April 01, 2016

Alloway Library announces new shelving plan

In a move guaranteed to please absolutely everyone, Alloway Library announced today that it will stop shelving material by call number and instead organize it’s collection of some 250,000 books by colour.

“We know that students and faculty don’t use call numbers,” explained library director Ted Gotcha, "They are more likely to ask for 'the red one' rather than, say,  PR 2015.41 .L00.”

Starting today, black, blue and brown books will be moved to the basement, while lighter colours will be shifted to the upper floor. “The goal is to make the arrangement very intuitive,” noted front desk guy Scott Browser. Browser explained that over the coming year the system will be refined so that colours like turquoise and aquamarine will be shelved in different areas of the blue section.

Librarians Franklin Fitchen and Phil Radke will start tagging the library’s 250,000 ebooks with colours as well so that the entire catalogue will be searchable by colour keywords. Radke explained that the new system will be very easy to use. “Soteriology, of course will be orange, just as environmental studies will be green, and books on communism will be tagged red.

By eliminating call number labels and making the task of shelving easier, the library will save some $4.1 million annually

The complete changeover to a colour-coded library is expected to be completed by April 1, 2016.

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