traditional register gives voice to individual experiences in spontaneous utterances. In this interdisciplinary study, the reader is invited to become familiar with the current folklore theory of oral poetry, which has a long tradition in Finland. The author combines the results of earlier folkloristic and anthropological insights, and extends the theoretical concerns further to address questions of spontaneity and individual agency.