December 12, 2013

ERIC Newsletter: December Update

ERIC Newsletter: 62,800 full text documents released, new content is being added weekly, and updates on the new website

Status of ERIC’s PDF Restoration Project

During October and November, ERIC restored more than 62,800 full-text PDFs in the online collection. ERIC is now using a new, faster process for reviewing and clearing PDFs. As a result, we are now able to return approximately 7,000 full-text documents per week to the collection. We expect that the vast majority of restricted PDFs will be online by the summer of 2014. 

We appreciate your patience as we review the remaining restricted documents and return them online. We will continue to keep you informed about our progress in this important effort.

New Records Added to the ERIC Collection

During the last week of November, ERIC added more than 1,300 new records to the ERIC Collection. Of these records, 183 include downloadable full text, including 59 peer-reviewed reports from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). ERIC has begun updating the collection on weekly basis. Watch for new content in your topic area of interest. 

New ERIC Website Will Provide Topic Summaries

In support of the IES mission to provide rigorous and relevant evidence on which to ground education practice, the ERIC team is designing a new section of the ERIC website that will provide brief, plain-language summaries of key education issues and topics. 

Each topic page will orient users to resources in ERIC on the topic, with an emphasis on peer-reviewed and full-text materials. The topic summaries are being written by experts in the field and will synthesize important research within education topics, provide key terminology, and offer links to citations of relevant full-text articles. 

Usability tests, designed to ensure the usefulness of the section for the intended audience, will be conducted in 2014 and the website should be available in late 2014 or early 2015.

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