January 23, 2014

ERIC Adopts New Selection Policy; Ramps up Indexing and Restoration of Full Text

ERIC Adopts a New Content Selection Policy
ERIC has adopted a new Selection Policy that will help increase the number of high-quality resources in the collection and provide additional full text for the benefit of the user community. Experts in the field of library science and education provided the ERIC team with recommendations on the policy standard and criteria for selecting new content.

As of January 2014, ERIC’s Selection Policy reflects four overarching goals: 
• Ensure that each resource selected for indexing is education research that is relevant to the ERIC mission.
• Increase the number of peer-reviewed, full-text materials in ERIC.
• Increase the number of full-text materials that are rigorous and relevant although not peer reviewed.
• Limit articles without full text to only those articles that are peer reviewed or are of substantive rigor and relevance.

You may link to the new Selection Policy from the footer of the ERIC website. If you have questions or want to learn more about the policy, join us for a webinar on 1/29 at 2pm EST. Sign up here!

As the next step in the selection process, the ERIC team will review all currently indexed sources to determine whether they meet the standard and criteria established in the new policy. While the majority of current sources will continue to be indexed, sources that are inconsistent with the policy will no longer be acquired. Given resource limitations, it is the goal of ERIC to ensure that ERIC provides access to the most relevant and very best materials in education.

Once the source review has been completed, the lists of journal and non-journal sources that will be indexed going forward will be made available on the website.

Materials already indexed in ERIC will remain in the collection and will not be affected by the new policy.

Online Submission to Return This Spring
ERIC’s next step is to a re-launch the popular Online Submission system on the ERIC website. The system will allow individual authors, organizations, and publishers to submit documents and articles for consideration to ERIC. The material must meet the standard and criteria established in the new Selection Policy, and submitters must grant ERIC the right to make the full text available online. Complete submission requirements and guidelines will be available on the website when the system goes live.

ERIC Gains Traction in Indexing Materials
ERIC is actively indexing education-related journal articles and documents and, since October 2013, has added 3,703 new records to the online collection. The rate of indexing is accelerating on a monthly basis.

Thousands of PDFs Returned Online
The project to review temporarily restricted documents and release cleared PDFs back into the online collection continues at a rapid pace. Since ERIC improved its review processes in October 2013, we have been returning more PDFs to the collection on a monthly basis than ever in the past. Since October, we have restored close to 100,000 PDFs online. We expect this project to be largely completed in the summer of this year.

ERIC Help Desk
If you have a question about searching or using ERIC, call the ERIC Help Desk at 1-800-LET-ERIC, or send an email to ERICRequests@ed.gov. We are happy to help!

Did You Know?
The first interim edition of the ERIC Thesaurus was published by GPO in January, 1967. ERIC searchers have used the thesaurus to help find resources in education for 47 years! http://eric.ed.gov/?ti=all

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