April 21, 2016

Alloway Librarians publish list-topping articles

Alloway Library is very proud to announce that Bill Badke and Qinqin Zhang have both published articles selected by the Top Twenty Committee of the  American Library Association Library Instruction Round Table's as a 2015 Top Twenty article.

Badke’s article Situating Information Literacy in the Disciplines: A Practical and Systematic Approach for Academic Librarians, co-written with librarian Robert Farrell of City University of New York,  offers a unique analysis of the challenges facing current information literacy specialists and a new approach for integrating information literacy in the disciplines. 

Prior to joining the TWU community in February, Zhang co wrote her research article with Western University colleagues Shiyi Xie and Maren Goodman. Integrating Library Instruction into the Course Management System for a First-year Engineering Class: An Evidence-based Study Measuring the Effectiveness of Blended Learning on Students’ Information Literacy Levels. It examines students in a first-year engineering course who receive library instruction by using a newly-developed online module and attending optional in-person tutorials.

Badke noted that, “the last time I won top 20 was for a 2005 article.”  He adds, “the peer review process was so long and hard that Robert and I seriously considered pulling out and trying to publish the article somewhere else.  We didn’t…nothing is easy.”

No sooner had Badke announced his achievement that Zhang got her announcement of being a top twenty contributor as well.  “It’s funny that I also just received an email about my previous article published with colleagues at Western. Seriously,  a big surprise to me!”

Every year the Library Instruction Round Table Top Twenty Committee reviews the library instruction literature from the previous year and identifies the 20 best instruction articles for that year. Badke’s and Zhang’s articles were selected from close to 140 articles reviewed  for clarity, context, uniqueness, replicability and validity.  Information about all of the top twenty articles will be published in the June issue of LIRT News

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