March 16, 2016

Alloway Librarian releases Renaissance-inspired tale

Alloway Librarian and TWU Archivist, Sylvia Stopforth has partnered with illustrator Mel Anastasiou to write Dragon Rock: A Renaissance-Inspired Story Coloring Book now available through Amazon.

Described as a "wonderful fable colouring book" Dragon Rock reads like an Aesop’s Fable with a twist.

The story invites the reader on a journey with a curious man who becomes a little too full of himself as he travels through a magical forest, setting right things that have gone wrong. His companion is a long-suffering mouse who understands that knowing what’s right is important, but knowing what is possible is essential.

The detailed pen and ink drawings – inspired by Renaissance compositions - perfectly capture and illuminate the narrative, while leaving plenty of room for the reader’s own imagination - and colour selection!

Sylvia has worked for more than twenty years as a librarian in both public and academic libraries. Her fiction and non-fiction work has appeared in Room, The New Quarterly, and in Shy (University of Alberta Press, 2013). She edits a column for BC History Journal.

Mel Anastasiou is a writer, artist, and editor who worked for nineteen years as a teacher-librarian. She has taught creative writing and authored short fiction and novels in multiple genres. She illustrates, edits, and co-publishes Pulp Literature.

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