October 13, 2015

What does your bookshelf say about you?

Author and marketing guru Seth Godin rhapsodizes about bookshelves:
Show me your bookcase, the ideas that you've collected one by one over the years, the changes you've made in the way you see the world. Not your browser history, but the books you were willing to buy and hold and read and store and share.
Every bookshelf tells a story. You can't build one in a day or even a week... it's a lifetime of collected changes. On the shelf over there I see an Isaac Asimov collection I bought when I was 12, right next to a yet-to-be-published galley by a friend of mine. Each of them changed my life.
It's thrilling to juxtapose this look backwards with the feeling I get when a great new book arrives. It hasn't been read yet (at least not by me) and it it offers unlimited promise, new possibilities and perhaps the chance to share it with someone else after I'm done.
For over 50 years, Alloway Library has built an ever-changing collecion of nearly half a million books on our shelves and online servers, ready to hold and read and share with you. Get to know Alloway Library by looking at our shelves or catalogue and let our resources help to change your life.

What story does your bookshelf tell about you?

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