March 29, 2016

New Titles Tuesday: You are on P1

Back in  December some  120,000 titles were added to Alloway Library's eBook collections. We continue to highlight titles which reflect the broad range of topics covered in this collection, today featuring titles that begin with the letter 'P.'
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Environmental Studies

Film & Literature

Philosophy of War Films. / David LaRocca 

The place of Lord Byron in world history: studies in his life, writings, and influence: selected papers from the 35th International Byron Conference / introduced and edited by Nic Panagopoulos and Maria Schoina ; with a foreword by Peter W. Graham.
Plot, story, and the novel: from Dickens and Poe to the modern period / Robert L. Caserio ; design by Maura McAndrew.
The poetry of Rimbaud / Robert Greer Cohn.

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