December 05, 2012

Early Canadiana Online (ECO) Update - Dec 2012

Rare First World War Government Publications

Victory-LoanPress publicity for Canada’s Victory Loan, 1918 and Plan and organization of press publicity for Canada’s victory loan, 1919are two of the thousands of rare primary source materials, digitized from Library and Archives Canada (LAC), which form the Government Publications collection on Early Canadiana Online (ECO).
These rare and nationally-significant titles are held in the Special Collections at Library and Archives Canada, a treasure trove of Canadian printed heritage. is grateful for LAC’s longstanding efforts to preserve this material and for its generosity in sharing it through ECO for research, teaching, and public use.

Farm Ottawa
Seed plots of pedigreed flax, Ottawa

Canadiana Discovery Portal: Agriculture and the World Wars

The Canadian Agriculture Library collection, accessible through the Canadiana Discovery Portal, contains an impressive collection of official documents relating to Canada's vital agricultural war production during the First and Second World Wars.
The Discovery Portal groups together over 40 national collections, highlighting the depth of Canada’s digital wealth and engaging scholarly, public, and genealogy users with digital primary documents. The goal is to connect every Canadian digital collection into single portal by harvesting object metadata (cataloguing information) through OAI repositories. Canada's major memory institutions have joined, contributing 65 million pages in total.

First World War Trench Journals

trench-journalsThis collection of First World War military newspapers, or "trench journals," was produced as part of the Early Canadian Periodicals project for its valuable insights into the social and cultural responses to war among Canadian expeditionary soldiers. Notorious for their wit and black humour, trench journals present a unique selection of wry, humorous and poignant submissions from the Canadian rank-and-file serving in France, including letters, poems, editorial cartoons, awards, social events, and a wider commentary on military and civilian life.

First World War Honour Rolls

Honour RollsMemorial volumes are an essential resource for investigating the attitudes, behaviours, and rituals of a society experiencing bereavement and collective trauma on a mass scale. These records were selected for digitization and preservation as a record of Canadian cultural memory from a generation that coped with loss in unprecedented ways, with the bereaved being deprived of the physical remains of loved ones buried in Western Europe.

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