March 03, 2014

New Cambridge Companion Online now available

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The Cambridge companion to Nelson Mandela / edited by Rita Barnard.

Nelson Mandela is one of the most revered figures of our time. He committed himself to a compelling political cause, suffered a long prison sentence, and led his violent and divided country to a peaceful democratic transition. His legacy, however, is not uncontested: his decision to embark on an armed struggle in the 1960s, his solitary talks with apartheid officials in the 1980s, and the economic policies adopted during his presidency still spark intense debate. The essays in this Companion, written by experts in history, anthropology, jurisprudence, cinema, literature, and visual studies, address these and other issues. They examine how Mandela became the icon he is today and consider the meanings and uses of his internationally recognizable image. Their overarching concerns include Mandela's relation to “tradition” and “modernity,” the impact of his most famous public performances, the oscillation between Africanist and non-racial positions in South Africa, and the politics of gender and national sentiment. The volume concludes with a meditation on Mandela's legacy in the twenty-first century and a detailed guide to further reading.
  • Investigates every aspect of Mandela's life, work and legacy using a rigorous and comprehensive interdisciplinary framework
  • Assembles original essays from distinguished scholars working in the fields of history, anthropology, jurisprudence, cinema, literature and visual studies
  • Critically engages with Mandela's social, political and economic policies as President of South Africa, and their lasting effects
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