December 14, 2012

SciFinder Scholar Update

From CAS (SFS):

We are pleased to announce that SciFinder, the choice for chemistry research, has been updated with new features to help scientists increase their productivity.

The latest update features several ease-of-use enhancements that make it easy to frequently access SciFinder and improve usability. This is a first step toward more significant usability improvements coming in our next release.

You might also be interested to know that CAS recently registered its 70 millionth unique substance. For more information on this milestone, click here.

Enhancements in this update include:

Remember Me

Researchers can now choose to remain signed in to SciFinder. This feature offers relief from getting timed out due to inactivity by allowing users to sign back in with a single mouse click. Sign-in credentials can be stored on up to three machine/browser combinations.

Additionally, username is now automatically remembered upon return to SciFinder. (This feature is independent of the Remember Me option.)

Your users should be aware of the following:

·         Signing out will require users to reenter their password upon return to SciFinder.
·         Clearing the browser cache will require users to reenter their full credentials upon return to SciFinder.
·         Using the Remember Me feature on shared machines is not recommended.
·         For institutions on a Concurrent User plan, users with “remembered” sign-ins will still experience waits if all seats are currently full. A message indicating the lack of available seats will be displayed.

Enhanced User Interface

The SciFinder interface has been updated for better usability. Of particular note, using Return or breadcrumb links now returns users to their last-viewed answer on the answer set page. Additionally, a new dropdown groups similar options more intuitively and a page input field has been added for easier answer set navigation.

Improved SciFinder Help

SciFinder Help has been reconfigured and consolidated so users can find answers to questions more quickly. We’ve also added a subset of help files in Japanese.

Terms and Conditions Display

Academic users will now only be required to accept the SciFinder License Agreement once every seven days.

To learn more about the latest SciFinder update, visit What’s New in SciFinder (this page will be updated in conjunction with the SciFinder update).

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