January 31, 2013

MEDLINE Records in SciFinder Scholar Now Include 2013 NLM Vocabulary Enhancements

To help you find the biomedical information relevant to your research, MEDLINE records in SciFinder Scholar now include 2013 vocabulary enhancements from the National Library of Medicine, including:

January 29, 2013

Library Survey Underway

Welcome to LibQUAL+ (TM) 2013!

All faculty, staff and students are invited to participate in this important survey which is currently being implemented by the Alloway Library at TWU between January 28th and February 15th, 2013. An email was sent to you on January 28th with a link to the survey ... if you should require that link again click here to contact the survey administrator.

The LibQUAL+(TM) survey focuses on gathering feedback from Library users concerning service quality, collections, resources and Library space. The survey is implemented through the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) with almost 49 Libraries participating across Canada this year.
As an incentive to participate, survey participants may enter their email address in a draw to win our grand prize of an Acer tablet (as well as other prizes).
Please rest assured that your responses will be held in strictest confidence. No identifying links between responses and the individual responding are retained. The email addresses of participants who choose to enter the prize draw will be stored separately from the survey and destroyed after the prize winners have been contacted.

January 23, 2013

Don’t leave your stuff unattended!!

They’re watching us.  Waiting for the moment.  The perfect moment.  The only moment.  They are in and out in only two seconds and they show no mercy.  You may have guessed who I am talking about.  With the number of thefts that have occurred on campus in the last month, we can’t help but wonder: who’s next?  Several laptops and cellphones have gone missing in different buildings including Newfeld, the gym, Mattson and in our dearest Norma Marion Alloway Library.  The predators have had various descriptions; therefore, we know there is more than one on the prowl.  You cannot be too careful even though Trinity seems like a safe place where you can leave your stuff around because this makes it a perfect place for robbers, but it’s just one more laptop, right?  But, what if your laptop is next?

Don’t leave your stuff unattended!!

Submitted by Becky Lacoursiere (Library Student Assistant)

January 22, 2013

ARTstor system update (Sat. 26 Jan.)

New releasePlease be advised that ARTstor will be performing an upgrade to our systems beginning on Saturday, January 26th at 11:00 PM EST and concluding on Sunday, January 27th at 1:00 PM EST. While the upgrade is being performed, users will not have access to the ARTstor Digital Library.

During this time, we will be bringing our new Oracle server online. This improvement constitutes a major upgrade to our infrastructure; for more details, please see Oracle's press release.

If you experience any difficulties, please clear the cache on your browser and restart your web browser. If you continue to experience difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact User Services at userservices@artstor.org.

Kind regards,

ARTstor User Services Team

January 07, 2013

New Oxford Reference titles available online

1. A Supplementary Dictionary of Audiology / Maryanne Maltby

A Supplementary Dictionary of Audiology features over 200 entries that clearly define and describe essential terms relating to hearing, balance, and related disorders. These entries expand on the audiology coverage present in Oxford Reference’s general medical dictionaries to provide an authoritative and specialist source of reference for students and practitioners.
Click here to access this title (authentication may be required)

2. A Dictionary of Film Studies / Annette Kuhn, Guy Westwell

Over 500 entries
Written by experts in the field, this dictionary covers all aspects of film studies, including terms, concepts, debates, and movements in film theory and criticism, national, international and transnational cinemas, film history, film movements and genres, film industry organizations and practices, and key technical terms and concepts in 500 detailed entries. Most entries also feature recommendations for further reading and a large number are web linked.
The dictionary is international in its approach, covering national cinemas, genres, and film movements from around the world such as the Nouvelle Vague, Latin American cinema, the Latsploitation film, Bollywood, Yiddish cinema, the spaghetti western, and World cinema. The most up‐to‐date dictionary of its kind available, this is a must‐have for all students of film studies and ancillary subjects, as well as an informative read for cinephiles and for anyone with an interest in films and film criticism
Click here to access this title (authentication may be required)

3. A Dictionary of Travel and Tourism / Allan Beaver

Over 6,500 entries
Provides over 6,500 definitions of travel and tourism terminology, including the operating language of the travel industry, acronyms of organizations, associations, and trade bodies, IT terms, and brand names. Completely up to date, this dictionary covers the implications of web technology and social media on the travel and tourism industry, as well as new products and services, such as e-tickets, home-based travel agents, awareness amongst consumers and within the industry of terror-threatened travel, recent changes in legislation, and environmental concerns.
Useful appendices include the World Tourism Organization Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, the recommended tourism syllabus content for Higher Education courses worldwide, and a list of theEC Neutral Computerized Reservation System Rules. Providing a wealth of information on one of the fastest-growing global industries of the 21st century, this dictionary is the ideal point of reference for students taking travel, tourism, and hospitality courses, as well as professionals working within these areas.
Click here to access this title (authentication may be required)

January 04, 2013

JSTOR Updates | December 12 & 24, 2012

December 24, 2012 Release Content

Previously Missing Issues

The American Journal of Comparative Law (Arts & Sciences IV)
Coverage: Vol. 50, No. 4 (Fall, 2002)
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: American Society of Comparative Law
ISSN: 0002-919X

Archives de sciences sociales des religions (Arts & Sciences VI)
Coverage: Vol. 34, Nos. 67.1-67.2 (Janvier/Mars - Avril/Juin, 1989)
Vol. 34, No. 68.2 (Octobre/D├ęcembre, 1989)
Moving Wall: 5 years
Publisher: EHESS
ISSN: 0335-5985

For the full list of December 24 Release updates, please visit our website here

December 12, 2012 Release Content

Moving Wall Decreases

Business & Professional Ethics Journal (Arts & Sciences IX)
Coverage: Vol. 24, No. 1/2 (2005) - Vol. 25, No. 1/4 (2006)
Moving Wall: 5 years
Publisher: Philosophy Documentation Center
ISSN: 0277-2027
Note: By publisher request, JSTOR is decreasing the moving wall from 7 to 5 years.

Cahiers d'ethnomusicologie (Arts & Sciences VIII)
Coverage: Vol. 22 (2009)
Moving Wall: 2 years
Publisher: Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie
ISSN: 1662-372X
Note: By publisher request, JSTOR is decreasing the moving wall from 3 to 2 years.

For the full list of December 12 Release updates, please visit our website here

January 02, 2013

ERIC Provides PDF Request Form; List of Restored User Requests

Issue 14 - December 2012

In late summer, ERIC announced that most full-text PDFs in the ERIC collection had been temporarily restricted due to privacy issues found in some of these materials. A team is in place to review the affected full text and restore cleared PDFs to the online collection.

To help users gain access to the full text they need, ERIC has added a form to the website at eric.ed.gov that can be used to request the return of a specific PDF to the online collection.

To request a PDF, access the PDF request form online and enter the ERIC Number of the document (e.g., ED998998) and your email address; then click Submit. Your request will be forwarded for priority processing so the full text can be checked for sensitive information. Once cleared, the document will be made accessible online. Given the volume of requests, this process can require several weeks.

What Full Text is Available?
As of December 1, 2012, more than 27,000 full-text materials have been 
returned online. User-requested PDFs are being restored on a weekly basis. 
Currently available materials include:
  • Peer-reviewed documents and journal articles for which ERIC has permission to display full text.
  • Documents developed by the Peace Corps and ERIC.
  • Cleared documents that have been requested by the ERIC user community.
If you are interested in knowing if the PDF you requested has been returned online, see the list of restored user-requested PDFs. This list only covers PDFs that have been requested by users; it does not include the peer-reviewed materials, and documents from the Peace Corps and ERIC, that are available for download.
New Terms Added to the ERIC Thesaurus
The latest update to the Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors introduces 18 new searchable terms (Descriptors), including career readiness, progress monitoring, and state policy. The update also adds synonyms (i.e., non-searchable terms) that guide users to the appropriate search term(s). For more information about current and previous changes to the Thesaurus, go toMaintaining the ERIC Thesaurus on the ERIC website.
Four New Topics Added to Collection HighlightsVisitors to ERIC’s Collection Highlights area can review the latest literature in 24 topics, including four recently added to the website: Assessment / Evaluation, Standardized Testing / Tests, E-learning, and No Child Left Behind. Click the RSS icon (RSS Icon) to view the most recently indexed titles and obtain the feed address for the reader of your choice.  Alternatively, selecting the Search icon () will retrieve all related records.