March 25, 2016

Remembering Norma Alloway - a builder

Norma Alloway, for whom the library is named,  was born in 1922 on this day.

Norma was an only child, born and raised in Toronto. Her parents evidenced a deep love for the Lord and they provided for her strong models of Christian service. She graduated from the University of Toronto in 1944 with a degree in English, and married Donald Miller Alloway in 1945.

She was a Christian woman who communicated her love for Jesus Christ through her writings, her speaking, and through the example of her life. In her own writings, Norma stated her desire to be used as God's servant, transformed by God's love, and dependent on God – the rock of her salvation. 

Norma lives on through the great treasure reflected in her writings and in the hearts and lives of the many people who were able to see the love of a great and powerful God in a life so willing to be his servant.

We are grateful for the blessing of Norma, who knew how to build.

From Listening: friendly thoughts from the seashore by Norma Alloway: 
Three bricklayers were at work on a building. A man walked over to where the first bricklayer was at work and asked: "My friend, what are you doing?"
The man replied somewhat impatiently: "I'm laying bricks."
When the same question was addressed to the second man, he replied: "I'm earning a living."
Walking over to where the third man was busily at work, the question was again asked: "My friend, what are you doing?"
Pausing in his work, and looking up with purposeful glance, the man said: "I'm building a cathedral...."
On November 9, 1994, the TWU Library was re-dedicated, and named in honour of Norma Marion Alloway. The campanile and gardens adjacent to the Alloway Library were dedicated to the memory of Norma Marion Alloway on March 27, 2000.

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