May 10, 2016

New Titles Tuesday, May 10

New Titles Tuesday will take a pause  for the  two next weeks but will update you with new arrivals to our collection on May 31. 

Note too, that we have reloaded our New Titles shelf  this week with recently acquired print items, for your browsing and borrowing.

Here are the most recent additions to the catalogue. Click on a title to view more information. To obtain “available soon” print items, click on the title and place a hold. TWU log in may be required.


 The impact of food bioactives on health: in vitro and ex vivo models /Kitty Verhoeckx, editor-in-Chief ; Paul Cotter [and more], editors.
Describes in vitro and ex vivo models that can be employed to investigate effects of digested food products on the GIT, or specific components thereof. An asset to researchers wishing to study the health benefits of their foods and food bioactives of interest. It is also an important resource for under-graduate students in the food and health arena.

 Sexual reproduction in animals and plants /edited by Hitoshi Sawada, Naokazu Inoue, Megumi Iwano.
Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Mechanisms of Sexual Reproduction in Animals and Plants, where many plant and animal reproductive biologists gathered to discuss their recent progress in investigating the shared mechanisms and factors involved in sexual reproduction. Highly useful for reproductive biologists as well as for biological scientists outside this field in understanding the current progress of reproductive biology.


 Subject-oriented business process management /Albert Fleischmann, Werner Schmidt, Christian Stary, Stefan Obermeier, Egon Börger.
Puts the subject of a process at the center of attention and thus deals with business processes and their organizational environment from a new perspective, meeting organizational requirements in a much better way than traditional approaches. Focuses on professionals in industry, and on students specializing in process management or organizational modeling. Each chapter begins with a summary of key findings and is full of examples, hints, and possible pitfalls. An interpreter model, a toolbox, and a glossary summarizing the main terms complete the book.

Examines the extent to which countries in Latin America and the Caribbean participate in global value chains and what are the drivers of such participation. The aim is to identify whether there is policy space for implementing strategies that allow countries to improve their position in regional and global value chains.

Earth Science

Offers new and updated scientific findings in regional climate research for the Baltic Sea basin. These include climate changes since the last glaciation (approx. 12,000 years ago), changes in the recent past (the last 200 years), climate projections up until 2100 using state-of-the-art regional climate models and an assessment of climate-change impacts on terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Discusses the important issue of the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of agricultural residue burning, common in agricultural practices in many parts of the world. In particular, it focuses on the pollution caused by rice residue burning using primary survey data from Punjab, India. It discusses emerging solutions to agricultural waste burning that are cost-effective in terms of both money and time.

 Sustainable land use and rural development in Southeast Asia: innovations and policies for mountainous areas /edited by Holger L. Fröhlich, Pepijn Schreinemachers, Karl Stahr, Gerhard Clemens.
Based on the findings of a long-term (2000-2014) interdisciplinary research project of the University of Hohenheim in collaboration with several universities in Thailand and Vietnam. The book first aims to give an interdisciplinary account of the drivers, consequences and challenges of ongoing changes in mountainous areas of Southeast Asia. Second, the book describes how innovation processes can contribute to addressing these challenges and third, how knowledge creation to support change in policies and institutions can assist in sustainably develop mountain areas and people’s livelihoods.


 Skills development for inclusive and sustainable growth in developing Asia-Pacific /Rupert Maclean, Shanti Jagannathan, Jouko Sarvi, editors.
Surveys trends and prospects in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) with particular reference to achieving inclusive growth and the greening of economies. The book proposes a re-engineered, modernized TVET system that fosters an innovative approach which enhances the employability of workers as well as the sustainability of their livelihoods.
Health Science

 Self-reported population health: an international perspective based on EQ-5D /edited by Agota Szende, Bas Janssen, Juan Cabases.
Captures up-to-date and expanded information of EQ-5D self-reported health and index values. EQ-5D population norms and cross-country analyses are provided from representative national surveys of 20 countries and additional regional surveys. This book will be a must for those who believe that how people report and value health is very important.

 History of Greece from the beginnings to the Byzantine Era /Hermann Bengtson ; translated and updated by Edmund F. Bloedow. [Print]
“masterly and compendious…written in an accessible, stimulating style. It is outstandingly comprehensive and covers the period from the Early Bronze Age right through to the Byzantine era.”


 An Anthology of Greek prose /compiled and edited with an introduction by D.A. Russell. [Print]
A wide-ranging and readable volume, this anthology includes over fifty short extracts from all the major Greek prose writers from the fifth century B.C. through to the fourth century A.D. It encompasses works by Herodotus, Thucydides, and other historians; orators such as Lysias and Isocrates; philosophers such as Plato, Xenophon, and Aristotle; and writers from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. An essential guide for both scholars and students


 Summary of proceedings /Annual conference, American Theological Library Association.
The conference theme was “Mining the information landscape”

Contains basic theological expressions the knowledge of which is indispensable for reading theological texts. Selection has been limited to words and phrases current in theological writing of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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