September 15, 2016

Changes to Canadian Electronic Library will affect embedded links.

Faculty and other scholars who have saved or embedded links to any items from the Canadian Electronic Library (CEL) which includes Canadian Public Policy Collection (CPC; approx. 10,000 items) and CanadianHealth Research Collection (CHRC; approx. 12,000 items) collection, need to be aware that those links will no longer connect to the desired articles in the near future.

This is because the CEL collection is moving again to another service provider, and as a result, Alloway Library will have to delete and replace all the records and enter new links to the articles which are now hosted by desLibris.  

Alloway Library's system administrator, Shirley Lee is planning to update the records for some 22,000 ebooks in the collection this week. She expects that there will be a transition period when someone trying to use the old link at eBrary/Proquest will be automatically redirected to the new link at desLibris. 

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