May 18, 2016

Alloway Library engages with students for success

Last week,  we highlighted some of the research  that is establishing the link between libraries and student success. Today, we'll highlight a few statistics from the just-completed academic year that show how Alloway Library is engaging with TWU scholars

Findings on Information Literacy:
  • Students receiving information literacy instruction perform better in their courses than students who do not. 
  • Student retention improves with library instructional services.
  • Information literacy contributes to inquiry-based and problem-solving learning, including critical thinking, ethical reasoning, global understanding, and civic engagement. 
  • Library instruction adds value to a student’s long-term academic experience.(Source)

At Alloway Library:
  • Alloway Librarians gave single presentations in 63 separate classes and co-taught 12 courses with other campus faculty.
  • Librarians conducted 1,926 research-oriented consultations, including 33 appointments longer than one hour in length.
  • Alloway Library's reference services cover 84% of the total hours that the library is open - that's significantly higher than the average of 70% for other BC post-secondary institution libraries. (CPSLD)
Findings about academic partnerships:
  • Academic library partnerships with other campus units yield positive benefits for students (Source)
At Alloway Library:
  • In addition to working in over 75 classrooms, Alloway Librarians partnered with 8 faculty members in supporting their research and instruction.
Findings about Library Usage:
  • Students who use the library in some way achieve higher levels of academic success  than students who did not use the library.
  • Consulting with librarians boost student learning.
  • Use of library space relates positively to student learning and success. (Source)
At Alloway Library:
  • Nearly 152,000 people visited the library and borrowed over 57,000 items
  • Nearly 38,000 users accessed the library's website over 150,000 times
  • Those  online users looked at 732,406 pages including: 
    • 112,000 views of Alloway Library's extensive collection of  over 50 research guides and tutorials
  • Study room keys were checked out over 10,000 times.
  • Library users spent significant time with nearly 25,000 eBooks.
A further indication of Alloway Library's high usage rate appear in a review of statistics for the 2014-2015 academic year which indicated that for each member of our community (students and employees)   their are 72 visits  to the library per year. As well, the ratio of items borrowed per FTE (full-time equivalent) student is more than three times that of other BC post-secondary institution’s users.  Alloway Library is also open more hours than the the provincial average of our academic peers. (CPSLD)

What all these finding and figures point to is that Alloway Library does play a vital role in TWU student success.

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