November 20, 2013

Parliament’s Historical Debates are now available online!

The Library of Parliament, in collaboration with, is launching its
Historical Debates of the Parliament of Canada digital portal.

The portal provides free public access to digital versions of the historical debates
of the Parliament of Canada in both official languages.  It includes all published
debates of both the Senate and the House of Commons from Parliament 1,
Session 1* until coverage on begins.**

This initiative significantly increases access to Parliament’s documentary history
and heritage.  The portal can be browsed by Chamber, Parliament, Session, and
volume, and is full-text searchable with a number of search filters available.

The digital page images were produced by Library and Archives Canada, and
the portal developed in collaboration with, a membership alliance
dedicated to building Canada’s digital preservation infrastructure and providing
wide-ranging access to Canadian documentary heritage. 

*Official reporting of the debates began in 1871 in the Senate, and in 1875 in
the House of Commons. Prior to this, there was no official record of what was
said in Parliament. For these early years, some volumes of the debates are in
fact reconstituted from newspaper accounts of the day; you will be able to
identify reconstituted content from the records. In addition, official records of
the debates for some early sessions were produced in English only.

** Debates for the Senate of Canada are available from the parliamentary
website as of February 27, 1996. Debates for the House of Commons are
available from the parliamentary website as of January 17, 1994.
To access debates from these dates and later, please visit,
under Parliamentary Business.

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