November 21, 2012

2011 Census -- Additional Standard Data Products Released

The 2011 Census Dissemination Project is pleased to announce the official release of additional standard data products from the 2011 Census.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012, 8:30 a.m. (Ottawa time), sees the official release, via the Internet, of additional standard data products from the 2011 Census associated with Release no. 3 (Families, households, marital status, structural type of dwelling and collectives) and Release no. 4 (Language). 

All standard products are available free of charge.

These data products can be accessed through a variety of gateways:

. Users can enter through today's 'New products and studies' link from The Daily.

. Users can click on the Census button at the top of the right-hand navigation bar of the Statistics Canada website home page (enter through the 'Data  products' rotating posting within 'Census news') or directly from the variety of 'data products' links and/or feature
buttons on the 2011 Census web module home page.

Included within this release:

1. Ten additional topic-based tabulations for Families, households and marital status (2011 Census Release no. 3 - September 19, 2012):

2. Two additional topic-based tabulations for Structural type of dwelling (2011 Census Release no. 3 - September 19, 2012):

3. Five additional topic-based tabulations for Language  (2011 Census Releas e no. 4 - October 24,  2012):

4. The complete Census profile which now includes the language data at the dissemination area (DA) level of geography:

Census Profile -  Age, Sex, Marital Status, Families, Households, Dwellings and Language for Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Divisions, Census Subdivisions and Dissemination Areas, 2011 Census

5. GeoSearch, the interactive mapping tool, now displays 2011 Census language data at the dissemination area (DA) level of geography.

Please note that two additional standard data products from the 2011 Census will be released at 8:30 a.m. (Ottawa time) on Wednesday, November 28, 2012. 

This release will include the complete 2011 Census Profile for dissolved census subdivisions (dissolved CSDs) between 2006 and 2011 and one additional topic-based tabulation for Aboriginal languages:

Census Profile - Age, Sex, Marital Status, Families, Households, Dwellings and Language
for Dissolved Census Subdivisions, 2011 Census

Languages Spoken Most Often at Home - Detailed Aboriginal Languages (85), Other Languages Spoken Regularly at Home - Aboriginal Languages (10), Mother Tongue - Detailed Aboriginal Languages (85) for the Population Excluding Institutional Residents of Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Divisions and Census Subdivisions, 2011 Census

Users can continue to access XML versions of the 2011 Census topic-based tabulations and
Census Profile from the Treasury Boards 'Open Data Portal,' along with the provision of the additional XML file download option available within the census web module. A reminder that for the Census Profile, users have the ability to extract the full data file in .IVT, .TAB and .CSV formats from the census web module. However, for topic-based tabulations, the full file is available in .IVT format only (B2020).

We hope this information will help you through today's release of the 2011 Census additional standard data products.

Thank you.

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