April 18, 2016

The end of the term is not the end of the library

Even though you have handed in your last paper and answered the last question on the final exam; even after you turn in your dorm key;  even if you don a gown and mortarboard to shake hands with Bob Kuhn -- your relationship with Alloway Library hasn't ended.

Want to do some summer reading or research? Most TWU students have library privileges until the end of August (or until their TWU security deposit has been refunded by the registrar's office, whichever comes first.)

Graduating students can continue to borrow library material and use library databases by obtaining a TWU Alumni card, and paying a small annual library fee. And many former students use Alloway Library as a quiet refuge for work and study - or make a special visit to show their partners and kids where they spent all their time!

(If you are returning for another term in the fall, be sure to get your TWU ID card updated  by the Office of the Registrar with a 2017 expiry sticker.)

The library will be open all summer long and Alloway staff will be glad, as always to see you.  View our summer hours.

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