September 04, 2015

Update re: CAMPUS (National Film Board of Canada) streaming video collection

Recently the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has started an online screening room called Canada Screens (Excentris in French), an online film rental service for non-NFB titles. This is an opportunity for the NFB to showcase Canadian cinema produced outside the NFB, while maintaining its mandate of being accessible to Canadians. As a result of this, CAMPUS users could come across films that are part of Canada Screens, asking them to pay to rent or download them. These titles are not part of the CAMPUS collection, nor do they make up a large number of films. If searches are done using an institution’s library system, these will not come up in searches, as they are not included in the MARC records.

This issue will be rectified as we work towards separating the online CAMPUS experience from the experience, but for the time being Canada Screens titles will be searchable within the CAMPUS environment. We are asking that this message be sent to the subscribing institutions to alleviate any concerns CAMPUS subscribers may have.

The TWU Library subscribes to NFB CAMPUS ... the collection can be search via our Library catalogue.

To explore the collection as a whole search the Library catalogue by author "NFB Campus" click here.

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