October 11, 2016

New Titles Tuesday: October 11

We are thankful for these 17 titles added to the catalogue last week.  For more information about any of these books, click on the title; TWU Login may be required.

Alternative development strategies for the post-2015 era /edited by José Antonio Alonso, Giovanni Andrea Cornia, Rob Vos.
Provides new ideas to address today's global development challenges, evaluating past experience and exploring answers for the future.

Basic income: a transformative policy for India /Sarath Davala, Renana Jhabvala , Soumya Kapoor Mehta and Guy Standing.
This book draws on two pilot schemes conducted in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, in which thousands of men, women and children were provided with an unconditional monthly cash payment. The book draws on a series of evaluation surveys conducted over the course of the eighteen months in which the main pilot was in operation, supplemented with detailed case studies of individuals and families. It looks at the impact on health and nutrition, on schooling, on economic activity, women’s agency and the welfare of those with disabilities. Above all, the book considers whether or not a basic income could be transformative, in not only improving individual and family welfare but in promoting economic growth and development, as well as having an emancipatory effect for people long mired in conditions of poverty and economic insecurity.

The first edition of this book attracted a record number of online hits. Busy public sector managers now have available to them an updated version that integrates an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that incorporates the many practical tips needed for successful procurement activity.

The first comprehensive historical analysis of public debt ownership in the United States. It reveals that ownership of federal bonds has been increasingly concentrated in the hands of the 1 percent over the last three decades. Based on extensive and original research, Public Debt, Inequality, and Power will shock and enlighten.

Tells the extraordinary story of the 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education in California, created by visionary University of California President Clark Kerr and his contemporaries. The Master Plan's equality of opportunity policy brought college within reach of millions of American families for the first time and fashioned the world's leading system of public research universities. Yet remarkably, the political conditions supporting the California idea in California itself have evaporated. Can the social values embodied in Kerr's vision be renewed?

Syntax of Dutch /Hans Broekhuis ... [et al.].
A synthesis of the currently available syntactic knowledge of Dutch. It is primarily concerned with language description and not with linguistic theory, and provides support to all researchers interested in matters relating to the syntax of Dutch, including advanced students of language and linguistics.

The Cambridge companion to medieval logic /edited by Catarina Dutilh Novaes and Stephen Read.
This volume, the first dedicated and comprehensive companion to medieval logic, covers both the Latin and the Arabic traditions, and shows that they were in fact sister traditions, which both arose against the background of a Hellenistic heritage and which influenced one another over the centuries. The volume is divided into two parts, 'Periods and Traditions' and 'Themes', allowing readers to engage with the subject from both historical and more systematic perspectives. It will be a must-read for students and scholars of medieval philosophy, the history of logic, and the history of ideas.

The Cambridge companion to Popper /edited by Jeremy Shearmur (Australian National University), Geoffrey Stokes (RMIT University).
This book sets out the historical and intellectual contexts in which Popper worked, and offers an overview and diverse criticisms of his central ideas. The volume brings together contributors with expertise on Popper's work, including people personally associated with Popper, specialists on the topics treated, and scholars with special interests in aspects of Popper's work.

Purely objective reality /by John Deely.
This volume solves the problem of the subjectivity/objectivity couplet, making an indispensable contribution both to semiotics and to philosophy. Foremost American philosopher, John Deely, offers the first sustained and theoretically consistent interrogation of the means by which human understanding of 'reality' will be instrumental in the survival  or destruction – of planet Earth.

Robert Singh argues that Obama's approach of 'strategic engagement' was appropriate for a new era of constrained internationalism, but it has yielded modest results. Obama's search for the pragmatic middle has cost him political support at home and abroad, whilst failing to make decisive gains. Singh suggests by calibrating his foreign policies to the emergence of a 'post-American' world, the president has yet to preside over a renaissance of US global leadership.
Clinical handbook of couple therapy /edited by Alan S. Gurman.
Lauded as "the definitive Handbook of Couple Therapy," this authoritative work provides a definitive overview of the major models of couple therapy and their clinical applications. In the newly revised and expanded fourth edition, leaders in the field describe the history, theoretical and empirical underpinnings, and methods of each approach. The treatment of specific problems and populations is then addressed, complete with detailed illustrations of therapeutic strategies and techniques. Important new topics include treating borderline personality disorder in couple therapy, working with remarried partners, culturally competent practice with African American clients, and legal and ethical issues.

With accessible language, a concise structure, and a wide range of practical examples, this is a very popular easy-to-read introduction to the ideas and practices of narrative therapy. This book covers a broad spectrum of narrative practices including externalisation, re-membering, therapeutic letter writing, and the use of rituals, leagues, reflecting teams, and much more. If you are a therapist, health worker, or community worker who is trying to apply narrative ideas in your own context, this book has been written with you in mind.

Facets of Facebook: use and users /Katsiaryna S. Baran and Kathrin Knautz.
This collected volume gathers a broad spectrum of social science and information science articles about Facebook. We also consider Facebook as a source for local temporary history and respond to acceptance and quality perceptions of this social network service, as well. It is a much needed compilation written by leading scholars in the fields of investigation of the impact of Web 2.0.
Scale: discourse and dimensions of social life /edited by E. Summerson Carr and Michael Lempert.
This pathbreaking volume attends to the practical labor of scale-making and the communicative practices this labor requires. From an ethnographic perspective, the authors demonstrate that scale is practice and process before it becomes product, whether in the work of projecting the commons, claiming access to the big picture, or scaling the seriousness of a crime.

The Cambridge companion to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament /edited by Stephen B. Chapman and Marvin A. Sweeney.
This Companion offers a concise and engaging introduction to the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. Providing an up-to-date 'snapshot' of scholarship, it includes essays, specially commissioned for this volume, by twenty-three leading scholars. The volume examines a range of topics, including the historical and religious contexts for the contents of the biblical canon, and critical approaches and methods, as well as newer topics such as the Hebrew Bible in Islam, Western art and literature, and contemporary politics. This Companion is an excellent resource for students at university and graduate level, as well as for laypeople and scholars in other fields who would like to gain an understanding of the current state of the academic discussion.

The prime object of this brief manual is to present as clearly, and in as small a compass as possible,  a simple statement of the principal facts and incidents connected with the present state of the work in various parts of the world. The author has carefully read and studied all the communications of the missionaries which have been published from the beginning; as well as some valuable manuscripts preserved at the Mission House which have been placed at his disposal. The information gleaned from these interesting records has been carefully tabulated, analysed and used after being tested by the writer’s personal experience and observation during the past fifty years.

The Cambridge companion to Newton /edited by Rob Iliffe, University of Oxford, George E. Smith, Tufts University.
This new edition of The Cambridge Companion to Newton provides authoritative introductions to his endeavours as well as to many aspects of his physics. It includes a revised bibliography, a new introduction and six new chapters: updating previous chapters on Newton's mathematics, his chemistry and alchemy and the reception of his religious views, his ancient chronology and the treatment of continuous and discontinuous forces in his second law of motion.

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