January 29, 2013

Library Survey Underway

Welcome to LibQUAL+ (TM) 2013!

All faculty, staff and students are invited to participate in this important survey which is currently being implemented by the Alloway Library at TWU between January 28th and February 15th, 2013. An email was sent to you on January 28th with a link to the survey ... if you should require that link again click here to contact the survey administrator.

The LibQUAL+(TM) survey focuses on gathering feedback from Library users concerning service quality, collections, resources and Library space. The survey is implemented through the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) with almost 49 Libraries participating across Canada this year.
As an incentive to participate, survey participants may enter their email address in a draw to win our grand prize of an Acer tablet (as well as other prizes).
Please rest assured that your responses will be held in strictest confidence. No identifying links between responses and the individual responding are retained. The email addresses of participants who choose to enter the prize draw will be stored separately from the survey and destroyed after the prize winners have been contacted.

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