May 14, 2013

ERIC Restores Online Access to Full Text from 2005-2013

Issue 15 - May 2013

ERIC has restored online access to more than 21,000 full-text PDFs with publication dates from 2005-2013.  These are documents and journal articles with permission to provide the full text that were previously restricted due to privacy concerns. Restrictions also have been lifted on the release of newly indexed, copyright-cleared full text with publication dates of 2005 or greater.   ERIC will continue to accept requests to restore access to older materials via the online form, and maintain the updated list of released documents. The Spotlight and alert areas on the ERIC home page at are kept up-to-date to keep you informed of the latest developments. 

PDF “Status” Form Added to the ERIC Website; Automated Notifications Under Development

ERIC has added a new form on the website at to help users determine how long it may take requested PDFs under restriction to be reviewed and returned online for download. The form, accessible from the Contact Us area of the website, requires only the ERIC Number of the PDF requested. The status is returned to the user in real time.ERIC is also developing an automated email system that will notify researchers who requested PDFs through the online PDF Request form when the PDF has been returned to the online collection. ERIC is not able to send PDFs to requesters via email. Cleared PDFs are returned to the online collection for download.

New Topics Added to Collection Highlights

Visitors to ERIC’s Collection Highlights area can review the latest literature in 26 topics, including two recently added to the website: Reading and Training / Retraining. Click the RSS icon (RSS Icon) to view the most recently indexed titles and obtain the feed address for the reader of your choice.  Alternatively, selecting the Search icon () will retrieve all related records.

ERIC Summarizes Collection Growth

As of March 2013, the ERIC Collection encompassed approximately 1,484,000 records.Between January 1 and December 31, 2012, ERIC indexed: 
  • 37,158 journal articles
  • 10,223 documents and books  
ERIC currently indexes 1,179 journals. Documents and books come from:
  • 115  federal agencies 
  • 947  associations, organizations, state or local agencies, centers, and programs
  • 85  book publishers
  • Thousands of individuals contributing their work to ERIC through online submission

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