April 23, 2014

ERIC Releases Journal and Non-Journal Source Lists

ERIC has released the lists of journals and non-journal sources approved for active indexing. All of the listed journal titles and non-journal sources meet the standard and criteria of the revised ERIC Selection Policy

The lists include 904 journal sources and 712 non-journal sources that were previously indexed in ERIC, as well as 20 new journals and 118 new non-journal sources. Many of these new sources are open access and will allow full text to be displayed in ERIC. They represent research from school districts, university research centers, non-profit organizations, and research and technical assistance centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education. 

To develop these lists, ERIC worked with its Collection Advisory Group, as detailed in the Selection Policy. The team considered a variety of factors during the source review, with the primary consideration being the source’s adherence to the Selection Policy. The majority of the sources that will no longer be indexed were removed because the content was not education research, as defined in the Selection Policy. The team also considered whether the sources produce content on a regular basis, the ease of obtaining full text for searchers, and whether content is peer reviewed. Previously indexed records from sources that are no longer active will remain in the collection.

You can find the links to the lists of active journals and non-journals in the footer of the ERIC website. Click the title or source name to return all records indexed in ERIC for that source. If you retrieve an empty result set, ERIC has not yet received materials for indexing from that source.

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