May 24, 2016

More accolades for Alloway Librarians

Two Alloway Librarians have received more awards for publications this year. Qinqin Zhang's publication on library instruction has garnered a second prestigious award. And Bill Badke has a chapter a book which just won the Irene F. Rockman Publication of the Year award from ACRL’s Instruction Section

The Engineering Library Division of the American Society for Engineering Education awarded to Qinqin Zhang, Maren Goodman, and Shiyi Xie the  Best Publication of 2016 Award for their article Integrating Library Instruction into the Course Management System for a First-Year Engineering Class: An Evidence-Based Study Measuring the Effectiveness of Blended Learning on Students’ Information Literacy Levels.  The article was published in College & Research Libraries, November 2015. "

Badke's chapter  "Expertise and Authority in an Age of Crowdsourcing," appears in the award-winning Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think about Information edited by Heather Jagman and Troy Swanson and published in 2015 by ACRL. The award recognizes an outstanding publication related to library instruction published in the past two years.

Zhang, who joined TWU in February, was pleasantly surprised to learn of the award. "It's a nice conclusion of my work at the University of Western Ontario," she said, "Now, I'm ready to move on to a new chapter."

The Awards Committee found that her article stood out for several reasons.  One committee member commented “This is a very relevant paper. Their point that blended learning modules can provide an opening to work more closely with course instructors is an added benefit. The inclusion of the appendixes that support this work was very much appreciated, as is the extensive bibliography.”

Another reviewer concisely praised the article as “Very thorough, great methodology, good literature review, availability of pre and post-test for comparison, and a very timely topic.”

The award will be formally announced in June at the American Society for Engineering Education conference in New Orleans.  And, while Zhang's Alloway Library colleagues are looking forward to celebrating her achievement when her award plaque arrives later in the summer, she  modestly says "Another celebration will likely embarrass me."

Badke is equally modest. Noting that the US$3,000 cash prize and plaque goes to the editors and not the contributors of the book he says "It’s nice winning something, I guess, even if you didn’t technically win.  Or maybe it’s like your team winning something. At least I didn’t contribute to the book losing."

“’Not Just Where to Click’ is an extremely useful and well-designed volume that considers information literacy instruction from a variety of perspectives,” said award committee Chair Elana D. Karshmer of Saint Leo University. “It brings together a collection of essays on how librarians can not only rethink their own instruction practices in terms of changes in what students 'bring to the table,' but that also challenges practitioners to go beyond the mere fact of teaching research skills to suggest that librarians engage in teaching students to think critically and consider how information helps them interpret and understand their world.  It provides practical approaches for motivating students to explore their beliefs, biases, and ways of interpreting the world.

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