October 25, 2012

Announcement from Statistics Canada


The 2011 Census Dissemination Project is pleased to announce the
official release of the 2011 Census language information.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 8:30 a.m. (Ottawa time), sees the
official release, via the Internet, of the fourth set of data
and analyses from the 2011 Census. All standard products are
available free of charge.

These data and analyses can be accessed through a variety
of gateways:

. Users can enter through The Daily

. Users can click on the Census button at the top of the
right-hand navigation bar of the Statistics Canada website
home page (enter through the various rotating postings
within 'Census news') or directly from the variety of
links and feature buttons on the 2011 Census web module
home page.

Information within the web module is organized into broad
display/product categories, featuring: by topic, data
products, analytical products, reference materials and

By topic offers links to the comprehensive suite of 2011
Census standard products associated with each of the
2011 Census releases.

Data products offer language information for a wide range
of standard geographic areas, available in the Highlight
Tables, within the Topic-based tabulations, Focus on
Geography Series or in the Census Profile. Visual Census
facilitates the analysis and comparison of the changing
demographic and socio composition of selected
geographic areas across Canada through graphs and
charts. The Census Data Navigator allows the user to
navigate through Canada, provinces, territories, census
divisions and census subdivisions to obtain key data
points for each of the 2011 Census release topics
(now includes language data).

Please note that the Census Profile now contains the
dissemination area (DA) data for the families, households,
marital status, structural type of dwelling and
collectives release (from September 19, 2012 - release 3,
Catalogue no. 98-312-X2011007). The DA level of geography
data for the language release will be available on
November 21, 2012 as part of final 'cluster' release of
remaining 2011 Census standard data products.
Users can continue to access XML versions of the 2011
Census Topic-based tabulations and Census Profile from
the Treasury Boards 'Open Data Portal,' along with the
provision of the additional XML file download option
available within the census web module.

Analytical products offer links to the analytical document
(Linguistic Characteristics of Canadians) and the three
Census in Brief articles (French and the francophonie in
Canada; Immigrant languages in Canada and Aboriginal
languages in Canada). The analytical product called Focus
on Geography Series also provides data and highlights
on key topics found in the 2011 Cens us analytical
document and Census in Brief articles for various levels
of geography.

Reference materials cover various aspects of the census and
are intended to support the use of census data.
Specifically with this release, 'Reference  materials'
include an updated version of the Census Dictionary
(including a PDF version); and a language reference guide.

Geography continues to offer links to the 2011 Census
geographic products:
maps (reference maps, thematic maps - now include data for
this release, GeoSearch - now updated with language data);
reference documents (Catalogue, Illustrated Glossary,
Reference guides, Interim List of Changes, Working papers);
Spatial information products (Road Network File,
Boundary files) and Attribute information products
(GeoSuite, Geographic Attribute File, Correspondence

The 2011 Census web module home page also promotes/presents:

. Direct access to the updated Census Profile for major
cities in each province and territory.

. 'Did you know...' highlights for the release (based
on the analytical document).

. Summary table presenting some key data indicators
associated with this release (right-hand side bar).

. Feature buttons for direct links to some key products,
along with a promotional link to the upcoming 'Chat
with an expert' live chat session scheduled for October
26, 2012 (11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Ottawa time).

. Video centre - contains links to the brief national
portrait video for this release along with previous
2011 Census releases.

. 'Stay connected' - links to Statistics Canada's
social media initiatives,  including the updated
mobile version of the Census Profile.

We hope this information will help you through
today's release of the 2011 Census language

Thank you.

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