May 03, 2016

New Titles Tuesday: May 22, 2015

Twenty five print and eBooks were  added to the catalogue this week.  Click on a title to view more information. TWU login may be required. To obtain "Available Soon" print item please place a hold in the catalogue.
Earth Sciences

 Urbanization, biodiversity and ecosystem services: challenges and opportunities:  a global assessment /edited by Thomas Elmqvist, Michail Fragkias, Julie Goodness, et al

Focused on the challenges to implement sustainability in diverse contexts such as agribusiness, natural resource systems and new technologies. The experiences made by the researchers of the School of Agricultural, Forestry, Food and Environmental Science (SAFE) of the University of Basilicata offer a wide and multidisciplinary approach to the identification and testing of different solutions tailored to the economic, social and environmental characteristics of the region and the surrounding areas.

Presents the results from the Japanese Fisheries Research Agency’s 3-year intensive monitoring of radionuclides in a variety of fish, plankton, benthos, and their living environments after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FNPP) accident in March 2011. Replete with precise scientific data, this book will serve as an important resource for research in fields such as fishery science, oceanography, ecology, and environmentology, and also as a solid basis for protecting fisheries from damage resulting from harmful rumors among the general public.

Compares the lessons learned from a wetland-perspective approach to the changing climate and the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) with regard to environmental conservation. Examples from Germany and Poland are discussed due to the efficiency of their respective implementations of water conservation policies.


Learning in virtual worlds [electronic resource]: research and applications /edited by Sue Gregory, Mark J.W. Lee, Barney Dalgarno, and Belinda Tynan.
In this authoritative collection, a team of international experts outline the emerging trends and developments in the use of 3D virtual worlds for teaching and learning. They explore aspects of learner interaction with virtual worlds, such as user wayfinding in Second Life, communication modes and perceived presence, and accessibility issues for elderly or disabled learners. They also examine advanced technologies that hold potential for the enhancement of learner immersion and discuss best practices in the design and implementation of virtual world-based learning interventions and tasks.

The 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12) brought together 4700 experts from 100 countries, working to understand all of the intellectual and attitudinal challenges in the subject of mathematics education as a multidisciplinary research and practice. This work aims to serve as a platform for deeper, more sensitive and more collaborative involvement of all major contributors towards educational improvement and in research on the nature of teaching and learning in mathematics education.

Health Sciences

Documents the need and necessary structure for support groups for people with AIDS, their families and friends, and for caregivers. Solicited comments also reveal how support groups helped, and occasionally hindered, day-to-day existence.

 Community nutrition for developing countries [electronic resource] /edited by Norman J. Temple and Nelia Steyn.
A book that meets the needs of nutritionists and other health professionals living and working in developing countries. Written by both scholars and practitioners, the volume draws on their wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding of nutrition in developing countries to provide nutrition professionals with all the information they require.


Diarmuid and Grania: manuscript materials /by W.B. Yeats and George Moore ; edited by J.C.C. Mays.

Provides a robustly theorised and thoroughly historicised account of the ‘beginnings’ of Irish gothic fiction, maps the theoretical terrain covered by other critics, and puts forward a new history of the emergence of the genre in Ireland. The book gives ample space to the critical debate, and rigorously defends a reading of the Irish gothic as an Anglican, Patriot tradition.

 Manuscript materials for both the prose and verse renditions of The King of the Great Clock Tower and all of the drafts that resulted in A Full Moon in March. It also includes drafts of Yeats's prefaces and program notes for the plays, as well as staging information and cast photographs of the production of The King of the Great Clock Tower at the Abbey.

The king's threshold: manuscript materials /by W.B. Yeats ; edited by Declan Kiely.
The Cornell Yeats edition of this play about a bard's hunger strike includes the preliminary notes and first prose drafts dictated by Yeats to his patron and collaborator, Lady Gregory, in March and April 1903. As well as providing an outline of the play, these preliminary notes identify contemporary persons on whom some of the characters were based. Other features of this edition include Yeats's first blank verse drafts, heavily revised and corrected typescripts and galley proofs, and notes for the changes made between 1904 and 1906. Uniquely, this edition presents all four versions of the play, spanning thirty years of Yeats's efforts to perfect it.

Traces the ways in which Mark Twain was formed by, and sought to manipulate, the ideology of gender. Stoneley goes beyond generalizations to provide a detailed analysis; his book will be of interest to scholars and students of American literature, cultural history and gender studies.
Political Studies

 The Upper Guinea coast in global perspective /edited by Jacqueline Knörr and Christoph Kohl.
Africa’s Upper Guinea Coast region has been the site of regional and global interactions, with societies from different parts of the African continent and beyond engaging in economic trade, cultural exchange, and various forms of conflict. This book provides a wide-ranging look at how such encounters have continued into the present day, identifying the disruptions and continuities in religion, language, economics, and various other social phenomena that have resulted.

Religious Studies

 Ignaz Maybaum: a reader /edited by Nicholas de Lange. Print
Ignaz Maybaum (1897-1976) is widely recognized as one of the foremost Jewish theologians of the post-Holocaust era.

 Moshe Idel charts the ways that Kabbalistic thought and literature developed in Italy and how its unique geographical situation facilitated the arrival of both Spanish and Byzantine Kabbalah.
Social Studies

What makes this book particularly relevant and interesting is that much of the information provided by Rosen is based on his direct observations and experiences with the people he reports on. Readable and captivating, this is highly recommended for both specialists and general readers.

 The totalizing scope of the combined effects of computerization and the worldwide network are the subject of the essays in The Digital Nexus, a volume that responds to McLuhan’s request for a “special study” of the tsunami-like transformation of the communication landscape. These critical excursions provide analysis of and insight into the way new media technologies change the workings of social engagement for personal expression, social interaction, and political engagement.

Food promotion, consumption, and controversy [electronic resource] /edited by Charlene Elliott.
By examining topics such as the values embedded in food marketing, the
 locavore movement, food tourism, dinner parties, food bank donations, the moral panic surrounding obesity, food crises, and fears about food safety, the contributors to this volume paint a rich, and sometimes unsettling portrait of how food is represented, regulated, and consumed in Canada. The result is a timely and thought-provoking look at food as a system of communication through which Canadians articulate cultural identity, personal values, and social distinction.

Integrating immigrants in Europe: research-policy dialogues /Peter Scholten, Han Entzinger, Rinus Penninx, Stijn Verbeek, editors.
Explores how research and policymaking in the field of migrant integration have developed historically and how this interrelationship plays out in the strongly politicised climate of opinions on migration in Europe. It features interdisciplinary theoretical contributions as well as original empirical studies on research-policy dialogues at both the EU and country level.

 Intertwingled: the work and influence of Ted Nelson /Douglas R. Dechow, Daniele C. Struppa, editors.
Celebrates the life and work of Theodor Holm "Ted" Nelson, a pioneer and legendary figure from the history of early computing. Presenting contributions from world-renowned computer scientists and figures from the media industry, the book delves into hypertext, the docuverse, Xanadu, and other products of Ted Nelson's unique mind. With a broad appeal spanning practitioners in computer science, historians of science and the general reader, this inspiring collection reveals the continuing influence of the original visionary of the World Wide Web

 Scaling up [electronic resource]: the convergence of sustainability and the social economy /editors, Mike Gismondi, Sean Connelly, Mary Beckie, et al.
Contributors to Scaling Up investigated innovative social economies in British Columbia and Alberta and discovered that achieving a social good through collective, grassroots enterprise resulted in a sustainable way of satisfying human needs that was also, by extension, environmentally responsible. As these case studies illustrate, organizations that are capable of harnessing the power of a social economy generally demonstrate a commitment to three outcomes: greater social justice, financial self-sufficiency, and environmental sustainability.

 Sports [electronic resource] /edited by David Taras and Christopher Waddell.
Writing from a variety of perspectives, the contributors to this collection set out to explore the impact of the media on our reception of, and attitudes toward, sports—to unpack the meanings that sports have for us as citizens and consumers. The goal is not to score points but to prompt critical discussion of why sports matter in Canadian life and culture and how they contribute to the construction of Canadian identity.

This volume presents contributions from various angles: international relations, governance and metagovernance theory, (environmental) economics and innovation science. It offers challenging insights regarding institutions and transformation processes, and on the paradigms behind contemporary sustainability governance. This book gives the sustainability governance debate a new context. It transforms classical questions into new options for societal decision making and identifies starting points and strategies towards effective governance of transitions to sustainability.

 Understanding society and natural resources: forging new strands of integration across the social sciences /edited by Michael J. Manfredo, Jerry J. Vaske, Andreas Rechkemmer, Esther A. Duke.
Explores the growing concern of how best to achieve effective integration of the social science disciplines as a means for furthering natural resource social science and environmental problem solving. The chapters provide an overview of the history, vision, advances, examples, and methods that could lead to integration.

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