March 23, 2016

Robo-librarian will take you to your

Meet Hugh. He's quiet. He's friendly. He's helpful. He knows every book in the library and can show you where the ones you want are.  A bit on the unobtrusive side in spite of his quirky looks, he might even put away the books when you are finished with them.

He's Hugh and he  plans to work at the Hugh Owen Library in Wales' Aberystwyth University starting in the fall of 2016.
Hugh does much more than most bowling pins.

Oh, and he's a robot.
Hugh is a voice controlled, artificially intelligent robot designed around Aberystwyth University’s Hugh Owen Library. Hugh’s job is simple: he will help library users to quickly find any book in the library within an instant. He is able to move though the library and can physically take the user to any book’s location.
Interacting with Hugh is simple, this is done by simply speaking with him like you are talking to a person. This A.I. assistant robot is about enhancing the user experience in a non-intrusive way. He is the first step to creating a larger platform where its home will one day be in hospitals where it can guide visitors and give useful information. (I am Hugh)
Hugh is the work of  a group of students at Aberystwyth University working to create new type of useful artificially intelligent robot. Read more about Hugh here.

Meanwhile at Alloway Library, the same great team of quiet, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable humans are ready to help you here and now.

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