October 23, 2015

Word count, page count... Tree count!

PaperCut is the print management system used by students in Alloway Library and elsewhere on the TWU campus.  It saves students the bother of buying and maintaining a printer in their dorm room and allows them to print from any library workstation for just 8 cents per page.

 It also has a cool dashboard that shows the environmental impact of printing. To find out about one aspect of your academic carbon footprint,  click on the  Environmental Dashboard link on the bottom of your PaperCut summary interface.
Clicking on it displays an infographic that summarizes how much of a tree you have used and, how many trees TWU  has used since 2006. 
According to a recent summary of the past 9 years, TWU PaperCut users, (nearly all TWU students) have consumed in paper, a grove of 13 trees. Or, in other terms, created a carbon footprint similar to the energy use of an average house for 9 months.

Find out more about printing at Alloway Library's FAQ page.

How many trees has your printing used?

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