July 31, 2014

ERIC Update: July 2014

94% of Documents are ERIC’s Full Text Documents are Now Available: A PDF Restoration Process Update

Have you noticed fewer "PDF Pending" indicators in ERIC the last few weeks? That is because Phase I of the PDF restoration project is now complete. 94% of the previously removed documents are now available online!

We want to thank you for your patience over the past two years. We have received many questions about the process. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Why were documents removed from ERIC? In August of 2012 we discovered that personally identifiable information appeared in some ERIC documents. Due to new search technologies, this information was easily discoverable for the first time. We temporarily removed access to all full-text documents due to the security concerns. Over the past two years we have been restoring documents to the collection on a rolling basis.

How big of a problem was it? Did many documents contain this type of information? There are 670 documents that have are have sensitive information that we cannot release. We have removed the “PDF Pending” indicator and the "Download Full Text" links from these records, but the citations remain in the collection. We are considering how we can make these documents available in a way that protects individual’s privacy in the future.

What documents are now available online? Approximately 94% of the PDFs that ERIC has permission to display are now available. This includes all peer-reviewed materials, documents published after 2004, and PDFs that were scanned electronically for sensitive information.

I am seeing a "PDF Pending Restoration" message. What does that mean? During the course of the document review process, we discovered that approximately 5.5% of the collection contained documents that were made from poor copies of microfiche. These documents are often unreadable to human eyes and machine readers. While these PDFs do not present a security concern, they are not useful for ERIC users. We are going to go back to the original master copies of the microfiche to try and make a more readable copy. 

This will not be a quick process and we would like your suggestions on how we should prioritize documents for restoration. Please send any suggestions to ERICRequests@ed.gov.

How do I get copies of the "PDF Pending Restoration" Documents? These documents are still available on microfiche and are included on the most recent ERIC weeding lists, found here.

July 17, 2014

A few overdue book stories

Courtenay library book returned after 30 years to Prince George branch,
Man included a note and a cash donation to cover late fees...

Inside the book staff found a handwritten note and five new $20 bills to cover the overdue fine.

A library patron with a guilty conscience has returned a book he borrowed three decades ago, along with some cash to cover the overdue fees.

The man, whose identity has not been released, recently dropped off the errant copy of "Camping and Woodcraft" carefully wrapped in yellow flagging tape at the Prince George Public Library.

Days later when the book was finally opened, library staff found a note from the gentleman tucked inside along with $100 in new bills to cover late fees, said spokesperson Andrea Palmer

"This book had been borrowed from the Courtenay Library 30 years ago. I wish to return the book and pay the overdue fines," said the note.

If the book was out for 30 years, at the overdue charge of $0.30/day, the charge could have theoretically been $3,285, but the library says they normally cap the charge at $10.

Gratefully accepted

Palmer says while it's unusual for the library to receive a book that's so overdue, they are grateful for the donation and both the book and donation have already been sent to the original library on Vancouver Island.

"He's very diligent. And we're thrilled to be able to pass this on to Courtenay," said Palmer.

While it's impossible to verify exactly when it was taken out, Palmer says the book was published in 1965.

"The book itself is great," she said. "It's clearly been well-loved."

"Perhaps those wilderness skills learned from the text helped our honest patron establish himself in the North…."

The man returned the well-worn book wrapped in yellow flagging tape to hold it together. (Prince George Public Library)

The book Camping and Woodcraft was published in 1965, but the library card catalog recording when it was last checked out has long since been lost. (Prince George Public Library)


Library book returned 47 years late 

Former UBC professor escapes hefty fine

A former University of British Columbia professor has returned a book 47 years overdue and managed to avoid a hefty library fine.

"In theory it was a massive bank-balance-breaking fine," John Foster told CBC News.

"When I worked out the fine ... I needed a calculator," he said, estimating the actual fine would have been in excess of £8,577, or just over $14,000 CAD.

Foster, who taught English at UBC from 1974 to 2002, was in Vancouver this summer and found the book — The Poems of Arthur Hugh Clough — while clearing out a storage locker.

"What amazes me is that I somehow overlooked the due date in 47 years," he says.

When he returned to Belfast from his summer trip to Vancouver, Foster says he emailed the librarian at Queen's University Belfast, saying he had a book that was "a bit overdue."

"I was delighted they wanted the book back after all these years," says Foster.

Foster still isn't sure how the book came to be in his possession.

He completed his undergraduate degree at the university, but by the book's due date — October 11, 1966 — Foster says he was a doctoral student at the University of Oregon.


July 08, 2014

New Cambridge Companions Online now available

Access to these resources is made possible by a generous donation from the Trinity Western University Graduate Student Association.
The Cambridge companion to Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics / edited by Ronald Polansky.

Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics is the first and arguably most important treatise on ethics in Western philosophy. It remains to this day a compelling reflection on the best sort of human life and continues to inspire contemporary thought and debate. This Cambridge Companion includes twenty essays by leading scholars of Aristotle and ancient philosophy that cover the major issues of this foundational text. The essays in this volume shed light on Aristotle's rigorous and challenging thinking on questions such as: Can there be a practical science of ethics? What is happiness? Can we arrive at convincing accounts of virtues? Are we responsible for our character? How does moral virtue relate to good thinking? Can we act against our reasoned choice? What is friendship? Is the contemplative life the highest kind of life?

1. Introduction: ethics as practical science / Ron Polansky -- 2. Beginning with eudaimonia / C. D. C. Reeve -- 3. Happiness and the external goods / T. D. Roche -- 4. Why is Aristotle's virtue of character a mean? Taking Aristotle at his word (NE II.6) / Lesley Brown -- 5. Choice and moral responsibility (NE III.1-5) / Susanne Bobzien -- 6. Courage and temperance / Giles Pearson -- 7. The social virtues (NE IV) / Helen Cullyer -- 8. Giving justice its due / Ron Polansky -- 9. The book on wisdom / Carolo Natali -- 10. Phronesis and the virtues (NE VI.12-13) / Daniel Russell -- 11. Was Aristotle a Humean? A partisan guide to the debate / Jessica Moss -- 12. Aristotle's analysis of akratic action / Hendrik Lorenz -- 13. Philosophical virtue: in defense of the grand end / Kristen Inglis -- 14. The Nicomachean Ethics on pleasure / Verity Harte -- 15. Finding oneself with friends / Patrick Miller -- 16. Competing ways of life and ring-composition (NE X.6-8) / Thornton Lockwood -- 17. The relationship between Aristotle's ethical and political discourses (NE X.9) / Rachana Kamtekar -- 18. Protreptic aspects of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics / D. S. Hutchinson and Monte Ransome Johnson -- 19. The Eudemian Ethics and its controversial relationship to the Nicomachean Ethics / Lawrence Jost -- 20. Topical bibliography to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics / Thornton Lockwood.

Click here to read this ebook title (authentication required)

The Cambridge companion to Augustine (2nd ed.) / edited by David Vincent Meconi and Eleonore Stump.

It has been over a decade since the first edition of The Cambridge Companion to Augustine was published. In that time, reflection on Augustine's life and labors has continued to bear much fruit: significant new studies into major aspects of his thinking have appeared, as well as studies of his life and times and new translations of his work. This new edition of the Companion, which replaces the earlier volume, has eleven new chapters, revised versions of others, and a comprehensive updated bibliography. It will furnish students and scholars of Augustine with a rich resource on a philosopher whose work continues to inspire discussion and debate.

Introduction / Eleonore Stump and David Vincent Meconi, S.J. -- Part I. The Nature of God: 1. The divine nature: being and goodness / Scott MacDonald -- 2. God's eternal knowledge according to Augustine / John C. Cavadini -- 3. Augustine on the triune life of God / Lewis Ayres -- Part II. God's Relation to the World: 4. Time and creation in Augustine / Simo Knuuttila -- 5. Augustine on evil and original sin / William E. Mann -- 6. Jesus Christ, the knowledge and wisdom of God / Allan Fitzgerald, O.S.A. -- Part III. Human Nature: 7. The human soul: Augustine's case for soul-body dualism / Bruno Niederbacher, S.J. -- 8. Augustine on knowledge / Peter King -- 9. Augustine on free wil /l Eleonore Stump -- Part IV. Human Excellence: 10. Augustine's ethics / Timothy Chappell -- 11. Augustine's doctrine of deification / David Vincent Meconi, S.J. -- Part V. Political and Ecclesial Life: 12. Augustine's political philosophy / Paul Weithman -- 13. Heaven and the Ecclesia Perfecta in Augustine / David Vincent Meconi, S.J. -- Part VI. Language and Faith: 14. Faith and reason / John Peter Kenney -- 15. Augustine on language / Peter King -- 16. Hermeneutics and reading scripture / Thomas Williams -- Part VII. Augustine's Legacy: 17. Augustine's legacy - success or failure? / Karla Pollmann.

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July 04, 2014

London's amazing book benches

London's amazing book benches

Here's a look at some of the 50 beautiful book benches inspired by literature and set up across the city.
  1. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

  2. 1984 by George Orwell

  3. Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz

  4. War Horse by Michael Morpurgo 

  5. The James Bond stories by Ian Fleming

  6. Tribute to Peter Pan creator J.M. Barrie

  7. A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond

  8. We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

  9. Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

  10. Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

  11. Katie in London by James Mayhew

  12. Samuel Pepys' Diary by Samuel Pepys