June 09, 2015

Seven Oxford Quick Reference Updates

This quarter's subject release focuses on expanding Art and Architecture and Social Sciences content within Oxford Quick Reference with seven fully revised and updated new editions (authentication required):
In addition to the new Art & Architecture and Social Science content above, the following new edition has added to Oxford Quick Reference:

June 05, 2015

EBSCOhost changes you need to know about

The Alloway Library, through our BC ELN consortia, has upgraded our major interdisciplinary database, EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier (ASP) to the Academic Search Complete (ASC) product. This upgrade gives you access to a far greater range of journals and full-text articles (approx. 4000 new journal titles). 

With this upgrade there will be some updates required to any permanent links and bookmarks. You will need to make changes to your permanent links to specific articles, as they are database-specific. Links that go to an article in the Premier database will be broken after Premier is deactivated.

Updating all possible article permalinks, from within research guides to faculty course materials to students’ bookmarks, may be a complex undertaking. Because of this, EBSCO has agreed to keep Premier active indefinitely for all upgrading sites, or until they hear otherwise, so we will not have to worry about broken links.

However, you are encouraged to make the updates, as anyone following a permalink into a Premier database may end up continuing their research in Premier rather than Complete, and will not have access to the Complete content.