October 03, 2012

Early Canadiana Online - Update

New on Early Canadiana Online (October 2012)
Some 1,200 magazine issues and close to 100 books have found a new home on ECO during the past 6 weeks. Recent additions include:
Several books relating to the First World War, including the government publicationOne Week’s Budget for a family of five, (outlining what the Canadian family should be eating/cooking to help conserve food for the war effort) and the striking  Art & War, Canadian War memorialsThis later book encompasses a collection of paintings meant to provide future generations with “... a complete pictorial record of [Canada’s] sacrifices and achievements ...” Included in the 56, often poignant, illustrations, are paintings by Group of Sevens artists A.Y. Jackson and Frederick Varley. Also of interest may be the publication, Women in the productions of munitions in Canada, which illustrates some of the roles women played during wartime, as they joined the work force in unprecedented numbers.
An apparently short-lived magazine, The Illustrated Police News and Sporting Times, with its sometimes sensationalized reporting of crimes. The first page of the first issue(July 4th 1879) jumps right into things, declaring the previous week’s murder of one Mary Gallagher, “the most atrocious crime that Montreal has ever had committed.” Just in case that claim doesn’t draw us in, there is also a ghoulish drawing of Ms. Gallagher’s severed head accompanying the article. If you have some “colourful” ancestors in your family tree, you might find some information about them in this journal.

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