October 25, 2016

New Titles Tuesday October 25

Ten print and ebook titles were added to the catalogue this week. Click on the title for more information.

Information literacy: research and collaboration across disciplines /edited by Barbara J. D'Angelo, Sandra Jamieson, Barry Maid and Janice R. Walker.
One of our goals for this collection was to bring together the rich scholarship and pedagogy from multiple perspectives and disciplines to provide a broader and more complex understanding of IL in the second decade of the 21st century. Further, we hoped that a collection that bridged the disciplinary divide would advance the notion of shared responsibility and accountability for the teaching, learning, and research of IL in the academy: faculty, librarians, administrators, and external stakeholders such as accrediting agencies and the businesses/industries that employ our graduates.

Adlerian theory: an introduction /by Eva Dreikurs Ferguson. PRINT
Concise introduction to Adlerian Individual Psychology, appropriate both for academic and general readership.

Deciding: self-deception in life choices /Tod Stratton Sloan. PRINT
An original inquiry into the nature of major life decisions. Sloan uses biographical data and absorbing excerpts from life history interviews to clarify puzzling life turning-points.

This handbook provides a concise, authoritative and up to date guide to best practice in therapy for older people, for a wide range of mental health professionals. The editors bring together chapters by experienced trainers and clinicians that cover all the significant problems and issues in the assessment and treatment of emotional disorders in later life. Throughout the book, key research and clinical experience is reported as underlying evidence based treatment, but the emphasis is on practical guidance for assessment and interventions, rather than detailed discussion of methodological issues. With each chapter written by a specialist in their field, a range of expertise is provided in a single source, making this book an invaluable resource for anyone dealing with the mental health needs of older people.

Sexual misconduct in counseling and ministry /Peter Mosgofian and George Ohlschlager. PRINT
Combining their extensive counseling experience and legal expertise, the authors offer a well-written, practical book addressing the thorny issues of sexual exploitation by religious professionals. Prevention and response are both covered.

Dying: considerations concerning the passage from life to death /Lawrence Whytehead, Paul Chidwick, editors ; Task Force on Human Life, Anglican Church of Canada. PRINT
This excellent book has been compiled by a group of doctors, nurses, clergy and a lawyer in association with the Anglican Church of Canada. Throughout its pages, there is an authentic and unemotionally realistic presentation of the dilemmas of this vast subject. This book is packed with important guidance on medical, ethical and spiritual issues of dying and should certainly be included in the libraries of medical and nursing schools as as well as theological colleges.

Paul: in fresh perspective /N.T. Wright. PRINT
Wright's accessible new volume, built on his Cambridge University Hulsean Lectures of 2004, takes a fresh look at Paul in light of recent understandings of his Jewish roots, his attitude toward the Roman Empire, and his unique reframing of Jewish symbols after his experience of the risen Christ. Wright includes a short systematic account of the main theological contours of Paul's thought and its pertinence for the church today.

Charting a healthy future for North America's birds [electronic resource] /Jeff Wells ... [et al.]
Findings from this new research reinforce that billions of birds start their migration in one important region: North America’s Boreal Forest. And they strengthen the scientific consensus around a bold approach for protecting the Boreal. Together these technologies are helping unleash the next century of migratory bird conservation.

David Douglas, a Naturalist at Work is a colorfully illustrated collection of essays that examines various aspects of Douglas's career, demonstrating the connections between his work in the Pacific Northwest of the 19th century and the place we know today. From the Columbia River's perilous bar to luminous blooms of mountain wildflowers; from ever-changing frontiers of technology to the quiet seasonal rhythms of tribal families gathering roots, these essays collapse time to shed light on people and landscapes.

Nostalgia for the present: ethnography and photography in a Moroccan Berber village /text by David Crawford ; photos by Bart Deseyn with Abdelkrim Bamouh.
The fruit of a collaboration among an ethnographer, a photographer, a group of Moroccan farmers, and Abdelkrim Bamouh--a native intellectual whose deep understanding of rural Morocco made him not merely a translator but a facilitator of the dialogue. The result is an arresting portrait of everyday life in Tagharghist, a contemporary High Atlas village. Nostalgia for the Present is both a memorialization of a people and a way of life, and a rich foray into the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration.

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