August 23, 2016

New Titles Tuesday for August 23, 2016

Twenty-five new print and electronic book titles  were added to our catalogue in the past week. Here’s a sample. Click on a title to view more information. You can place a hold on print material with an “available soon” status and we will have it ready for pick up within a day.

The almost Christian discovered, or, The false professor tried and cast /by Matthew Mead ; foreword by John MacArthur. (Print)
In typical Puritan fashion, Mead shows the many ways that a person can be deceived into thinking he is a Christian when, in fact, he is merely an "almost Christian." Short and readable, this classic will help you to examine yourself to see if you are, indeed, in the faith. Mead's purpose is two-fold: to shake nominal believers who may be very "religious" out of their complacency, and to give true believers the comfort of their security.

The emergence of Ukraine:  self-determination, occupation, and war in Ukraine, 1917-1922 /Wolfram Dornik, Georgiy Kasianov, Hannes Leidinger,  et al ;translated from the German by Gus Fagan.
This book is a collection of essays by prominent historians from Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and Russia, who undertook a thorough and detailed study of one, as yet, inadequately researched aspect of the First World War--the occupation of Ukraine by the Central Powers in 1918. The book provides a new and fresh perspective on the historical context of Ukraine’s struggle for independence following the First World War.

Eyewitness to history /edited by John Carey. (print)
Civilization's most momentous events come vibrantly alive in this magnificent collection of over three hundred eyewitness accounts spanning twenty-four turbulent centuries -- remarkable recollections of battles, atrocities, disasters, coronations, assassinations and discoveries that shaped the course of history, all related in vivid detail by observers on the scene.

Federal husband /Douglas Wilson. (print)
Federal Husband is a short yet powerful defense against the modern trend that seeks to erase the distinguishing characteristics between men and women particularly as it relates to the God-ordained roles assigned to men husbands and fathers.  

Each Sunday of the Christian Year is given three pages of creative and helpful suggestions. The great strength of Brown's approach is that she starts in the best possible place: with the Scripture readings for the day, briefly explicating them "from a child's point of view."

Future men /Douglas Wilson. (print)
How do we build our sons to be tough but not arrogant? mannered but not soft? imaginative but not lazy? bold but not hollow? Future Men is a Christian guide to raising strong, virtuous sons, contrary to the effeminacy and sentimentalism of contemporary culture.

Debbie Maken proposes that marriage is the fundamental design and structure for life that God chose for his people. She argues that the church needs to reemphasize the importance of the gift of marriage. This book issues a challenge to churches in their teaching and attitudes toward singleness and to believers in their understanding of God's intentions regarding marriage.

Golf's sacred journey: seven days at the links of utopia /a novel by David L. Cook ; foreword by Tom Lehman. (print)
Golfers and non-golfers alike will be moved by the powerful transformation that takes place in Golf's Sacred Journey. Inspired by thousands of athletes he has counseled and mentors and teachers from whom he has learned, David Cook tells a story about a "chance" meeting between a fictitious golf professional and his unorthodox mentor. This book is about influence and learning life's lessons in places we never expected to learn them.

The implementation of the Lord’s Supper /Huldrych Zwingli ; translation and Introduction by Jim West.
The German title of this short work is literally rendered, “Action or Practice of the Lord’s Supper,” a title that may leave modern readers of English scratching their heads. It is literally a step by step, line by line, phrase by phrase, and word by word implementation of the celebration of the Lord’s Supper for Zwingli’s newly-reformed congregation in Zurich and elsewhere in the German-speaking cantons of the Swiss Confederation.

Living on the land [electronic resource]: indigenous women's understanding of place /edited by Nathalie Kermoal and Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez.
Living on the Land examines how patriarchy, gender, and colonialism have shaped the experiences of Indigenous women as both knowers and producers of knowledge. From a variety of methodological perspectives, contributors to the volume explore the nature and scope of Indigenous women’s knowledge, its rootedness in relationships both human and spiritual, and its inseparability from land and landscape. Together, these contributions point to a distinctive set of challenges and possibilities for Indigenous women and their communities.

Much ado about nothing /William Shakespeare ; edited by Peter Holland. (print)
Here is an elegant and clear text for either the study or the rehearsal room, notes where you need them and the distinguished scholarship of the general editors, Stephen Orgel and A. R. Braunmuller who understand that these are plays for performance as well as great texts for contemplation.

The principle of loyalty in EU law /Christine Janssens.
The book offers the first treatment in English to provide a thorough examination of the legal duties falling under the principle of loyalty in EU public law. The principle of sincere cooperation has had a significant impact in deepening the reach of EU law within the Member States. The book explains why the principle of loyalty has been neglected in the prevailing narratives about the constitutionalization of EU law, places it in its international context, examining how it has influenced EU law and the comparisons that can be drawn with national and international principles of law.

In this widely acclaimed and highly controversial book, Paul Kurtz examines the reasons why people accept supernatural and paranormal belief systems in spite of substantial evidence to the contrary. According to the author, it is because there is within the human species a deeply rooted tendency toward magical thinking - the "transcendental temptation" - which undermines critical judgment and paves the way for willful beliefs. He explores in detail the three major monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - finding striking psychological and sociological parallels between these religions, the spiritualism of the 19th century, and the paranormal belief systems of today. There are sections on mysticism, belief in the afterlife, the existence of God, reincarnation, astrology, and ufology. Kurtz also explains the nature of skepticism as an antidote to belief in the transcendental.

This book fills a major gap in the history of Kamloops, B.C. by acknowledging women's role in molding societal values, developing community goals and providing essential services in health care, education, and cultural development through their service with volunteer associations that cared for Kamloops.

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