April 25, 2016

Stopforth's Dragon Rock at TWU Bookstore

Last month we introduced Alloway Librarian, Sylvia Stopforth's new book, Dragon Rock.  We are happy to note that it is now available at the TWU bookstore as well as on Amazon.

TWU Archivist and Librarian Sylvia Stopforth with "Dragon Rock"
Described as a "wonderful fable colouring book" Dragon Rock reads like an Aesop’s fable with a twist.

The story invites the reader on a journey with a curious man who becomes a little too full of himself as he travels through a magical forest, setting right things that have gone wrong. His companion is a long-suffering mouse who understands that knowing what’s right is important, but knowing what is possible is essential.

The detailed pen and ink drawings – inspired by Renaissance compositions - perfectly capture and illuminate the narrative, while leaving plenty of room for the reader’s own imagination - and colour selection.

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