April 19, 2016

New Titles Tuesday: Fresh list for April 19, 2016

This week, nearly thirty titles were added to Alloway Library's collection. Click on the titles to view eBooks or  to place a hold on "Available soon" print items. TWU Login may be required.


For Paul Robeson, the higher calling of social justice led him to abandon both the NFL and Hollywood and become one of the most important political activists of his generation - battling both Jim Crow and Joseph McCarthy. Gerald Horne's new biography uses Robeson's remarkable and revolutionary life to tell the story of the 20th Century's great political struggles: against racism, against colonialism, and for international socialism.

Christian ministry & Theology

Millennials in ministry / Jolene Cassellius Erlacher ; foreword by Molly T. Marshall. Print 2014

Unveils the heart and vision of young leaders for the Christian church today. Highlighting the generational traits, values, and needs of Millennials in ministry, this book offers helpful insights for churches and organizations that are hiring, retaining, and equipping this new generation of leaders.

No more dreary three-point sermon outlines! Wiersbe coaches preachers to creatively proclaim the living Word--so hearers experience God's truth changing their lives.

How often do poets, advertisers, and movie makers influence Sunday sermons? Author Peter Jonker looks to these professionals as he examines the importance of having a controlling, vivid, dominant image that repeats throughout sermons. Jonker details how a controlling image helps to unify the sermon and to communicate the sermon's central thought.

Theology of the reformers / Timothy George. Print 2013 

Through and through, George's work provides a truly integrated and comprehensive picture of Christian theology at the time of the Reformation.The intent is not just to document the theology of the reformers, but also to help the church of today better understand and more faithfully live its calling as followers of the one true God.

The Westminster handbook to Karl Barth / Richard E. Burnett, Editor. Print 2013
Offers concise descriptions of Barth's key terms and concepts, while also identifying the intricate connections within Barth's theological vocabulary. Masterfully compiled and edited, this volume features the largest team of Barth scholars ever gathered to interpret Barth's theology.

The work of the parish church nurse / Julia Quiring Emblen. TWU Alumna Print 2014 

Takes you inside the parish nurse vocation to delve into its history, defining the ministry role and responsibility within the church. Through the use of creative narrative and case studies, Emblen reveals how the work of the parish nurse extends Christ's healing work in the church.
Our understanding of both secular ('managerial') and religious ('missional') leadership has been fatally compromised by the unconscious functioning of 'mythic' leadership, presented through the medium of the dominant culture of our own day, popular Hollywood film. We describe our leaders as if they should be collaborative, enabling, saints and/or expect them to show our enemies who is boss. We search for the 'great man' who will rescue us from all our problems through redemptive violence - within the Church, we talk about Jesus Christ but we expect John Wayne.

In this book, faculty and staff members from varying academic disciplines discuss ways of helping students to experience positive spiritual growth during their university years and beyond.

Traces the extraordinary rise of human dignity as a defining concern of religious, political, and bioethical institutions over the last half century and offers original insight into how human dignity has become threatened by its own success. Engaging anthropology, theology, and bioethics, Bennett grapples with contemporary efforts to mobilize human dignity as a counter-response to the biopolitics of the human body, and the breakdowns this has generated. To do this, he investigates how actors in pivotal institutions —the Vatican, the United Nations, U.S. Federal Bioethics—reconceived human dignity as the bearer of intrinsic worth, only to become frustrated by the Sisyphean struggle of turning its conceptions into practice.
History & Social Sciences

Borderland cities in New India: frontier to gateway / Duncan McDuie-Ra. eBook 2016 

While India has been a popular subject of scholarly analysis in the past decade, the majority of that attention has been focused on its major cities. This volume instead explores contemporary urban life in a smaller city located in India's Northeast borderland at a time of dramatic change, showing how this city has been profoundly affected by armed conflict, militarism, displacement, interethnic tensions, and the expansion of neoliberal capitalism.

Common fire: leading lives of commitment in a complex world / Laurent A. Parks Daloz ... [et al.] Print 1996 
 In a day when the political and spiritual air has grown stale with cynicism, discouragement, and indirection, this beautifully written, penetrating study could not be more welcome or valuable. No teacher, parent, or civic leader who cares about nurturing social commitment can fail to be informed and inspired by this remarkable and surprisingly practical book.

Offering a wide range of case studies taken from Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia, this volume is not military history in the traditional sense, but looks at military service and warfare as forms of labour, and at soldiers as workers. Fighting for a living is the first study to undertake a systematic comparative analysis of military labour. It therefore will be of interest to both labour historians and military historians, as well as to sociologists, political scientists, and other social scientists
Examines a wide range of issues, including the Zionist roots of feminism and nationalism; the ultra-Orthodox Jewish sector's negation of women's equality; how traditional Jewish concepts of women fashioned rabbinical attitudes on the question of women's suffrage; and how the fight for women's suffrage spread throughout the country. Using current gender theories, Shilo compares the Zionist suffrage struggle to contemporaneous struggles across the globe, and connects this nearly forgotten episode, absent from Israeli historiography, with the present situation of Israeli women. This rich analysis of women's right to vote within this specific setting will appeal to scholars and students of Israel studies, and to feminist and social historians interested in how contexts change the ways in which activism is perceived and occurs.

Sustained focus on the close interconnections between capitalism, social class, and the exercise of global power provides a refreshing left-leaning antidote to the decidedly more liberal presumptions of so many introductory sociology textbooks currently available.

As bombs reappeared recently following an impasse between competing political groups and their international backers, residents of the city were forced to contend with many forms of insecurity, forging their lives amid a contentious, often violent, political and economic landscape. Images and headlines in the news media tracked the dramatic events that characterized this unstable situation, but they did not provide a picture of what ordinary life was like for urban dwellers in a city terrorized by political sectarianism and the treat of bombs. The Insecure City is an ethnographic exploration of the experiences of moving through Beirut.

The story of how the Jalayirids came to power is illustrative of the political dynamics that shaped much of the Mongol and post-Mongol period in the Middle East.
Investigates the background and nature of the Ottoman Jihad proclamation, but also its effects in the wider Middle East. It looks at the German hopes and British fears of a worldwide rising of Muslims in the colonial empires. It also discusses the fierce academic debates caused by the Jihad proclamation, in which the 1915 manifesto of Leiden Islam scholar Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje (“Holy War Made in Germany”) played a key role.

Examines the administration of justice in the small northern Italian town of Reggio Emilia at the end of the fourteenth century. Through an examination of material from the judicial archives from the period 1371-1409, this study investigates the development of public justice, inquisition procedure, and dispute resolution in late medieval Reggio Emilia, also incorporating comparative material, especially archival material from Bologna at the end of the fourteenth century. This study seeks to add to the discussion on dispute resolution and court processes in late medieval Europe, moving the discussion outside the major urban centers of late medieval Italy to the periphery of urban life.
The Struggling State: Teachers, Mass Militarization and the Reeducation of Eritrea is an ethnographic exploration of how citizens’ redefined their relationship with the nation in response to the state’s increased authoritarianism and use of force. The book focuses on teachers, who were situated to do the work of hyphenating, or gluing, nation to state but instead had to navigate between their devotion to educating the nation and their discontent with their role in the government program of mass militarization.

Details the history of "We Shall Not Be Moved" from its birth as a slave spiritual in the U.S. South and its subsequent adoption as a standard hymn by the U.S. labor, civil rights, and farmworker movements, to its singing in the student movement opposing the Franco dictatorship in Spain in the 1960s, and finally to its arrival in the South American country of Chile during its experiment with democratic socialism in the early 1970s. The book outlines the role the song has played in each of the movements in which it has been sung and analyzes its dissemination, function, and meaning through a number of different sociological and anthropological lenses.
Languages, Literature & Linguistics

Cloud atlas: a novel / David Mitchell. Print 2004
As wild as a videogame, as mysterious as a Zen koan, Cloud Atlas is an unforgettable tour de force that has transcended its cult classic status to become a worldwide phenomenon. At once audacious, dazzling, pretentious and infuriating, Mitchell's third novel weaves history, science, suspense, humor and pathos through six separate but loosely related narratives. Each of the narratives is set in a different time and place, each is written in a different prose style, each is broken off mid-action and brought to conclusion in the second half of the book.
Several short sentences about writing / Verlyn Klinkenborg. Print 2013 

An indispensable and distinctive book that will help anyone who wants to write, write better, or have a clearer understanding of what it means for them to be writing.

Tense and text in classical Arabic / Gaymon Bennett. eBook 2016
Undertakes to examine the problem of the tenses in Classical Arabic. While aware of the long tradition which shaped the discussion of this subject, and building, in fact, on some important insights offered by medieval and modern grammarians, this study attempts to redefine the discussion and propose a new analysis of the tenses, based on a functional text-oriented investigation of a large corpus of Classical Arabic prose.

Media Studies

The Coen brothers have created moral universes in which some of life's essential questions are asked--if not always answered. These queries run the gamut from the meaning of life and enlightenment, to the fundamental nature of truth and love. As Falsani examines the soul of their movies, she weaves her own experiences, impressions, and cultural and spiritual analysis with a journalist's keen eye for investigation and a film lover's passion for the cultural medium. By turns thought-provoking and entertaining, you'll come away with a new admiration for these sometimes bizarre, always clever, and unmistakably virtuoso filmmakers and their films.
Sons of anarchy and philosophy: brains before bullets / Edited by George A. Dunn and Jason T. Eberl. Print 2013 

Provides fascinating moral insights into Sons of Anarchy, its key characters, plot lines and ideas. Investigates compelling philosophical issues centering on loyalty, duty, the ethics of war, authority, religion and whether the ends justify the means. Teaches complex philosophical ideas in a way that's accessible to the general interest reader in order to inspire them to further reading of the great philosophers. Authors use their deep knowledge of the show to illuminate themes that are not always apparent even to die-hard fans


The spiritual art of raising children with disabilities / Kathleen Deyer Bolduc ; foreword by Ginny Thornburgh ; afterword by William Gaventa. Print 2014

In this valuable book, author Kathleen Deyer Bolduc becomes your compassionate but clear-eyed companion, sharing her personal experience and perspective, as well as those of others.

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