October 03, 2013

What's New in SciFinder Scholar

What's New in SciFinder

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New Non-Java CAS Structure Editor (October 2013)

The latest SciFinder update features a new structure editor that does not require a Java plug-in for web browsers. Other enhancements improve the usability of existing features. Commercial sources answer sets now include substance Quick View and supplier information now includes mailto hyperlinks. Analyze by reagents is a new option for reaction answer sets. Additionally, SciPlanner tutorials have increased availability, and access to account management settings is improved.
Non-Java CAS Structure Editor
The new Non-Java structure editor is an alternative to the Java-based editor and allows users to draw structures for substance and reaction searches without requiring a Java plug-in. The available features are equivalent to those in the Java version, with remaining features to be released shortly.

Analyze by Reagents 
A new default Analyze option for reaction searching lists all reagents contained in the reaction answer set. It allows researchers to quickly scan for particular reagents, giving them the ability to focus on reagents they have available or use frequently, or to evaluate different reagents for a particular type of reaction. 

Substance Quick View in Commercial Sources Answer Sets
Users can now view substance details without leaving commercial source answer sets, and this enhancement makes it quicker and easier to scan larger answer sets which may contain multiple substances.

Commercial Supplier Email Hyperlinks

The addition of mailto links in commercial supplier records is a time saving feature that opens a pre-populated email message and allows you to contact a supplier while still in a SciFinder session.

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